"You will come back?" Alice asked, with a tearful glaze in her eyes. I pulled her into another fierce hug.

"Of course, Alice. Within a few months we will be traveling the whole coast. Trust me, we will be back." I said through a tearful smile.

Jasper stood next to her with a calming essence about him. He was taking his responsibility with honor, not fear. He would co-own my father's empire with me. I was leaving Virginia. I was going home.

Jasper would continue to rebuild the town and take over every business in the Swan name. He had already saved my town once and I knew without a doubt that he would keep it safe. Not for me per say, but for my father. They had an alliance long before I knew; knowing of my father's alliance with him made it easy for me to as well.

It had been a short week since the day Edward showed up here. His crew was grateful to be able to stay longer while I prepared to leave. Many of them had taken me aside to express that they were grateful I was coming along. I smiled knowingly at the ones who said their Captain needed a "good broad" to bring him down a notch.

Rosalie helped in every way, making fast friends with Alice. I packed the essentials from my life's belongings. Knowing I wouldn't need much more than a few sentimental items and the clothes I had found on the ship to begin with.

My goodbyes were bittersweet. I was leaving my once home, what used to be my safe haven. The very place I told Edward I would always want instead of him. I was leaving for my new home, a place I found my true self. In my short life, it took just weeks to realize where I belonged and whose arms I belonged in.

Standing on the deck of my home on the sea, I watched as my village became smaller in the growing distance. In my heart, I saw my father standing on the dock sending me off with a smile. I knew he was smiling, watching me leave with a man that he entrusted with my life. Some days I wondered how prophetic my father was, bringing Edward into my life.

I felt strong arms around my waist and a breath on my neck. Smiling, I leaned my head back against my Captains chest contentedly.

The End.

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