This story is partially inspired by Collar 6 an awesome webcomic by S. Wallace, and a few odd ideas that I had sitting in the wings. It's rated M for content, most of which is original, some Collar 6 concepts were borrowed and used where appropriate.

Naruto sighed heavily as he leaned back against his apartment wall, letting his mind wander back to the master test he had just failed. He needed a slave, but nearly all of them were claimed by the Uchiha. The testers had given him an indefinite extension on collaring a slave, but to do so he was listed as a Free Target until he collared a slave of his own.

What that meant basically was that until he got someone to wear his collar, he was free game for every master and mistress out there. Not that many of them wanted him for their own, but a few had already made attempts on him. It appeared that his years of playing pranks had served him well, in that not a single one had been able to catch him before he made it to the safety area of his apartment. And with several ANBU guards watching over the place, it was relatively safe.

Relativity is such a curse sometimes.

He knew for a fact that the Free Target program, established by Danzo was a one way ticket to hell. First there was the simple fact that Hinata-sama had offered her own little sister as her trained slave at the exams, something that had pissed off the observer Neji-sama to no end. Second there were the rumors of the ROOT dungeon that haunted the slave class, a place where the rules and laws governing slave rights did not exist, and any slave sent there would come out nothing more than a slut. A broken, useless being with only the most basic of social functionality.

Pushing off the wall he decided to make the most of the mandated 10 hours of safety he had. A cup of ramen later and he was stretched out on his bed, trying to get the four hours of sleep he needed to be at his best in the morning. If he was able to skip out before dawn, the Danzo supporters shouldn't be able to catch him as he emerged. After all, they couldn't catch him after the sun goes down, until it rose the next morning. He could get a head start on the capture squads during those hours.

That night his dreams were interrupted as he emerged in a dank, foul smelling sewer. Wandering around he found a large caged off area with a glowing pair of eyes looking down at him. "Well if it isn't my master..."

"K... Kyuubi..." Naruto muttered in shock. The greatest of the tailed demons, the one killed by the Fourth Supreme Master himself Minato Namikaze, was sitting in a cage right before him, calling him master. Okay, the crazy train can stop now, he'd like to get off.

"Indeed, it is I Kyuubi! Forced to live inside you forever... Your bitch of a mother left me chained on top of being caged. The whore's little parting shot I suppose..." Kyuubi snarled as he tugged against the chains currently holding him back from the cage walls. "And now I have to deal with her little bastard son... Please tell me you're not interested in being a master... you would be a delicious little meat slave..."

If Naruto hadn't been previously interested in being a master, he sure as fuck wasn't going to allow this ugly as sin piece of shit consider him being a slave. "Shut up slave, I'm your Master and you're going to listen to me or I will leave you chained up forever!"

"Get a brain, you meatbag! I'm already fucking chained up forever as long as you draw breath! Try threatening me with something that actually might matter..." Kyuubi snapped while pulling against the chains preventing it from devouring the flesh pod in front of the cage containing it. "I should have expected nothing better from such a pathetic waste of flesh as you..."

"Pathetic... PATHETIC! THAT'S IT!" Naruto snapped as he slammed his fist into the cage door. "You want to make me angry... Well... if this is a dream or not... it's still MY mind... and that means I'm in control..."

For the first time in a few millenniums Kyuubi was surprised as the area around it was first ripped clean of bars and chains. In fact Kyuubi was standing alone in the middle of an open barren area, but before it could act, something happened to it. It began shrinking, its furs shedding off it, only to disappear in thin air. By the time it was done shrinking she was bare naked, and human with a collar around her neck marking her as Naruto's property. "W...what have you done? I... I'm going to kill you!"

Before she could even get close to the blond she was blasted by balls of black, which wrapped over her body in layers of latex three inches thick, causing even the strength of Kyuubi to falter and hold her in place. As around her various implements of torture and torment appeared from nothingness, she was raised into the air, chains snaking around her body as though they were alive. The chains formed a harness over her latex clad form, and then latched itself onto the corners of a cage that appeared out of nowhere again.

As the cage settled on chains supports that ran to a ceiling high above, Naruto was surprised as a masked female appeared between them clad in the garb of a High Mistress that walked over towards the bound form of Kyuubi. "You look a whole lot better like that... Who's the whore now, slave?" the woman whispered softly as Kyuubi stiffen. She turned to look at Naruto and bowed her head towards the young male.

"Welcome Master, I will serve you in training this little slave..." the woman answered while rubbing her hands over the latex clad woman. "I must say I approve of your tastes..."

"Uhh... t...thanks... who are you?" Naruto asked curiously while forming nose and ear holes on the latex for Kyuubi, while adding in ears and a tail. It seemed like a good idea to tease her with something that she'd lost in his fit of rage.

"I am... unimportant, just know that I am your loyal servant, and I will train Kyuubi into an ideal little slave for you..." the woman offered while stroking over where the eyes and mouth on the suit should be. "If you wouldn't mind... please free these two areas..."

Naruto shook his head before waving a hand across the room, the vague shapes he had summoned before the latex blinded the Kyuubi started solidifying into actual implements he'd seen during class. A square shape turned into a rack of paddles and riding crops with a flayed flogging whip hanging off one end. An 'X' off to one side was turned into a cross-form rack with clamps for the wrists, ankles and mid-section. Several others were given solid, tangible shape before Naruto turned to Kyuubi, and the mistress that was offering her services to him.

"Now... how do I give you power to act as my agent here Lady?" Naruto asked curiously as he reached over and wiped away two eye holes, and traced a zipper into place over the mouth, still firmly in the zipped closed position.

"Y... you want to give me power over your mind? That is a dangerous game..." the woman answered, her mask hiding most of the shock, with a small shrug she decided to answer him. "Think it and it shall be done good Master Uzumaki..."

"Very well Lady," Naruto stated with a smile as he summoned hair on Kyuubi's head, turning it a burnt orange like she had as a monster fox. "You are to act as my representative... any action against me you take will cause a failing in your powers, as well as... a punishment..."

"Very wise indeed Master Uzumaki, I shall serve you to the best of my abilities... now you should awaken Master..." the woman answered with pride apparent in her voice. "I shall work on her while you are away."

Naruto smiled at the woman and nodded his agreement. "Thank you Lady... as for you Kyuubi... enjoy your new slavery... even if I can't claim you as mine yet... I will never let you free."

As Naruto faded from view, he caught the briefest sight of pepper red hair spilling out from behind the mask, swirling out into a dangerous aura. Once he was gone the masked mistress unlocked the cage and pulled the kitsune out. "Oh how much I wish I could have done this when I was your host Slave..."

A jerk of chains had Kyuubi being forced over to the rack against all will she could muster to fight against them. Perhaps she hadn't thought out her taunting of Naruto as well as she had previously thought, and knowing this new mistress, she was going to regret every minute of it. Letting out a panicked whine as she was clamped down facing the rack, her arms and legs being pulled out until she matched the shape exactly. She could almost swear that she heard the mistress purr softly as the sound of leather being unfurled filled her ears.

"You're mine now... and every last dirty word you ever spoke about me, my husband, or my son will be repaid! Now you are nothing but a slave, and I... I am the mistress..." The woman whispered softly into the former fox demon's ear softly. "That... that is all you need to know..."

If anyone else had been in the room, they would have heard the crack of thunder brought about by a whip tearing open the layers of latex with ease, and slightly muffled howls of pain through the still zipped latex covering the fox-girl's mouth as the Mistress got her revenge on the beast that had insulted her so much when they had last met. But no one did, and even if they could have... no rules were being broken, so they would have left the mistress to punish the unruly slave.

Naruto for his part woke up in his apartment, just before the alarm he'd set beside him could go off. Stopping it from ringing, he pulled himself up off the ground and walked in the dark to his bathroom. A cold shower later, he was ready to face the day. All he needed to do was get to the Supreme Master Mountain Dungeon and ask Sarutobi about what he'd just witnessed. It sounded like something out of those Master Space legends he used to read when bored of homework.

Maybe he could get out of town for a few days while he was at it.