Okay, I'm very happy about this story idea that I have come up with. I have finally gotten the chance to read Firestar's Quest and while I read it I couldn't help but fall for SkyClan. They were a awesome group of cats. I thought to myself, what if SkyClan's territory hadn't been destroyed? What if the twolegplace was on the edge of their territory? Almost as if it was merely pushed back far enough that the fifth clan could live there. That thought brought on the idea for this story. Part of this story idea isn't very original it's the whole what if Rusty had joined a different clan thing, but I don't think anyone has done a story this way before using SkyClan, at least I haven't found one. Don't worry any cats that where apart of the modern SkyClan whether they had Skyclan blood or not will appear in this story. Also any cat that had the Skyclan traits but didn't join will be added also. For all the people out there who are worried about the cats of ThunderClan who have Skyclan blood such as Tigerclaw and Spottedleaf I have found a solution that I like. For those of you who don't know, Birdflight, a ancient Skyclan cat in Firestar's Quest , was left behind in ThunderClan to take care of her and Cloudstar's(The Skyclan leader at the time.) kits since they were too small to travel. Those kits Gorseclaw and Spottedpelt are the ancestors of Spottedleaf and Tigerclaw.

Since Skyclan isn't leaving the forest in my story I have decided to say that Birdflight as a kit was found near the ThunderClan border by a ThunderClan queen who had recently lost her kits. This queen adopted her and raised her in ThunderClan. She grew up a happy ThunderClan cat and fell in love with Cloudstar they kept their relationship a secret and later Birdflight gives birth to Spottedkit and Gorsekit.

Also since SkyClan hasn't left the forest in this story there isn't any reason for Skywatcher's name to be Skywatcher so I changed it to Moonwatcher.

Disclaimer: I don't own warriors or any of the original characters except the ones I thought up


Leader: Goldenstar- golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice, Firepaw

Deputy: Ashstorm- gray tom with dark gray tabby stripes blue eyes

Apprentice, Lightningpaw

Medicine cat: Fallowpelt- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Warriors: Smokecloud- dark gray tom with blue eyes

Apprentice, Dovepaw

Finchflight:- golden tabby tom with green eyes

Apprentice, Longpaw

Owltalon- light brown tabby tom with black paws, green eyes

Apprentice, Runningpaw

Hawkwing- brown tabby tom with white chest, golden eyes

Grayfeather- gray tabby she-cat with a long feathery tail amber eyes

Silverwind- silver tabby tom with white chest and paws blue eyes

Mapletail- white she-cat with tortoiseshell tail green eyes

Sootpelt- black and white tom with amber eyes

Blackflower- black she-cat with green eyes

Stonetooth - gray tom with amber eyes

Spiderfang- black tom with dark gray muzzle blue eyes

Icefeather- light silver she-cat with ice blue eyes

Apprentices: Dovepaw- white she-cat with light blue eyes

Lightningpaw- pale ginger tom with green eyes

Runningpaw- silver she-cat with blue eyes

Longpaw- light brown tom with amber eyes

Firepaw- ginger tom with green eyes

Queens: Redflower- dark ginger she-cat with green eyes( Sharpkit: ginger tom, Sunkit: golden tabby she-kit with white muzzle, chest and legs)

Thrushfur- brown and cream tabby she-cat, amber eyes. (Leafkit: brown and cream tabby she-kit)

Snowfall - white she-cat with blue-gray eyes. (Cloverkit: light brown she-kit with white chest and legs, Spottedkit: white she-kit with brown spots)

Squirrelfur- gray she-cat with bushy tail, blue eyes. (Rainkit: light gray tom with darker flecks, Stormkit: dark gray tom)

Elders: Moonwatcher - old dark gray tom with pale blue eyes

Ivyclaw- old mottled gray she-cat with green eyes

Blackbird- very old large black tom with a silver muzzle and amber eyes oldest cat in Skyclan

Toadleg- old dark brown tom with golden eyes

Chapter 1

Rusty woke up from a pleasant dream of chasing mice throughout the forest. He gave himself a good stretch before he stepped out of his bed and padded over to his food dishes. He sniffed at the hard pellets before gobbling them up hungrily. He took a few gulps water and wiped his paw across his face. The dream of the forest still fresh in his mind, he pushed his way through the cat door to the garden. He leaped gracefully onto his fence and stared into the forest. He was beginning to jump down to take a closer look when he heard his name being called. His friend Smudge climbed up onto the fence beside Rusty.

"Hi Rusty, what are you doing?" meowed Smudge. "You're not going into the forest are you?"

"Hey Smudge, yes I am going into the forest for a look around." Rusty meowed. He glanced a little over at the forest.

"Well good luck, you won't see me going in there." Smudge meowed. "I heard there are dangerous cats out there." Rusty looked at Smudge slightly in disbelief.

"I'm sure it was just a story to keep kits from wandering out into the forest." Rusty scoffed.

"Well just be careful okay?" meowed Smudge. Rusty nodded his head and watched his friend jump back into his own yard. Rusty stared up at the sky for a moment before leaping off the fence and heading straight into the forest. The further Rusty walked into the forest the more uneven and rocky the ground became, and Rusty's pads started to become a little sore but he trudged forward determined to explore as much as he could.

Rusty took in the various sights and smells that surrounded him. Suddenly, he caught a prey scent in the wind and quickly began to pinpoint the location. He followed the scent and saw a sparrow pecking quietly at small seed. Rusty crouched down preparing to spring onto the sparrow when he heard a faint snap of a twig. The sparrow quickly took flight and flew far away. Rusty hissed in frustration looking for the twig that had startled the sparrow. He then realized that there weren't any twigs near him.

Suddenly a brown blur attacked Rusty from the side. The brown blur turned out to be a kitten. The kitten looked like it was a little older than Rusty with broad shoulders and powerful looking haunches. Rusty wiggled himself free from the kitten's grasp and turned and sank his teeth into the older kitten's foreleg. The kitten took a swipe at Rusty's head. Rusty dodged and tried to slash the kitten's face, but the kitten was faster and moved to the side of Rusty's attack and head butted Rusty into the side. Rusty tumbled a few tail lengths away. Rusty lay still on his stomach for a moment, but he heard the kitten coming for him. As the kitten sprang at him Rusty back-kicked the kitten with all his energy in the chest; the kitten tumbled away from Rusty and lay still. Rusty got to his paws slowly and stayed in a crouched position preparing for another attack. The kitten slowly got to his paws and looked toward Rusty. The kitten blinked slowly and moved toward Rusty with none of the aggression he had seen earlier.

"You are a kittypet aren't you?" asked the kitten looking at Rusty with a hint of confusion.

"A kittypet?" asked Rusty watching the kitten warily.

"A cat that lives with twolegs who doesn't hunt for themselves; I guess you are one since you didn't know what a kittypet was" meowed the kitten

"Whatever, why did you attack me and who are you?" hissed Rusty. He was suspicious of the other kitten.

"My name is Longpaw and the reason I attacked you was because you are in my Clan's territory." answered Longpaw. Rusty looked at Longpaw with confusion in his eyes.

'Clan? Does he mean those wild cats that Smudge told me about?' thought Rusty.

"What do you mean by Clan?" asked Rusty curiously. He studied the other kitten carefully and noticed that while the kitten was about the same age as him he was more muscular than him and he also noticed that the kittens claws were long and sharp.

"The Clans are groups of cats who live by a warrior code. There are five Clans that live in the forest. I am an apprentice of SkyClan. Now that I have told you a little about myself why don't you tell me who you are and why you're here. " Longpaw replied watching Rusty curiously.

"My name is Rusty I just came out here to see the forest. It has always fascinated me." Rusty told him. Longpaw watched him a moment before nodding his head in understanding.

"Curiosity got the better of you didn't it?" asked Longpaw with amusement in his voice as he looked at Rusty. Rusty's ears twitched with embarrassment.

"Tell me more about the Clans." Rusty meowed eagerly, wanting to hear more about the wild cats of the forest. Suddenly Longpaw stiffened.

"You need to leave right now quickly." Rusty gave Longpaw a look of confusion. 'What is wrong with him? weren't we getting along just a moment ago?" thought Rusty. Then the scent of other cats filled the forest area. Rusty started to run when a golden cat emerged from the shadows of the trees. Rusty noticed the cat's powerful looking haunches. Another larger golden cat appeared behind the other. Longpaw had lowered himself to the ground. Rusty followed his example and lowered himself onto his belly. The first golden tabby looked down at the two lowered to the ground.

"Longpaw who is this cat?" meowed first golden tabby. Longpaw looked up and let his gaze travel from the first tabby to the second one.

"He's just a kittypet, Goldenstar" answered Longpaw. Goldenstar looked more closely at Rusty. The second tabby looked at Longpaw crossly.

"Longpaw you shouldn't be so close to the Twolegplace "meowed the other golden tabby. Longpaw looked shamefully at his paws.

"I'm sorry Finchflight, I wanted to see this part of the forest. I scented an intruder and went to run them out of our territory. I didn't mean to stray so close to the Twolegplace." Longpaw meowed. Rusty looked curiously at Longpaw. 'These cats smell like him they must be apart of his Clan.'

"Kittypet, what is your name?" asked Goldenstar. Rusty looked up at Goldenstar and watched her carefully.

"My name is Rusty" He meowed softly. Finchflight turned his gaze over to the flame furred kitten.

"You fight well for a kittypet Rusty and you seem to enjoy the forest. Would you like to see more of it? "meowed Goldenstar. Rusty looked at her confused. Goldenstar purred in amusement after noticing Rusty's confusion.

"Forgive me for not introducing myself, I am Goldenstar the leader of SkyClan and this is one of my warriors, Finchflight." Goldenstar flicked her tail at the other golden tabby beside her. "Though you have trespassed in our territory I can see great potential for you as a warrior for Skyclan, would you be willing to give up your soft life as a kittypet and be a warrior of SkyClan?" Rusty stared at her in surprise. Finchflight turned to Goldenstar with a look of shock on his face.

"But, Goldenstar he is a kittypet. He is use to a soft life, with food given to him every day by twolegs." murmured Finchflight. Goldenstar gave Finchflight a hard stare.

"He would have caught that sparrow if it hadn't been scared away by Longpaw." She glanced at Longpaw still crouched on the ground. "He also fought well against your apprentice, do you not agree?" Finchflight sighed

"Yes Goldenstar I agree with you." Goldenstar purred at Finchflight before turning her gaze back to Rusty and Longpaw.

"You may both rise" Goldenstar meowed. Rusty slowly stood up. Longpaw rose to his paws.

"Well Rusty, what will you decide to do? If you join our Clan you must be willing to follow our code. You must feed and protect your Clan with your life. Living in the forest is tough but if you are willing to do it you can truly call yourself a cat. You will also remain a tom and may one day have a mate and kits."

"What do you mean remain a tom?" asked Rusty.

"If you stay with your twolegs there is every chance you will visit the cutter and he will take away what makes you a tom, if the cutter does than you won't be able to mate." answered Goldenstar. Rusty's eyes widened considerably.

"So have you decided?" asked Goldenstar. Rusty thought for a moment.

"May I have some time to think." asked Rusty. Goldenstar gave him a nod

"Yes, this is a big decision, Finchflight will come for you tomorrow at sunhigh you may tell him your decision." Goldenstar led Longpaw and Finchflight deeper into the forest.

(Well what do you think so far? Longpaw will obviously be Rusty's friend in this story.

What do you think of Finchflight and Goldenstar?

I know that the whole offer seem to come quickly but I sort of did that on purpose. Since this story is about Rusty joining SkyClan it makes more since to make it a bit different than how he met ThunderClan)

(I remade this chapter because of SkyClan's territory in the forest. At first the territory started off as being more like an extension of ThunderClan territory but then I thought about how different every clan's territory is and how it is suited for the cats that live there. So I started paying more attention to Sky Clan warriors and how their built and they sort of reminded me of the tribe cats a little bit, so I have made a territory for them that is in the forest but the territory itself is a little like the mountains. I also changed the prey because I forgot that SkyClan hunts mainly birds)