Okay so people have asked for a family tree/list or have been asking who is related to who. I was kind of against doing it at first because I liked not having to worry about relations…Then I realized that I don't really care who I pair cats with as long as it isn't, Father-daughter, Mother-Son, and Siblings from the same litter. I mean their cats they obviously don't care that much case and point (Dustpelt&Ferncloud [Uncle-Niece] and Willowpelt&Patchpelt [Siblings from different litters])

So, with that in mind I decided to go ahead a make a list. I don't want to reveal too much because it might spoil things that happen later in the story. But I've decided on a compromise. I'll reveal what Family Firestorm himself already knows about and will add on as more things are revealed. Not all the cats mention have been mentioned yet in the story or the relation hasn't been shown yet, but all will be revealed eventually. So there is a family list at the end of the Chapter.

Chapter 20

Firestorm sighed as he padded through the forest with Sunpaw. The ginger she-cat seemed much calmer than she had been prior to leaving the Sun Rock. He briefly thought back to the conversation that they had shared with Ravenpaw. What could they do to prove Stonetooth's treachery? It seemed like the more they knew the more confusing it got. Did Tigerclaw really have anything to do with Stonetooth? Could they be mistaken? But he had a feeling deep down that he wasn't wrong about who the cat was who was with Stonetooth the day Flamekit died.

He was so wrapped up in his thought's that he almost missed the gasp that escaped Sunpaw's mouth. Firestorm looked up and blinked slowly in surprise. They had wander very close to the twolegplace and what had made Sunpaw gasp was the sight of a cat, a she-cat, a pretty light brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws. The she-cat looked to be pregnant, her belly was swollen with kits, and was, a little nervously, padding around the forest.

"What should we do? Should we chase her off?" meowed Sunpaw watching the she-cat curiously. Firestorm noticed that he was missing the hint of aggression that he should be feeling after seeing a strange cat in their Clan's territory, but something about this she-cat told him she wasn't a threat. Firestorm stepped on a nearby stick making sure it made a loud crunch. The she-cat looked up in alarm then dashed away and heaved herself over the twoleg fence and disappeared from her sight.

"Do you think she'll come back?" asked Sunpaw still staring at the fence. Firestorm stared at the fence at the spot where the she-cat had leaped over and shook his head.

"She was frightened enough by the sound of a stick snapping, I think she'll stay where she is now." Firestorm told her. Though his mind was still on the she-cat, he pushed her to the back of his mind. "Come on we should try hunting a bit." Firestorm meowed as he led Sunpaw away. As they walked Firestorm was plagued with images of the she-cat she was important to him but he didn't know why. He shook his thoughts a way and focused on his task of training Sunpaw.

Firestorm led her to a small clearing. Firestorm moved to stand in front of Sunpaw, motioning for her to sit down and to pay close attention.

"Okay Sunpaw there are different ways to catch our prey." explained Firestorm carefully. "We can hunt from the trees, ambush from the bushes and of course stalk our prey." Sunpaw listened carefully.

"We'll start with stalking prey." Firestorm told her. "Now where is the best place to hunt for preyduring leaf-bare?"Sunpaw took a moment to think before responding.

"The place with the twoleg feeders?" Firestorm nodded his head pleased that his apprentice had paid attention.

"Yes that's right, alright least practices some crouches." Sunpaw was a quick study she did learn the crouches well but had trouble remembering which crouch to use for which situation. After a while of practicing they headed off to try for some prey. Sunpaw caught a robin and a brambling. Firestorm managed to find a crow and a wren. The two headed back to camp with their catches.

When they arrived at camp. Firestorm sent Sunpaw to her den to rest and look around the camp spotting Longclaw and Runningstorm sharing tongues outside the warrior's den. Firestorm padded up to them and meowed a greeting to them.

"Hey how was your hunt?" meowed Firestorm, as he sat down beside a sulking Longclaw.

"It was alright we caught some prey." Longclaw murmured and Runningstream chirped in amusement.

"We had a competition to see who could catch the most prey before we need to come back to camp." Runningstream purred. "Guess who won?" Longclaw grumbled softly. Firestrom mrrowed in laughter. He looked around for a moment.

"Where's Dovefeather?" asked Firestorm suddenly with another glance around.

"Ashstorm called her to go on a patrol with Sootpelt and Grayfeather," Runningstream explained giving Firestorm a reassuring look.

"I see," Firestorm meowed quietly not fully paying attention as his thought's once more swayed to the kittypet that he had seen earlier.

"I think, I'll go rest now, it's been a long day." Firestorm yawned a little to emphasize his tiredness. He bid goodnight to his friends before curling up in nest. As he slept he dreamt of his kithood suddenly, his thought's traveled to his mother and siblings and the scent they carried and one stood out to him and his dream once more drew him to the she-cat he had seen earlier. 'My sister!' he thought with a jolt. 'That kittypet was my sister.'

Firestorm stretched out of his nest yawning gently. He walked out of the warriors den and looked around the camp. His thought's traveled once more to his kittypet sister but he wasn't sure what to do about her. He decided not to think about her for now and instead focus on Sunpaw. He had planned to gather her for a little defense training today. He turned to call out for her, when he spotted Longclaw leaving Fallowpelt's den. Firestorm wondered if his friend was sick or hurt. He called out a greeting to the light brown tabby who padded up to him.

"Hey Longclaw, are you okay?" Firestorm asked with concern. Longclaw blinked in surprise by the question.

"Of course I'm fine why would you ask?"

"I saw you leaving Fallowpelt's den a thought you might have caught a cold or something."Longcalw purred.

"No I'm fine, I just wanted to see if Fallowpelt's okay though…she hasn't been herself since Spottedleaf died." Longclaw explained with a shift in his paws. "They were good friends from what I know and I can tell she misses her." Firestorm blinked in surprise he also had noticed Fallowpelt's melancholy attitude since Spottedleaf had been declared dead but hadn't realized that Longclaw was worried for her.

"Are you and Fallowpelt close?" Firestorm asked cautiously. Longclaw fidgeted a bit and looked around before ushering him into the prisoner's den. Firestorm blinked at his friend curiously.

"I'm going to tell you a Clan secret that you can't tell anyone outside of SkyClan." Longclaw meowed softly. Firestorm's eyes widened in surprised and he nodded sharply in understanding.

"Fallowpelt's my mother," he murmured softly. Firestorm's jaw dropped as he stared in disbelief. "Though Mapletail raised me and not her."

"What? But I thought that…" Firestorm couldn't seem to get out his words. 'Wasn't it against the warrior code?'

"Yeah medicine cats aren't supposed to have kits, but it happened regardless. The medicine cat before her, Twigtail, he was Moonwatcher's brother by the way; was as you could imagine a very old tom and he was in no position to train another medicine cat. So Fallowpelt said that if a queen was willing to raise her kits she would continue on as a medicine cat apprentice. Mintfrost, who was Dovefeather's mother and Mapletail said they'd look after me. So that was it, her secret was never told to any of the other Clans and Twigtail died a moon after I was born." Firestorm didn't know what to say it was a huge surprise. He had no idea that such a huge secret was being kept from the other Clans.

"Wow, do you know who your father is?" Firestorm asked curiously trying to think of any other cats he had seen that were close to Fallowpelt. Longclaw shrugged a little.

"Sandclaw, Goldenstar's brother told the Clan he was my father, but Fallowpelt told me herself that it wasn't true and that he was only covering the truth for her." Longclaw meowed softly. "She didn't tell me who my real father is though." Firestorm was shocked to know that his friend was involved with such an enormous Clan secret.

"Does anyone else know?" Firestorm asked quietly. Longclaw shook his head,

"No, Fallowpelt only told me that Sandclaw wasn't really my father no one else knows." Longclaw explained quietly. Firestorm was taking all of this information in and was puzzled by all of it. 'Why would Sandclaw cover for Fallowpelt and just who is Longclaw's father?'

"But let's not dwell on it," Longclaw meowed a little hastily, "Goldenstar specifically asked us to keep the situation quiet, or it could have grave consequences so I ask that you please stay silent about this."

"I understand," Firestorm meowed reassuringly as he placed his tail on his friends shoulder. "Do you want to help me teach Sunpaw some defense moves?" Longclaw perked up in excitement.

"Of course, I'll show her my amazing moves." Longclaw boasted puffing up his chest. Firestorm shooked his head at his friends antics and led him toward the apprentice den. He was happy that Longclaw seemed to be behaving more like himself. Though hearing about his story reminded Firestorm that he had no kin in SkyClan and it made him long to talk to his sister. Firestorm shook those thought's away as he gathered Sunpaw for their training.

It had been three days since he had seen his sister and his thoughts of talking with her hadn't diminished. He was eager to speak with her and had decided that he was going to look for her today. He began to think of where to start looking for her when he saw that Sunpaw had just come out of the apprentice den. 'Hmm I think today Sunpaw can help with the Elders' he thought to himself. He had been training with his apprentice and believed that it would be fine for her to spend one day helping the elders.

"Sunpaw, come here a moment." Firestorm called to her. Sunpaw bounded over to his side suddenly.

"Good morning Firestorm," she mewled softly.

"Good morning, Sunpaw" he meowed just as gently. "Today, you'll be helping the elders Okay?" Sunpaw looked slightly disappointed but Firestorm knew the young she-cat loved to hear the elders' stories, so he knew she wasn't too upset about not training today. "I know you like to train but everyone has to take care of the elders at some point."

"I understand Firestorm, should I bring them some fresh-kill?" Firestorm nodded,

"Yes go ahead and if I could make a suggestion…" Sunpaw listened closely. "Ivyclaw loves bats and chaffinches. Blackbird is very fond of wrens and sparrows and Moonwatcher like to have, a robin, thrush or a brambling."

"What about Toadleg?" she asked softly, Firestorm shrugged helplessly.

"I'm afraid you'll have to figure that one out for yourself, I haven't been able to figure it out and he refuses to tell me." Firestorm sighed, "If you manage to find out let me know, also help Blackbird pick the feathers off of his fresh-kill, and check their bedding, okay?" Sunpaw nodded an affirmative and headed for the elders den. Firestorm looked around glad to see there weren't many cats out in the clearing. Firestorm gave Sootpelt a nod as he headed out of the camp.

When Firestorm reached the twolegplace he began to look along the fence for the place where he had seen his sister leap over the fence. He climbed onto the fence and leaped into the tree that was in his sister's garden. He sat and waited patiently for her to leave the twoleg nest. Sometime later the she-cat squeezed through the flap that led from inside the twoleg nest to the garden. He leaped down, startling the she-cat and suddenly he remembered her name.

"Princess it's me Rusty." Firestorm called to the she-cat. She paused her eyes seem to light up in recognition of his former name.

"Rusty?" She responded softly changing her position from one of defense to one of curiosity. She gave him a good look over. "You don't smell like Rusty."

"I've been living in the forest with the other wild cats." Firestorm responded. Princess looked confusedly at him.

"Why are you living in the forest? Did your twolegs not take care of you?" She asked with concern. Firestorm began to tell her all about his life in SkyClan and meeting Longclaw , Goldenstar and Finchflight. Princess listened with rapid attention. Once he had finished she looked even more interested in his adventures as a Clan cat.

"That's incredible Firestorm," she meowed gently, "I don't think I'd ever be able to do anything like that. I like living with my housefolk." They talked a bit longer reminiscing on their kithood, Firestorm congratulating her on her kits. Before long Firestorm knew he would have to head back to camp and told Princess as much.

"I understand, you have duties to perform." She meowed understandingly, "Will I see you again?"

"Yes, I'll come by and see you again." Firestorm told her. "Goodbye Princess,"

"I would like that goodbye Firestorm." She meowed as she watched him climb her fence heading back into the forest. He paused taking a moment to lick his fur clean of Princess' scent before beginning to look for some prey. Firestorm was happy he had gotten a chance to see Princess it had brought him great joy and he couldn't wait to visit with her again.

Firestorm was padding around checking for the scent of prey. It had be a little of a half-moon since he had begun secretly visiting his sister. He was hunting near the border with ThunderClan when he saw a familiar black and white pelt.

"Scorchblaze," he hissed across the border. Scorchblaze looked over at Firestorm and immediately headed in his direction. He stopped suddenly, then stepped forward looking around cautiously as he made his way to his friend.

"Hi Firestorm," Scorchblaze spoke in a dejected manner. Firestorm grew worried by his friends tone wondering what was wrong.

"Is everything alright?" he asked gently to his friend. Scorchblaze sighed shaking his head slowly.

"No it's Graystripe, he keeps sneaking off to see this RiverClan she-cat," Firestorm's eyes widened in surprise.

"But why would he do that? Who is this she-cat?" Scorchblaze's gaze turned bitter.

"That's where it gets worse, her name is Silverstream," Firestorm began to think and suddenly he remembered a very pretty silver tabby by the same name at the last gathering he had attended. "And she's Crookedstar's daughter," Firestorm actually began to worry for the gray warrior who had become his friend along the journey to bring WindClan home. 'Of all the cats to have a forbidden affair with and he chooses Crookedstar's daughter.' Firestorm thought with a wince.

"How did they meet anyway do you know?" asked Firestorm curiously wondering how Graystripe had gotten involved in such a potentially dangerous situation. Scrorchblaze explained a long story about how he and Graystripe had taken their new apprentices, Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw out hunting and how Graystripe had fallen into the River, only to be saved by Silverstream.

"As far as I know that's the first time they met each other," Scorchblaze finished his story with a worried shake of his head. "And what's worse is they keep meeting at Sunningrocks, it's horrible because our Clans are practically at war with each other over those rocks."

"But we use to meet in secret also," Firestorm pointed out to his friend. Scorchblaze gave him a look.

"That was different," Firestorm blinked as he took in his friends words.

"How so?" Firestorm asked

"Because Yellowfang made us promise that we would stop meeting in secret the moment we became warriors and we were doing extra training not having a romantic relationship." Firestorm winced as he realized his friend had a point.

"Have you tried talking to him?" he asked, Scorchblaze sighed

"Of course I have and he keeps saying it will be fine, that their love does no harm." Scorchblaze shook his head, "I even tried talking to her and she practically said the same thing as him. And Graystripe has been neglecting his duties as a mentor and a warrior to see Silverstream." Firestorm could sense his friend's frustration. He could tell that Scorchblaze was genuinely worried about this.

"But I shouldn't be bothering you with this," Scorchblaze meowed suddenly, "It's my problem, so how have things been since I saw you last?"

"Well I got an apprentice after Silverwind and I came back to the Clan." Firestorm explained, "Her name is Sunpaw, she's bright and a fast learner," Scorchblaze's eyes lightened up.

"You too? Cinderpaw,"Scorchblaze meowed with a puff of his chest. "Can be a bit of a handful but she's doing well as a hunter." Firestorm purred happily for his friend. He wondered if he should tell his friend about Ravenpaw and Sunpaw's stories, but decided against it. He had promised the two that he wouldn't tell their secrets without discussing it with them first. Besides it seemed that Scorchblaze had his own problems to deal with right now.

"I guess I should head back," Scorchblaze told him, "I hope we can see each other again soon,"

"Yes it would be nice, may StarClan light your path," meowed Firestorm,

"And yours as well," called Scorchblaze as he disappeared into the undergrowth. Firestorm turned to get back to hunting but was worried as he recalled Scorchblaze's discussion about Graystripe and Silverstream. 'It's bad that their breaking the code' he winced thinking of his own visits to see Princess. 'But I haven't neglected Sunpaw, and I've kept the fresh-kill pile well full.' He reasoned with himself. 'And Princess isn't an enemy warrior whose father could start a war with their Clan if they get caught.' But Firestorm still felt a little guilt from visiting with his sister so often. But at the same time it felt good to see his kin every day something he didn't get to do in the Clan.

Two days had passed since Firestorm had spoken with Scorchblaze and he wondered how his friend was fairing. He could tell that his friend was having a hard time and wondered if he would see him again anytime soon. He was so distracted by his thoughts that he almost jumped out of his fur when Sunpaw wailed suddenly.

"Firestorm look!" Sunpaw yowled in great alarm. Firestorm whipped around to look in the direction she was indicating and saw what had alarmed his apprentice. Smoke was rising from beyond the tops of trees in the distance. It could only mean one thing… fire had come to the forest.

"Sunpaw go back to camp and tell Goldenstar, I'm going to see just how bad the fire is and whether it will reach the camp." Firestorm told her, she hesitated and gave him a worried look. "I'll be fine I won't get too close."

"Be careful Firestorm," she mewed softly before taking off for the camp. Firestorm headed in the direction of the smoke. As he grew closer Firestorm could see smoke billowing from farther beyond the trees. 'Is the forest on fire?' he thought with alarm as he ran forward to get a better look. He need to see where the fire was coming from. As he drew closer he realized with dread that the fire wasn't coming from the forest but from the twolegplace. 'StarClan no, Princess' He thought in horror as he kept moving.

Suddenly there was a wail, Firestorm froze suddenly and looked around for the source. Up ahead he could just make out a cat sheltered underneath the roots of a nearby oak tree. The cat appeared to be wailing in pain. He dashed forward to help the cat and realized with great alarm that it was Princess. He rushed to her side and began to look for an injury.

"Oh Firestorm help me please," she wailed. Firestorm looked her over and saw that her fur was singed from the fire but she looked remarkably okay. He didn't understand what was ailing his sister.

"What is it Princess, what's wrong?"

"The kits they're coming!"

(I could be horribly cruel to you all and stop right here but I'm a kind hearted soul.)

Firestorm stared at Princess in disbelief, but figured the stress of escaping the fire must have put stress on his sister. Enough that she was forced into labor.

"How long have you been kitting?" he asked her, keeping his voice as calm as he possibly could.

"I started a little after the fire," she whimpered a little. "I saw smoke early this morning and didn't know where it was coming from." She breathed deeply holding back another wail. "I just knew I had to escape so as quickly as I could I ran out here into the forest, but then I started kitting." Firestorm began to worry. He knew he was no medicine cat and this was Princesses first litter he wasn't sure what to do. 'I can't leave her alone either,' he thought with distress.

"I'll do my best Princess just keep calm," he meowed soothingly, 'StarClan please help my sister,'

"Firestorm!" a yowl rang out in the forest. Firestorm looked out from the cover of the roots and saw Thrushfur and Silverwind heading toward him.

"Are you alright?" Thrushfur asked urgently as she looked him over, Silverwind looked concerned too.

"I'm fine, but my sister…" Firestorm trailed off looking a little sheepish under the scrutiny of his fellow Clanmates. "She's kitting" he finished lamely. Thrushfur passed Firestorm heading into the makeshift den. "It's okay I'm here to help," He heard her say to Princess softly. He turned his attention to Silverwind.

"Silverwind will you go get Fallowpelt please?" he asked cautiously not sure if the tom would do as he asked. Without a word Silverwind took off. Firestorm headed back to the entrance of the roots looking in worriedly. After a few minutes passed Thrushfur called out of the den.

"Firestorm?" she asked carefully,

"Yes I'm still here what is it?" he called back.

"I need your help," Thrushfur told him suddenly. Firestorm entered, looking nervously at the two waiting for Thrushfur to given him some directions. "The first kit is coming I need you to lick it clean and get it breathing okay?" Firestorm nodded and sat closer to her waiting patiently.

"Okay it's almost here, one more push." Thrushfur mewled encouragingly. Within a few seconds there was a bundle deposited at Thrushfur's paws. With a quick clean she looked it over. "It's a tom," she purred softly placing the kit at Firestorm's paws. Firestorm immediately began licking the kit until it wailed loudly wriggling under the force of his tongue. "Don't get too comfortable another is coming," Just as Princess began to push again Firestorm picked up a familiar scent.

"Fallowpelt, we're in here," Firestorm called, within minutes the brown tabby medicine cat was making her way under the roots.

"Have any kits come?" she asked quickly,

"Just this one," Firestorm meowed as he kept his watchful eye on his new nephew. Fallowpelt nodded and looked Princess over.

"Okay keep pushing here is another one already on the way," she meowed soothingly gently placing a paw on Princess' abdomen feeling for how many kits there might be left. "That's it one more, good there it is." Fallowpelt began licking the bundle and looked it over.

"It's a she-cat," she meowed gently, placing the bundle beside Thrushfur who began to clean it.

Several minutes passed and with it the birth of three more kits added to the first two. Princess had given birth to five kits. She looked a little exhausted but was happily looking over her brood of kits. Firestorm glanced at the kits and was in awe of them. Two toms and three she-kits were suckling quietly beside their mother. The first born was a pure white tom, the second a light brown tabby she-kit with white legs, muzzle and chest, the third another she-kit was a tortoiseshell and white she-kit, the fourth a tom with dark gray fur. The last was a small silver-gray tabby and white she-kit. Firestorm thought them all beautiful and was surprised to hear they were all healthy.

"Firestorm may I speak with you?" meowed a new voice that entered the den. Firestorm turned nervously to see Goldenstar looking at him with an unreadable expression.

"Yes, of course Goldenstar," he meowed softly doing his best to keep his voice even. He followed his leader out of the den. She sat down a little away from the tree and waited for Firestorm to do the same.

"Start from the beginning what happened?" she meowed patiently. Firestorm blinked slowly.

"Okay I was taking Sunpaw out for a hunt when she noticed that there was smoke coming from above the trees." He paused for a moment gathering his thoughts. "I told Sunpaw to head back to camp to inform you of it, and I went to see how far it was from the camp."

"That was dangerous to do alone," Goldenstar informed him, "What if you had gotten too close or had breathed in the smoke?"

"I thought it would be okay, I figured I would know if I was getting to close to the fire." Firestorm told her. "Anyway I realized as I drew closer that the fire seemed to be coming from the twolegplace, but I wasn't entirely sure."

"So you decided to keep going?" Firestorm winced a little knowing that didn't seem like a wise thing to do, but at the time he had been worried for Princess.

"Yes, I wanted to be sure, the wind could have changed direction."Firestorm explained his actions as best he could. "I found my sister wailing in a nearby tree and came to her aid, then Thrushfur and Silverwind showed up…"Goldenstar raised her tail for silence.

"I believe I'm caught up now," Goldenstar meowed quietly, "Any particular reason your sister decided to run out here?"

"No, I don't but perhaps she ran believing she would be safe from the fire here?" Firestorm pointed out, "Since I'm guessing other twoleg nests have caught fire as well, it might have seemed like the safest place." Goldenstar looked Firestorm over and seemed to think about his words.

"Very well, I'll accept that." she meowed suddenly "For now, SkyClan will shelter your sister and her kits."

Yes Princess has made an appearance and her kits have been born. Yay!

Okay this is all the information that Firestorm knows about the families in the Clan so far. Now to be clear there is a reason why I used siblings and not littermates because I'm combining litters. The same with just saying kits.

Goldenstar's family

Siblings: Sandclaw (Deceased)

Kits: Finchflight, Rosefur (Deceased) and Sootpelt

Grandkits: Sunpaw, Sharppaw and Flamekit (Deceased)

Nephew: Lightningstrike

Ashstorm's family

Siblings: Smokecloud

Nephews: Rainkit and Stormkit

Blackflower's family

Siblings: Crowheart (Deceased) and Darkclaw (Deceased)

Kits: have yet to be born

Fallowpelt's family

Siblings: Mapletail

Kit: Longclaw

Stonetooth's family

Parents: Ivyclaw and Toadleg

Siblings: Grayfeather and Thrushfur

Niece: Leafpaw

Snowfall's family

Parents: Icewhisker (deceased) and Mintfrost(deceased)

Siblings: Cloudstep (deceased), Dovefeather

Kits: Cloverkit and Spottedkit

Blackbird's family

Grandson: Spiderfang

Silverwind's family

Kits: Runningstream

Owltalon's family

Siblings: Hawkwing

Squirrelfur's family

Parents: Shadefur (deceased) and Softcloud (deceased)

Siblings: Nettlepelt (deceased), Graybird (deceased) and Stormpaw (deceased)

Kits: Rainkit and Stormkit


Siblings: Dappleleaf (Deceased), Timberclaw(Deceased)

Kits: Sunpaw, Sharppaw, and Flamekit (Deceased)

Nephew: Lightningpaw (mother Dappleleaf)

Moonwatcher's family

Siblings: Twigtail (deceased)

Grandkits: Icefeather