A True FriendChapter One: The Return

"Frost! Frost! Wake up!" Sammy pleaded to her sister, "Frost! Wake up!" Sammy shook Frost's shoulder, the wolf's eyes shot open.

"What's wrong now?" Frost asked looking up at her sister's panic struck face.

"The Loonatics are all in grave danger! It's Sharze! Krystal had a vision! Sharze is back with a new plan!"

"What!" Frost felt it all click into place as the reality hit her. "It can't be…" Frost had lost her words.

"Oh but it can! We have to warn them!" Sammy cried.

"Umm… oh! There's ten of us right?"

"Yeah." Sammy replied, "What are you getting at?"

"Half of us could hold him off, while the other half could go warn them!"

"No Frost. I'll hold him off. You go warn them." A small voice came from the back of the room.

"Olive, you help Frost and the others. I'll stay and hold him off." Sammy said.

"Sam are you sure?" Frost was getting worried and anxious at the same rate.

"Positive. Frost you can't waist any more time. Go. Be careful." Sammy whispered.

"You too." Was all Frost could say before disappearing. The others followed with lightning speed.

"Why hello Sammy. Remember me?" Came a voice cold as ice, pure evil rang in it. That could only mean one thing. Sharze. A low growl came from Sammy's throat.

"So Sharze," She said as soon as he walked into view, "Where's your little clan?" Sammy taunted.

Sharze smirked, "Right here." Suddenly a dozen or so Darkners appeared.

"Shit. Where the hell do you villains get your followers? The Villain Hotline? Oh and let me guess, your motto is, we're looking for some idiots with no future. Right?" Sammy threw her hands up in the air in annoyance.

Sharze couldn't help but laugh at the young girl. "Maybe." He smirked.

"I hate you."

"I know."

"Augh." Sammy stomped her foot. She hated playing games. But this, this was going on to long, to far. "Can we skip all this talk and go strait to the part where I kick your sorry butt?" Sammy asked.

"You'll have to go through us first." A raspy voice answered her. This Darkner was Splick, the captain of the gaurds.

"Splick?" Sammy was impressed.

"That's the name. Don't where it out." He growled. Sammy took a step forward and Splick attacked. He knocked Sammy to the ground, but she easily rolled and pinned him to the ground.


"Saphira! Saphira wake up!" Frost pleaded in the fox's ear.

Saphira's eyes flickered open "Frost? What are you doing here?" She glanced over at her clock, "And at this time of night?"

"We have a major problem-" Frost started but was cut off by Saphira.

"Did Cozz fall in the well again?"


"Did he get his head stuck in the chair again-" Frost cut off Saphira this time.

"Saph it's not about Cozz. It's… its Sharze."

"What?" Saphira gasped.

"Come on! We have to wake Storm! The rest of you go wake your anthro! We'll meet in the main room! Go!" Frost yelled. They all disappeared, "Ok Saph come on!"

Amber Triangle

Frost and Saphira silently crept into Storm's room. "Storm wake up!" Frost whispered in her ear.

Storm's point of view

"Frost?" I mumbled still half asleep.

"Yeah, Storm you have to get up." Frost whispered.

"Why?" I asked yawning and stretching. I was so comfortable where I was. I didn't want to get up.

"Because Sharze is back." Her voice turned to ice.

"What!" I shrieked nearly falling off my bed.

"We are to meet the others in the main room." Saphira cut in.

"Right. Lets go." Frost grabbed my hand and led me out the door.

Normal point of view

Yellow Triangle

Ace's point of view

"Ace. Ace wake up." I could hear my name being called, was it my imagination? "Ace wake up." I heard it again. I opened my eyes, my vision was blurry, but then it cleared and what I saw looking back at me was an angel. Her wavy caramel coloured hair was just past her shoulders. She was a bunny.

Her emerald green eyes seemed to light up the room, they had the strangest pupils, they were stars. Dark, thick lashes surrounded her eyes. She had an adorable little nose,

her lips were curved up in a smile and had a light pink shade to them. She was beautiful.

"Ace my name is Amy." Her voice sweet and soft, like velvet.

"Am I dead?" I asked.

She chuckled softly, "No."

"Then why are you an angel?" I was confused, she was an angel.

"Ace I'm not. I'm from the Whisper Clan. I came here with Frost to warn you as I am your guardian. Sharze is back and you need to come with me to the main room. Frost will explain everything when we're there." She said.

My eyes widened, "Sharze? Frost? What?" I was usually good at catching onto things, but I was confused.

"Please just come with me." My angel said smiling, I nodded.

Normal Point of view Green Triangle

Tech's point of view

"Tech time to get up." I heard a small voice say. It was female and sounded like music. "Tech wake up." The music commanded. I opened my eyes to find my eyes staring back at me. The only difference was the pupils. They were stars.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Tech, my name is Olive, I am your guardian. I came with Frost to give you a warning." She answered.

"A warning." I echoed.

"Yes. To warn you about Sharze. He's back. We need to meet Frost in the main room. Please come with me." As she was talking, I had time to study her features. She had light brown hair that reached her elbows. She was a coyote with olive green eyes and star pupils.

"Alright Olive let's go." I said. Getting up and following her to the door.

Normal Point of View

Red Triangle

Rev's Point of View

"Rev wake up." A sweet voice said. My eyes flew open and I sat up quickly.

"Krystal?" I asked in surprise.

"Hi Rev." Krystal chuckled.

"I…I thought you were gone." I was shocked. The last time I'd seen her was when I was almost killed by…by Splick. She sacrificed her life for mine.

"Rev. you know that I would do anything to protect you." The female roadrunner replied.

"I know but, how did you get away?" I asked.

"Easy. When he pulled out his dagger and knocked me to the ground, he looked away, so I kicked him off me and I pinned him to the ground. I took his dagger. He got scared and disappeared." Krystal replied.

"Cool." I exclaimed giving her a high-five.

"Now Rev, what I really came here for is to warn you about Sharze, he's back. We need to meet Frost in the main room. Come on, let's go." Krystal said.

"Alright." I got up and led her out the door.

Normal point of ViewOrange TriangleDuck's Point of View

"Duck wake up." I heard a sweet little voice say. I opened my eyes to see two sky blue eyes with star pupils looking back at me. She was a female duck. Her black hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. Her smile was mesmerizing. It would make the most beautiful sunset jealous.

"Who are you? Are you an adoring fan? I'm ready for autographs. Or pictures." I said to the beautiful girl.

She shook her head giggling. "Not exactly. My name is Chloe. I am you guardian. Emphasis on guardian. I came here with Frost to give you a warning. Duck listen to me. Sharze is back! Please we must go meet Frost in the main room."

"What ever you say sunshine." I said getting up and winking at her. She giggled quietly as we walked out the door.

Normal Point of View

Purple Triangle

Slam's Point of View

"Slam wake up." I heard voice. I slowly opened my eyes to see another pair staring back at me. "Slam my name is Trish. I came to warn you that Sharze is back. Please come with me to the main room. Frost will explain everything there." She said. I looked at the golden eyes with star pupils.

The short blonde hair, her nose, her smile was small but pretty. So I nodded and followed her out the door.

Normal Point of View

Pink Triangle

Lexi's Point of View

I opened my eyes at the sound of the door to my room opening. I saw a dark figure walking towards me; I felt a scream building up in my throat. I jumped out of bed and knocked the figure to the ground I was aiming a brain blast at the figure when he said, "Lexi, jeez give me a chance to talk! Is this the way you act around all guys!"

I got up and turned the light on. He was a bunny anthro with dark blonde hair, emerald green eyes with star pupils. He was half smiling, "Who… who… who are you? How do you know my name? Why are you here? Who sent you?" I asked.

"Lexi, My name is Luke. I know your name because I am your guardian. I came to warn you. No one sent me, I came with Frost." He answered all of my questions in order. I was impressed.

"Ok Luke. Warn me about what?" I asked.

"Sharze is back. We need to go meet Frost in the main room she will explain everything there." He replied.

"All right cutie let's go." Seriously, he was cute. He and I walked out the door.

Normal Point of View

Brown Triangle

Thorn's Point of View

"Thorn wake up." I heard a voice call. Thorn hun wake up." I opened my eyes. "Thorn my name is Todd I came with Frost to warn you about Sharze. Sammy's not here right now. Yes I can read your mind. I'm your guardian. All guardians have the same powers as the person their guarding. No. If the person doesn't have powers the guardian doesn't either."

"Ok then. Why do we need to go to the main room? Oh. What! No way! He's back! No! It can't be true! Todd we took care of him a month ago."

"Thorn it is true. Sammy holding him off so we can warn all of you. Yes all of you. Yes that means Duck too."

"Damn." I was disappointed. "Alright let's go."

Normal Point of View

Blue Triangle

Jasper's Point of View

"Jasper wake up." I opened my eyes to respond to the voice. All I saw was nothing. "Jasper." I heard the voice from behind me. I turned my head only to have my lips press against something. I quickly pulled back.

I heard laughing from beside me "Well Jasper, I've gotta say, you know how to make a first meeting…" the voice was male, and chuckling in amusement. I couldn't help but chuckling at myself.

"Is it safe to turn my head?" I asked sarcastically.

"Yup." He replied. I turned my head slowly just to make sure I was safe. Our eyes locked and we burst into laughter. When we calmed ourselves finally. I took in his features, he had messy dark brown hair, with the same coloured eyes, his pupils were stars.

He was also a white fox. "Ok. Back on track. I came with Frost to warn you about Sharze. He's back. We need to go to the main room to meet Frost. She said to meet her there. Oh, by the way, my names Avery."

"Ok Avery, let's go." I said. "Oh ya, try not to get to close to my face again, or else you might end up dieing from laughing." I teased.

Normal Point of View

All the Loonatics (and guardians) got to the main room at the same time. Suddenly Zadavia's hologram appeared.

"Loonatics, you must get out now!" Her hologram was cut off. The lights cut out then screams were heard. The lights blinked back on. Storm, Jasper, Thorn, and Saphira were being held captive by four of Sharze's men. He chuckled.

"Frost, you let your sister fight, but she lost. You got here first because you're faster, but not stronger." "I am stronger than you." Frost growled. "We shall see." He stepped forward.

They all tensed, ready to fight.