Summary: Trey comes back and goes after a team member. Will the rest of the team save him/her in time? And who will have to sacrifice him/herself in order to save their friend? Sequel to Traitor

Rating: T

Warning: Maybe character death! (I haven't decided yet)


Trey smashed the phone with his shoe. It had been so easy to smuggle it in. His last call had been made. Everything was in perfect order now and if his expectations of the CSI team that put him behind bars were right, then everything would end exactly the way he wanted it. Trey had been in jail for a year. He was on death row and in only two weeks he would be put to death. Well, not anymore. Not only was it a full moon tonight, but tonight was also the last night for Trey in his cell. His plan of escape was perfect. After smuggling some drugs to several inmates for months he knew he could count on their help. Of course it also helped that Trey was considered a murderous genius that had managed to put the famous Lt. Caine in the hospital.

However as he had counted the days and realized that he only had a month left, he began to feel the need for one last stand. One last plan to be put in motion. Two weeks of planning had been enough. Months of favors in jail finally paid off and Trey would soon walk out of jail as a free man. A man forever hunted by the police, but a free man nonetheless.

"You got a phone call." The guard outside the door said.

Trey smiled. He could always count on his angel to do as she had been told. Trey let the guard cuff him and take him to the phone.

"Yeah?" Trey answered.

"It's done now. Be ready to duck when the bomb goes off in fifteen seconds." The voice said.

"I'm always ready." Trey smirked and hung up

The guard frowned at the short conversation but said nothing as he got ready to cuff Trey again. Exactly fifteen seconds later, just as the guard started to lead Trey back to his cell; an explosion shook the walls of the prison and created a hole in the room. Trey kicked down the guard and got help from an inmate to get the cuffs off.

"You know what to do." Trey smirked and climbed over the bricks and breathed in the fresh air.

He could hear the guard screaming in pain as the inmates started to beat him to death. The other guards got ready to help their colleague and to restore the order. However, Trey was free.


"Trey Nevins got out. One guard was almost beaten to death." Frank sighed as he told the team what had happened only two hours ago, "The guard might not make it though."

"How did Trey manage to get out?" Horatio asked.

"He has a partner on the outside that set up a bomb on the other side of the wall. It blew up a hole and Trey could just walk out as the guards got busy trying to restore order when the inmates started a riot." Frank said.

"Is anyone of the inmates talking?" Ryan asked.

Usually Horatio didn't work on cases with the team anymore since he had become Chief. But this was a special case. Ryan was now Lt and head over the crime lab.

"Several of them actually. I threaten to send them on death row early." Frank smirked.

"Eric, Natalia process Trey's cell. H and I'll talk to the inmates." Ryan said.

Calleigh was on maternity leave and therefore she wasn't with them on the case. The whole team knew that with Trey on the loose they were in danger. Trey was crazy and could easily decide to kill anyone of them at any time. Frank, Horatio and Ryan approached some of the inmates.

"Tell us how Trey pulled this off." Ryan demanded.

"He has a contact on the outside. We don't know who it is. All we were ordered to do was to start a riot to attract the guards' attention away from him." One inmate said.

"And what did you get for that?" Horatio asked.

"He smuggled in drugs for us."

Horatio shook his head and turned to look at one of the guards.

"How easy can drugs be smuggled in here?" He asked.

"Very easy I'm afraid. We can't see everything that they do. Some of them have girls smuggle it in by sticking bags of drugs up there."

"Yeah we know the place." Frank interrupted. "How do they give it to them?"

"They give it under the tables. They have all kinds of ways to block our view." The guard sighed, "Women will block our view by using their legs as a shield."

"Alright, thank you." Horatio said.

The three men joined Eric and Natalia in Trey's cell and Eric showed the smashed phone.

"You think Cooper can get anything off that?" Ryan asked.
"Not a chance. It's smashed. Everything inside is ruined." Eric sighed, "You think Rebecca could be in danger?"

"I don't think Trey is about to risk his daughter's life in anyway." Ryan said.

"Well, she hadn't visited since he got here." Frank said as he looked in the visitor's log.

"Has anybody visited him at all?" Horatio asked.


"One of the other inmate's wife could easily have smuggled the phone inside." Ryan said.

Horatio and Ryan frowned as their phones rang. Natalia and Eric chuckled when they answered their phones with the exact same word and in the same tone.

"He's like a mini-H." Eric joked.

Ryan heard him and stuck his tongue out at his friend. Ryan was a great boss in the lab and the whole team was very proud of him.

"We got a murder on a road just a few miles from here." Ryan sighed.

"It's got to be Trey, right?" Natalia asked.

"Probably. Victim's neck was snapped." Horatio said, "Tom is there already. And the victim's car was stolen."

"Any cameras on the scene?" Frank asked.

"Yeah, surveillance cameras on a were-house." Horatio said as he and Ryan left to look at the other crime scene.

"Is it just me or does it feel like Trey has a big plan going on?" Natalia asked.

"It's not just you. I got a gut feeling that Trey is coming after H or Ryan." Eric sighed.


Trey was in a hurry. He had a safe place to go to, but the problem was that it was far away from jail. He had already stolen a car from a man and snapped his neck. The sun was rising and Trey knew that soon the inhabitants of Miami would wake up and he would have a hard time hiding. His escape was already all over the news and he had been lucky to remain unseen by police helicopters. Trey was now deciding if he should break in to a house that looked empty or just continue going. He was hungry and he couldn't see any cars through the garage windows.

"They're probably on vacation." He said to himself as he approached the front door.

He hesitated to open it and decided to just check the back instead. Whoever lived in the house had forgotten to lock the porch door and Trey could enter the house. The first thing he checked was if there was any food in the fridge or freezer.

"Microwave food." He sighed, "What a piece of crap."

However, with nothing else to eat he put it in the microwave and waited. Just as he started eating it a car pulled up on the driveway and a happy young couple got out of it.

"You always drive too fast." The woman said.

"Honey, there's nobody around. I'm not going to cause an accident or anything." The man chuckled.

"Well, tonight I'm glad we got home quickly. Because I have missed our bed for days."

The man grinned and kissed his wife. Trey rolled his eyes and hid the living room as the man opened the front door and switched on the lights.

"Did you open the porch door?" The man asked.

Trey cursed silently. He had forgotten to close it. Well, it wasn't really a problem. It would just mean that he would have to kill the happy couple. Trey stepped out of the living room and the couple gasped.

"Who the hell are you?" The man asked.

"I'm a murderer who just escaped from jail, who are you?" Trey smirked and stepped closer to the couple.

"Stay away from us! Honey, call the police."

"If she reaches for that phone I will snap her neck in a second!" Trey growled, "Now, both you go upstairs and lay down in your bed."

The couple glanced at each other before they did as they were told. Trey picked up a knife from the kitchen before he followed them upstairs.

"Please don't hurt us." The woman begged as she lay down in the bed face down.

The husband suddenly launched himself at Trey, but unfortunately Trey was faster than him and stabbed him three times in the chest. The woman screamed and started crying. Trey sighed and straddled her back. He pressed the knife against the back of her neck.

"Shut up or I'll kill you." Trey growled.

The woman tried her best not to make a sound. Trey smirked and slid the blade carefully down her back.

"You said you missed this bed so much." Trey said, "So it would be nice of me to let you die in it?"

"Please don't kill me." The woman pleaded.

"You have two choices. Since I've spent a year in jail I'm quite desperate to feel the body of a woman against mine." Trey smirked evilly, "I can either rape you and only cut you a little bit or I can kill you right now. The first choice will allow you to live and the other won't."

"Please." The woman cried, "What do you want from me?"

"I want you to make a choice! I love it when people have to face such difficult choices." Trey grinned, "If you choice the first one, I will be out of here soon and you might be able to call the police and save your dear husband's life."

"Please, I can't choose."

"Is it so hard? Either spread your legs and go through some pain and live or die."

"I don't want to die!" The woman cried.

"Then choose."

"I choose the first one." The woman sobbed, "Please don't kill me."

"You see… a man like me is never honest." Trey said and raised the knife to stab the woman in the back, "Do you really think I will leave you alive after you've seen my face?"

Trey stabbed the woman four times in the back before he turned her body around and stabbed her again. The woman's cries died quickly and when Trey felt that he was done; he went back downstairs to finish his meal.


"You look like you need this." Horatio smiled as he gave the very tired Ryan a cup of coffee.

All night and all day the team had processed the two murder scenes. Trey's fingerprints had been found on the first victim's neck as he had snapped it to kill him. The car had later been found outside a house with Trey's fingerprints in it. Inside the house the couple had been found with Trey's fingerprints on the murder weapon. The team had all the evidence they needed to charge Trey with the three murders. But what they really wanted was to find him.

"He's killed three people in less than four hours and here we are with nothing. We have no idea where he's going or even if he's killed more people." Ryan sighed, "He didn't even have to kill them. He could have just knocked them unconscious."

"He didn't have to shoot me a year ago either or kill Walter or do any of the things he did." Horatio said, "But he did it because he wanted it. It wasn't necessary for him, but it made him feel good. Psychopaths are hard to understand Ryan."

"He does it because it feels good? You're right, I don't understand it. How can it feel good to murder someone?"

Horatio patted the young man's shoulder.

"We can't understand it because we're not like him. Take lions for example, if a pack of lions gets a new alpha male he kills the former alpha male's cubs." Horatio said, "For them it's natural, for us it's crazy. We would never kill another man's children."

"Crazy people would."

"Why? Because for them it's natural." Horatio said, "Look Ryan, psychopaths don't give a damn about who they kill. So don't waste energy trying to understand why it feels good to kill for Trey. We will never fully understand it because for us it's sick."

Ryan nodded and gave his boss a small smile. Ryan had been looking at the crime scene photos from the cell, the road and the house for hours. Trying desperately to find something, anything that could tell him where Trey was going.

"Ryan go home and get some sleep." Horatio said.

"Nah H, I'm fine."

"Ryan, it wasn't a suggestion. It was an order. You may be the head of the crime lab but I'm the head of MDPD. It still makes me your boss." Horatio smiled, "Get some sleep before you get sick."

Ryan nodded and gave the older man a pat on the shoulder as he stood up to leave. Ryan had to admit it felt good to get inside his small little house and he lazily went straight to his bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Ryan took his gun out of his holster and carefully entered the kitchen. He sighed in relief when he saw that it was only his cat, Zeke, that had scratched his nails on the kitchen chairs.

"Zeke you scared me." Ryan smiled and scratched the cat's head, "I'm becoming paranoid."

"We all do don't we?" A man's voice said from behind Ryan.

Ryan froze as he felt the tip of a knife against his neck.

"Drop the gun and get down on your knees."

"Trey." Ryan growled.

"The one and only." Trey smirked, "Drop the gun Lt."

Ryan dropped the gun and got down on his knees.

"You're not going to die today Lt." Trey smirked, "But I have a place to show you."

Before Ryan could respond he was hit in the head with something and was knocked out cold. Trey smirked and called his partner to come get him and Ryan with the car. Finally his plan of revenge had started.


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