Chapter Three: Plan B

The Loonatics were on their way to Shadow Woods to find Sharze. When they got there, they followed Sammy to a small clearing where a row of cloaked figures was standing. They were Darkners.

"Very good Splif. We send you out to get one but you brought the whole group." The one in the middle said.

"Splif?" The Loonatics asked.

"No way. What did you do with my sister?" Frost yelled.

"Oh, we just killed her a minute ago."

"Liar." Thorn growled.

"Ok, we have her locked up in a cell and you will be joining her soon and then you can watch you beloved Storm die. Ok there happy?"


"Good, GET THEM!"

The Darkners ice-cold hands grabbed the Loonatics roughly while the guardians were tied up tightly.

Ace sighed, "So much for Plan A."

The Darkners pushed the Loonatics into the dense forest to their base camp. The Loonatics were thrown into a cell with iron bars. In that cell was Sammy huddled with another wolf anthro.

"Dad?" Frost asked.

"Frost?" his head snapped up.

"Dad?" she asked again.

"Yeah. It's me."

"But… why are you here?"

"I tried to protect Sam."


"Yeah, that didn't go so well…." He trailed off.

Ace sighed, "Well on to Plan B."

"Whats Plan B?" Avery asked.

"Well the first half is to get you out."

"Yeah that's a good idea. What's the second half?" Trish asked.

"He hasn't got that far yet." Todd answered.

"Well can we please do the first half of the plan? It would be nice to get some air." Amy asked.

"Sure. Rev?"

Rev nodded and quickly untied the guardians sine they couldn't teleport out of it.

"Ah sweet air!" Amy praised.

"Ok! I got it!" Ace exclaimed as dark clouds began to form on the horizon. "Duck, Jasper?" Ace asked.

"Yeah?" Duck asked.

"What." Jasper snapped.

"Jasper? How long have you and Storm known each other?"

Jasper looked up at him, "Since we were eleven. Why?"

"I need to know why Sharze chose today."

Jasper looked around her eyes locking on the clouds that were creeping closer towards them. Her eyes widened.

"You were there to weren't you?" Thorn asked.

Tears came to Jaspers eyes.

"What?" Ace asked.

"It was Storm and my fourteenth birthday, we were celebrating together like always there was a really big storm coming and we decided to go out in it…"


(Jasper's point of view)

"Hey Storm! Look at that lightning!" I yelled pointing over to a tree that was missed by an inch.

"Whoa! That was close!" Storm shouted over the roar of the wind.

"Storm! Jasper! Mom said to come in!" We both turned our heads towards Storm's ten year old little sister Ali who was running towards us. When she got to us another flash of lightning sliced the sky.

"Lets go!" Storm shouted taking off through the forest Ali and I chased after her we easily caught up to Storm. It surprised me how easily Ali could keep up with us. The three of us burst out of the trees it was only a little farther to the house then we spotted Storms other little sister, Lilly she was five running as fast as her little legs could take her towards us.

She was roughly twenty meters away when a flash of lightning split the sky….

"LILLY!" We screamed. The lightning had hit Lilly.

Storm Ali and I all ran to the toddler's side, she wasn't breathing well.

"MOM!" Storm screamed.

"Yes honey, you three need to come in your soaked to the skin-" She stopped dead. "LILLY! What happened?"

"She got hit by lightning…" Ali answered through sobs.

(End flashback)

(Normal point of view)

"We took her to the hospital, but she was dead when we arrived…" Jasper trailed off."

"Oh Jasper… I'm so sorry!" Lexi whispered.

"I was like one of the family, our parents were friends… when I moved there, Storm had been there for me, she helped me, it was like we were friends the moment we laid eyes on each other." Jasper squeezed her eyes shut, fighting the tears.

"Jasper…" Avery walked forward and sat beside her, Jasper leaned into him burring her face in her hands. Avery gently rocked her back and forth.

They all jumped at the sound of drums.

"Let me go!" They heard Storm shout.

"Not a chance." Sharze said in his normal growling voice.

Storm was thrown roughly to the ground, Sharze pulled out a bloodstained dagger and circled her, the wind started to roar lightning sliced the sky. Storm thought for a moment she could control weather right so maybe she could use it to her advantage. Lightning split the sky once again Storm's eyes glowed amber as she made the wind pick up even more.

"Lilly this is for you." She whispered to the wind. Lightning struck, thunder rolled, a dagger fell, a body crashed to the ground, a last breath was taken, and a life was lost forever. Storm took a deep breath, Darkners fled from the forest. Sharze was finally defeated. For good this time.

Jasper and Storm were friends again and every thing was good again.

Duck took a deep breath before he apologized to Jasper. He already apologized to Storm.

"Jasper, I'm sorry. I was a jerk. I didn't think that that would happen. I really am sorry." Duck apologized.

"I know Duck. And you know what?"

"Wha? What do I know?" He asked

"Someday when were all dead, I'll look at you and say and I thought you where a jerk then." She grinned and surprisingly, Duck smiled back.