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.:: Seducing the Men of Wonderland ::.


Victim # 5 – Julius aka The Clock Repairman


"If You're gone there won't be any hindrance with my work but, it's disappointing that I won't be able to drink your brewed coffee. You've surprisingly improved."

Julius was the one to take me into his home. To offer me a place to sleep at night, along with company whenever I so desired.

There was so much that I needed to repay him for, but I couldn't think of anything that could show my gratitude properly.

I tried helping out when I could, watching as he fixed broken clocks. Their hearts.

I looked at them delicately. He was almost like a heart surgeon to these people. Without him, life would cease to exist. So in a way, he was giving people life.

Smiling, I closed my eyes.

He had also taught me how to brew coffee. He taught me (with much patience) how to grind down the beans just right so that the coffee wasn't too strong or weak. I have to admit, at first my coffee tasted horrible. But he didn't really complain much. Only sipped the coffee carefully, telling me that next time I'd get it right.

In a way, he was like my father.

I never wanted to leave the Clock Tower. Not with him here, watching over me. I felt safest here, like it was my home.

"You're still up?"

I lifted my head, smiling softly. My eyes softened as he pushed his glasses up. That was so like him. He sat down next to me, a bag full of clocks in his hand.

"You're going to work yourself to death, you know. Who's going to repair all these clocks?" I grinned accusingly. A ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he set to work on repairing the clocks.

"It's my job, Alice. I have to do this. There's no breaks."

I giggled softly.

Secretly, I thought of him as a savior of sorts. He had the power of life in his careful hands, and he treated each clock with care. I watched in awe as he repaired the clocks – one by one – fixing people's lives. I closed my eyes, slowly nodding off.

"If you're tired you can go to bed you know." A deep voice jarred.

I rubbed my eyes, smiling. "No, no, I don't want to leave you alone." Then, standing, I resolved, "I'll go make some coffee."

He nodded, focusing on the task ahead of him.

In the kitchen, I grounded the coffee beans carefully – but not too much – and put them into the coffeemaker. After a few minutes, I took out two cups and poured it out. Julius liked his coffee black without any sweetener – something I could never do, but secretly admired. I poured a few spoonfuls of sugar and milk into mine before I walked back into his study. He glanced up upon seeing me, and put the clock down.

"Alright, let's see how you've improved."

I smiled. He always took the time out for me. Even when he didn't have it. I handed him the cup carefully, sitting back down and taking a sip for myself. It was strong, but tasted good. I stared at Julius expectantly, waiting for his response.

"Well?" I asked as he took a sip. He chuckled deeply.

"Hmm. I'd say 80. Getting better."

I laughed. It would never be perfected, I thought. But that didn't matter. Because I enjoyed having him taste my coffee and help me improve. It was one of the few times I got to spend real time with him.

I sat quietly with him, sipping my coffee and enjoying the silence.

With him.

I felt like no one in Wonderland ever got to know Julius. They only view him as the Clock Repairman, a dirty job in their eyes. They don't know Julius as a person. How kind and caring he can be. Like when I fall asleep watching him work, he'll carry me to my room and tuck me in.

Or if I'm out of something, the next morning I'll see it on the table.

The little things, that no one would care to even notice, they all made me smile.

Because only I knew what type of person he really was. Only I knew this side of Julius that he kept sheltered from the world.

There was a whole side of him that he reserved only for me and it made my heart swell every time I even thought about it.

He made me feel special.

Like I was needed.

I was beginning to think that I was.

What I really hated was that I never got to spend time with him.

I was always at the Hatter's Mansion, or at the Castle, or in the Amusement Park. The only time I ever spent time here was when I was sleeping, which was when Julius was working ever so diligently.

So one day, when I had no other visitors, I pranced into Julius' office and hoisted him up to his feet. He – of course – was working on a clock. I took it from his hand (gingerly of course) and placed it on the desk.

"That's it Mister! You are taking a break." I announced, tugging his arm along towards the door. He sighed quietly.

"Alice you know I don't have tim –"

"No buts!" I interrupted, not allowing him to talk me out of this. "There will be plenty of time to keep working once we get back. But for now, you need to get out. Look how pale you've gotten!" I smiled, turning my head to look at him as I dragged him out of the mansion.

He sensed my stubbornness and relaxed his hand in my grip, allowing me to proceed with my antics. Something that I appreciated greatly. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and I smiled. I secretly loved whenever he did that. I thought it was so cute.

But not in a creepy way or anything.

No, definitely not in a creepy way.

"So where, pray tell, are we going?" he inquired, looking around as we walked.

I swung our entwined hands back and forth, as I hummed happily to myself. "I don't know." I chirped. "And I think that's pretty great."

He gave me an incredulous look. "You mean – "

"Yup! We're completely lost. Wait, it's okay. I do this with Ace all the time. We find our way back eventually."

I giggled and glanced at Julius, who was murmuring an array of colorful words under his breath. I couldn't hear all of it but I definitely heard "little twerp" and "doesn't even know where she's going" and my personal favorite, "can't believe I let a child drag me out here".

I stopped walking and pointed my finger to his chest, poking it. "Listen here, you need to loosen up for once. Just have fun, you know?"

He looked at me seriously, which made me seem a little childish for acting this way. But I didn't let it show. "There's no time for fun, Alice."

I gasped. "There is always time for fun. If you make it." I continued walking slowly, enjoying the scenic landscape. "Look at the beautiful world around you Julius. You miss it every day you're stuck in that tower." I fingered a flower, picking it from the stem and placing it behind my ear. I turned to smile at him when he walked closer to me, taking a strand of my hair in his hands.

My eyes grew wide as he preformed this action, and I remained perfectly still.

"Alright." He agreed gently.

I grinned and took his hand again.

I sat in my chair, watching Julius.

He wasn't such a workaholic anymore.

Well, he was, but he learned to take a few breaks here and there. He's improving, I thought ironically. He'd help me make coffee, and I'd help him relax. It balanced out well; we complemented each other.

Julius glanced up at me, noticing my intense stare. "Five more minutes."

I laughed. "I know."

There was always enough time for us to spent time together now. Because we made time for each other.

He stood, stretching and finishing his coffee (which scored a 90, psh yeah!). Then, walking towards me, he ruffled m hair and slid his hand into mine easily.

"Where to, Miss?" he stated politely.

I shrugged and smiled back. "Wherever the wind takes us."


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