Chris may have looked calm on the outside, but he was freaking out on the inside. His head was pounding from Piper throwing him against the wall. He was seething with anger that Leo would just abandon Piper. Leo and Piper came to a compromise in his memory. They were still together and the Elders let Leo still see Piper. Leo wasn't forced out of the house and Piper didn't go ballistic finding out that Leo was leaving, maybe forever.

He should have let his Aunts go get Piper, but for some odd reason, he stopped them. He insisted that he get Piper since this was his entire fault. He shouldn't have interfered. He was starting to regret it. The rain was cold and hard and he was still trying to think about what to say to Piper. He was standing behind her. Her gown was sticking to her skin from the rain and her back was quivering from sobs.

Chris hesitantly walked up to her. He placed his hand on her shoulder in comfort. He hoped it helped. In the future that's how he was comforted by his team. You didn't really have time to break down in the future – not when people were dying left and right.

Piper jumped in surprise. She didn't think anyone would find her. If someone did, she expected to see her sisters, not her Whitelighter. He looked uncomfortable, like he didn't know what he was doing. She tried to hold it back, but the sobs ripped through her body again. She fell to the ground and the rain mixed with her tears. Chris slid down beside her and put his arm around her shoulder. She cried in his shoulder.

He tried to remember what Piper did to him when he was upset. He pushed them into the back of his mind years ago though. After his Mother died, the memories hurt. He closed his eyes and forced himself to remember. She would rock back and forth and sing? No wait that was Paige. She would get him to talk about it, then hug him tightly? No, that was Phoebe. He couldn't remember what she did. No matter how far he dug. He must have buried the memories deeper than he thought. His mind wasn't letting him remember. So he let his instincts take over.

Chris rubbed circles into her back and rocked her back and forth. She quieted down but she was still crying. The storm was still going but it wasn't as windy. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

She looked up at him, confused. "For what?" her voice cracked.

He wasn't sure if he should say it. She might start sobbing again. "Leo," he explained.

She nodded her head in understanding and started crying harder. "How's Wyatt going to live without a Father?" she asked.

He wanted to say "I did so he can too," but he stopped himself. "You always have Paige and Phoebe," he answered.

"But they're not his Father."

He thought about it. She had an excellent point. "Leo may be an Elder now," Piper winced as he said Elder, "but he still has to see you. You're a Charmed One and you still have demons to fight. He'll most likely warn you. Plus, if I know Leo he won't let the Elders take him away from Wyatt."

"But the Elders are evil!" she wailed. Chris had never seen his Mother like this. She was hysterical. The Elder's weren't evil...mostly. "You shouldn't put it past them. They'll threaten Leo like they've done numerous times."

"You and Leo have been through thick and thin. What's more bump in the road? You'll survive it like you always do. Leo has adapted you're stubbornness. He won't give in."

Piper managed to crack a smile. "I am stubborn, aren't I?"

"Yeah, don't change either. That's going to help you in the future," he didn't mean to say that. It just slipped out.

Piper smiled. "Good to know."

Chris laughed nervously. "You ready to go home?" he asked. She nodded her head and he helped her up.

Piper looked around. "I hope this isn't on the news tomorrow."

"Maybe you'll get lucky and everyone will forget," he winked at her.

"Thank you."

He took her hand. "You're welcome," They orbed out.