I do not own Twilight! That credit goes to Stephenie Meyer! This is my idea though.

My new life.
Chapter one
Bella POV.

My new life began when my mother died in a car accident. I was 12 when it happened. Now her husband Phil just abuses me telling me that I deserve whatever happens to me.

Well now here I am two years later. Now I'm 14 and my "dad" is now even more evil than normal. I walk out to the living room and I hear him pull up. I get up and he walks in he looks more mad than usual. He stalks towards me and smacks me across my face so hard I fall to the ground. Then he starts to lash out at me again. He starts to beat me even more than usual. He tells me once again (just like always) that I'm a worthless piece of nothing and a waste of space. At first I just thought he had a bad day because he knew my mom wasn't here but he found a way to "cope" over the death. Life just began to get harder for me. Then a couple hours later is what will haunt me for the rest of my life. He then began to strip himself of all clothes and then he did the exact same to me. He began to say "Bella you brought this upon yourself. You should have been the one to die not your mother. She was the only thing in the world that meant something to me and not she is gone." Then he raped me. (A/N I do not do details I'm not good at it.)

After he left the house for a bit I tried my best to get to the phone…eventually (through all the pain that I am suffering through right now) I got to the phone and called the police. I then reported Phil and everything he has done to me. When the police got to the house they came right in and helped me. They got me a blanket and they saw the bruises and that confirmed the story I gave them. When Phil got back and he saw the police he tried to run but they were faster and grabbed him and took him off to jail. I was asked if I had anywhere I could go. "Yeah my dad Charlie he is the police chief of Forks, Washington and my two brothers live with him." "Okay" the officer said. Then they left with Phil in custody.

The next day I packed my things and got my passport and then went to the bank to get my money so I could transfer it to the Forks bank. When I got there they told me that I had legal custody to her money I made sour they transferred all her money to the bank in Forks. After they did that I was able to take what I needed for a plane ticket and I left for the airport. As I arrived I did not look back at my life in Phoenix instead I looked forward to my life in Forks.