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Chapter 18

"You were with him?" he said in shock, he looked closely into her eyes as she spoke.

"I saw him die," she meowed softly. Firestorm looked at her in horror. 'A young kit watched her brother killed. No wonder she's so sad all the time.'

"I'm so sorry you saw that Sunpaw, you must have been frightened." Firestorm told her gently. Sunpaw nodded.

"I thought when he came back to camp he would kill me too, but he must not have seen me." Firestorm stared at Sunpaw in confusion.

"The fox followed you to camp?" Firestorm asked her.

"I should probably explain from the beginning." Sunpaw told him gently.

"My brother and I had been playing all morning and our mother had called us to rest in our nest." Sunpaw started softly. "We had been talking about how great it would be to see the forest and everything in it. All the stories the elders told us about, we wanted to see it for ourselves."

"So, we agreed to sneak out when our mother was sleeping and when no one was paying attention to us. Sharppaw was sleeping in Thrushpelt's nest with Leafpaw, so we didn't have to worry about accidently waking him up, but it was harder with Redflower." Sunpaw's eyes seemed to mist over as she continued with her story. "Once our mother was asleep we carefully got out of the nursery and snuck through a gap behind it." Firestorm knew exactly what gap she was referring to remembering the time He and Dovefeather had snuck out as apprentices to the Sun Rock.

"We were so excited, we never considered we could run into danger within our own territory." Sunpaw said with a sad shake of her head. "We ran around looking for the spots the elders spoke of, like Bat Hollow, and the Sand Shore." Firestorm remembered how she easily knew that they had reached the Bat Hollow. "We found the Bat Hollow, as I'm sure you've guessed, but not the Sand Shore. We did visit the Sun Rock though, Flamekit said one day he'd climb to the top of it." She choked back a sob and Firestorm touched her gently on the shoulder. Once she calmed down she continued.

"We kept going, we eventually ran into the creek, though it wasn't nearly as deep or far across as I remembered seeing it today."

"That's because we were probably further upstream then you were." He told her, "You were probably closer to where you can walk in the shallows to the otherside." Sunpaw nodded.

"Yes we did walk through it, I hated that my fur got wet, but I still wanted to explore more." Firestorm suddenly thought of something.

"Wait a minute Sunpaw, it sounds as though you were gone a long time. How is it Redflower hadn't noticed you both were gone?"

"I had wondered the same thing, I asked Flamekit what he thought and he told me that he had given Redflower some poppy seeds." Firestorm stared at her in disbelief

"How did he manage to do that?" he asked in shock

"Earlier he had snuck into Fallowpelt's den and had gotten some poppy seeds. Fallowpelt had been seeing to the elders. Blackbird's shoulder had been bothering him." She told him carefully. "When Redflower asked Flamekit to get her some fresh-kill, he put some seeds into a bat he brought Redflower." Firestorm looked at her incredulously

"How did he know what they were used for? He could have made her sick if he had gotten the wrong thing." She nodded in understanding.

"I thought the same thing. Flamekit wanted to be a medicine cat and had asked Fallowpelt if he could be her apprentice when he was old enough." Sunpaw told him. "She agreed and since then had allowed him to be in her den to help her sort herbs and told him different uses for each. The first thing she taught him was about the use of poppy seeds."

"He sounds like he would have been a good medicine cat," Firestorm told her, Sunpaw nodded sadly.

"I was as surprised as you when he told me. I wanted to make sure she was okay and started back to camp, but Flamekit kept insisting she was fine and that we should explore more." Firestrom saw the glow in her eyes starting to dim. "I started back toward camp, but he continued onward and I felt I couldn't go back without him, so I raced after him but he was far ahead of me and then he disappeared in some bushes, I tried to catch up, but he was always faster than me. By the time I had reached the bushes he had disappeared into some of the tall grass."

"I did my best to follow his scent, but I couldn't keep track of it well. So I did my best to look for them, that's when I saw…" Sunpaw sniffed and took a deep breath, "He was talking with that ThunderClan warrior." Firestorm stared in shock.

"Flamekit was speaking with a ThunderClan warrior?" Firestorm asked her.

"No, Flamekit was just curious he didn't know why…" she spoke rapidly

"Slow down Sunpaw, you're not making sense." Firestorm told her softly. "What happened with Flamekit?"

"He approached them asking why the ThunderClan warrior was in our territory." She was nearly hysterical, Firepaw came over and nuzzled her gently trying to calm her down.

"Them? There were two ThunderClan warriors?" he asked she shook her head.

"Only one ThunderClan, he was only asking a question…" She sobbed.

"What happened Sunpaw? Please tell me what happened." He begged her, her beaten tone frightened her.

"He killed him, with a snap of his jaws, like he was a piece of fresh-kill" she almost wailed. Firestorm was trembling in horror by her words

"Who killed Flamekit," he whispered softly

"Stonetooth," Firestorm almost couldn't believe what he had heard.

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"Stonetooth killed Flamekit? But why would he do that?"

"I don't know, maybe he was doing something bad with that ThunderClan warrior, but he didn't have to kill Flamekit," she sniffed. Firestorm thought about what she had said and things began to make sense. Sunpaw's unwillingness to be around the other warriors, her behavior after Flamekit's death. Her horrified look at finding out that Stonetooth was mentoring her brother. 'What kit would trust warriors after seeing that?' Firestorm thought grimly.

"That's why you looked so scared, at the ceremony," Firestorm whispered.

"I knew there was a chance he could get me as an apprentice, I almost didn't want to be an apprentice, I don't trust anyone." She told him "How could I, they'd probably kill me too if they knew I had snuck out with him."

"No one would lay a paw on you for sneaking out, you would be reprimanded, but the most Goldenstar would have done is postpone your apprenticeship, no one would have killed you for it." Sunpaw looked disbelievingly at him

"Sharppaw said that's what happens when kits leave the nursery before their old enough, they end up dead." She meowed hollowly, he shivered at her tone.

"I'm sure he meant if they tried to survive on their own they probably would die, there are also a number of predators out here that could pick a small kit off." Firestorm told her. "But no warrior would kill a kit for leaving camp." She stared at him as he continued to speak.

"If it was ok to kill kits that leave the nursery before their apprentices, then why does the warrior code state that all kits should be protected? Why would Stonetooth lie and say he found Flamekit dead?" he questioned her. Sunpaw looked confused

"You mean that wasn't just the story Redflower was telling me to keep me from being frightened?" she asked. Firestorm nodded

"What happened after Stonetooth killed Flamekit?" he asked. Sunpaw gathered her thoughts

"I turned and ran as fast as my paws could carry me," she breathed. "I got back to my nest before Redflower realized I was missing, and curled up trying to believe it was all a dream, when I woke Redflower told me that Flamekit was killed by a fox and that Stonetooth had found him."

"I just assumed she was just telling me that to so she wouldn't have to tell me what really happened to him." She whispered. "Do you mean that all this time I was wrong?"

"She truly believed he was killed by a fox, Longclaw told me that Flamekit's scent was mixed with a fox's scent. " Firestorm told her, "Stonetooth must have rubbed your brother's body in fox scent to convince the Clan with his story."

"I was so scared to ask questions about him, or anything pertaining to his death." She murmured. "I was frightened Stonetooth would kill me next." Her eyes were filled with sorrow.

"I understand you were scared of what could happen to you," he soothed her "But now you should tell everyone the truth of what you saw." She stared at him in horror.

"No I-I couldn't, even if I'm no longer afraid of my clanmates" she told him. Firestorm felt better hearing that she wasn't scared of her Clanmates any longer.

"But why? Why keep it a secret and let Stonetooth get away with killing Flamekit?"

"Would anyone believe me?" she questioned "I was a kit, not even three moons old, and they could believe that I just imagined the whole thing. After all they found me in my nest where I was supposed to be. They could think I was confused for thinking that Stonetooth killed Flamekit and didn't simply find him"

"Do you even believe me? Or do you plan to tell Goldenstar everything I said the moment you can get her alone?" she asked bitterly. Firestorm was surprised by the bitterness in her tone. He soothingly licked her ears.

"I would never do that Sunpaw, your right we need more proof then just your word." Firestorm thought back to what Ravenpaw had told him about his old Clan trusting Tigerclaw's words more than his own. 'They wouldn't have believed her, without some proof. If she was missing when Stonetooth showed up and she had appeared in camp after he told his story about Flamekit, maybe that would have been enough.' He thought to himself. Sunpaw's ears perked up.


"Yes we, I'll help you get your proof no matter what." Firestorm promised her. "We'll reveal the truth." She purred softly, burying her face in his fur. 'There has to be a way to convince the Clan of Stonetooth's treachery' Suddenly Firestorm thought back to what Sunpaw had said earlier.


"Yes Firestorm?" she asked

"Do you remember what the ThunderClan warrior looked like?" he asked her curiously. "Did you hear his name mentioned?" Sunpaw thought for a moment

"I didn't hear his name, he was a dark tabby tom with long claws," she meowed shivering slightly. "That's all I remember." Firestorm quickly thought back to his last two gatherings, trying to remember every ThunderClan cat who was there. One stood out in particular.

"Sunpaw, I promise I won't reveal any of this to the Clan until we have enough proof, but I was wondering if I could speak with Ravenpaw about this?" She looked questioningly at him. "Ravenpaw is here for reasons I cannot speak of, because I was asked not to by him. "

"I still don't understand," she meowed softly.

"I think his reasons for leaving ThunderClan are connected to Flamekit's murder," Firestorm told her. She looked on with mixed emotions fear, curiosity and shock standing out. "I just need to find a way to speak with him.

"If you're going to speak with him, then I want to be there for it, I want to know why…"she trailed off, but he could see her eyes burning with a new light. Firestorm could see that she was through feeling sorry for herself and was getting over the guilt of not standing by her brother. Firestorm felt cold at the thought of losing Sunpaw. He thanked StarClan that she hadn't been caught by Stonetooth.

"That's fine, I feel it's only fair that you tell him your story, before he gives up his own." Firestorm pointed out.

"Do you really think they're connected?" she asked him

"Yes, but I won't know for sure until I can take you to a gathering." He told her. She looked questioningly at him. "To see if the ThunderClan warrior you saw is the same one I believe was there." Her eyes widened

"You know who it was?"

"I have a suspicion, but like I said until you can identify him it's just a guess." She nodded in acceptance of that.

"When can we talk to Ravenpaw?" she asked softly

"I'll see if I can convince Hawkwing to let Ravenpaw, help me teach you some hunting techniques." Firestorm told her. "If I can do that then maybe we can get him alone long enough for us all to talk."

"Okay, will we do that tomorrow?" she asked

"Yes, I think Ashstorm is sending Hawkwing on dawn patrol tomorrow, if he doesn't take Ravenpaw with him that might be our chance." Sunpaw silently gazed out the entrance to the Sun Rock.

"Thank you Firestorm," he looked into her soft sky blue eyes, he felt his pelt warm up.

"W-why thank me?" he stuttered slightly she purred softly in response.

"For believing me and for not treating me like I had a disease." She meowed softly, "You were kind to me and included me in everything." Firestorm licked his chest in embarrassment.

"I wasn't entirely truthful about why I was so afraid at the ceremony," she meowed softly, Firestorm looked curiously at her. "I was scared of getting Stonetooth as a mentor, but I was sad and afraid for you." He blinked slowly at her words

"Why?" This time Sunpaw looked embarrassed.

"I didn't know you had returned from your mission," she meowed softly, "I thought you might not come back, before I could tell you everything incase…" Firestorm licked her ears gently.

"Why me? Why did you chose to tell me?" he asked her softly.

"Because you weren't raised by the Clan, you wouldn't simply take the word of a warrior. I knew there was a chance you would believe me" She meowed softly. "And because you remind me of Flamekit." Firestorm remembered Longclaw saying something like that to him.

"You're similar to him, he was always kind to me and looking out for me." She told him. Firestorm looked out the opening and could tell that it had gotten later into the day.

"We should probably head back to camp," he told her, "Icefeather will probably be there by now and is probably wondering where we are." Sunpaw nodded and reluctantly padded out the opening, Firestorm followed after her.

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