Love Lies Bleeding

By Inuyoshie

Chapter 13: Hollyhock

(From Aizen's Eyes)

Ah… I remember when I was a fledgling.

I don't remember my sire. He wasn't worth remembering.

I killed him.

Killing him was unpleasant and painful. But I did it.

Shortly after the act, a vampire called Shinji Hirako found me. I suppose I owe the infuriating man something, for it was thanks to him I am what I am.

Perhaps I'll kill him quickly.

I'll do it soon though. While my precious Ichigo was slumbering on my lap, I could feel the blonde's reitsu inside of him. This was unacceptable. And, not only was he inside my Ichigo, he was hurting the boy. And Ichigo was too stubborn to come back to me, to let me take his pain away.

Hirako was sticking his fingers in my game. He had to die. I've worked too long, too hard on the boy to let him go.

Ichigo was pacing. The need to move was normal for a fledgling. I remember running for miles through rural areas to make the fire under my skin cease. It's worse for my Ichigo was it was worse for myself, a being of high spiritual power. There aren't many ways to quell this fire.

Hirako was a horrible lover.

He had more of a preference for (drunken) women or attractive males. As a fledgling, I needed physical contact. All fledglings do, it strengthens the bond between sire and fledgling. Hirako had to drink himself into a stupor to be able to even touch me.

He despised me... I despise him. I can't imagine why he would target my Ichigo. His power? Possibly. Power was one thing Hirako liked, not that I could blame him. I like power too. Power keeps my subordinates in line.

"Nnoitera," I announced, standing before the vampire's quarters. He swung the door open lazily. The male was tall and lanky, not suiting my personal tastes. However, he was powerful. And irritating. Perfect for the job I needed him to do.

"What is it?" the vampire asked me agitatedly.

Annoyance swelled.

"I need you to exterminate some people," I replied, handing him a list of names. "Take Grimmjow with you,"

"Why do I have to take that weak-ass-"

"Nnoitera." I cut him off coldly, my reitsu rising, weighing down each molecule of air to unbreathable levels. Nnoitera's legs trembled, his eye widened, his stance weakened.

"Y-yeah yeah, I-I'm on it," he choked out. I relaxed the pressure.

"Good." I said, walking off.

I like power.

Still, I felt a twinge of annoyance at Nnoitera's offhanded way of speaking to me. I may have to do something to his soft-spoken pet, Tesla. While the hard-skinned vampire was crass and verbally abusive, I knew that he held softness for the one-eyed blonde.

With this in mind, I entered my bedroom. As I did, the sound of running water and the soft, masculine scent of Ichigo filled the room. A smile snaked upon my face as I carefully approached my personal bathroom.

He was taking a shower. He seemed to be in a bit of a rush to bathe, seeing as his clothes were strewn across the floor. That was fine though; they were from Szayel's lab and thus reeked of blood, sweat, fear and preservatives. In Ichigo's haste, he'd forgotten to fully close the shower curtain as well, giving me a teasing strip of Ichigo's toned, muscular body. Beads of water formed on the tanned skin, shifting as Ichigo moved.

I must have made some sort of noise, for Ichigo turned around quickly and spotted me through the crack, his face displaying shock and confusion. I approached the shower. Ichigo baked away. I shook my head slightly and sighed, pushing the shower curtain back fully. Cold water sprinkled my arm and face, but I didn't mind. The view was worth getting a little wet.

"What do you want?" he demanded. I raised an eyebrow.

"That's a terribly open question," I (replied, reaching out and touching Ichigo's face. He didn't flinch. I could feel the reishi humming under Ichigo's skin, crawling up my fingers. I stroked the boy's cheek with my thumb, enjoying the feeling of his reishi as well as the horrible suppressed shudders that racked Ichigo's body. And it was a nice body, lithe but not skinny, sculpted but not muscle-bound. His hips had a slightly feminine curve to them but it was balanced by the firm muscles of his chest and stomach.

"S-stop that," Ichigo demanded. "It's creepy."

"Would you rather me look or touch?" I asked simply. His face had a lovely pink dusting at that, and I could practically feel the salacious thoughts assaulting his brain.

The water turned icy and I turned it off in annoyance. My sleeve was soaked.

"Taking a cold shower won't help," I remarked casually, grabbing a nearby towel.

"It did." Ichigo insisted.

"But not for long. Cold water only provides a temporary relief, but it has a rebound affect," I replied.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes and grabbed the towel out of my hands. He knew I was right. After all, I was right. Rubbing viciously at his skin was only going to exasperate the problem. I sighed, watching him.

I'd done the same thing, Hirako had stood and laughed while my sin throbbed painfully.

I would not permit Ichigo to go through the same.

I quickly stepped over to Ichigo and picked him up. He struggled, but I sent a pulse of my reishi down his skin to calm him down. Not too much, of course, but enough to let me get to my bed.

I set Ichigo down on my neatly made bed and he stared up at me suspiciously, looking tan against the whiteness of my sheets. He was a beautiful tangle of power. Mine. All mine. I would easily kill anyone who even thought about touching him.

I lay down next to him, amused by his tense body language. The water was evaporating off of Ichigo's heated skin, a more efficient method of drying.

"Why am I so fucking calm?" Ichigo said harshly.

"Watch your language," I chided him gently. He growled back.

"You did something weird to me," he accused. I shrugged.

"Struggling is a bad idea in your state," I replied calmly. Ichigo stared at me flatly. "You wanted the burning to stop, yes?" He didn't need to answer. I knew. "I took it away." I gently moved in on Ichigo. "Understand that I can easily give it back," I said, kissing his cheek smoothly and removing a bit of my reishi from Ichigo, throwing the surrounding skin into a spasm of heat and fire. Ichigo drew in a shuddering breath. I slid my tongue across his skin, tasting the pain and discomfort that radiated off of him.

Ichigo kept himself tense as I pulled away. He'd been biting his lower lip, causing the unfortunate tissue to swell.

"Ichigo, Ichigo. Let go of your stubbornness."

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Fledglings needing physical contact is similar to how babies need contact. Their nervous system is being assaulted by crazy amounts of stimuli, and being physically close to their sire or any higher ranking vampire helps ground a fledgling, keep one from going crazy. This contact doesn't have to be sexual, it just works out nicely for Aizen. Usually the physical contact involves cuddling, or patting one on the head, depending on the relationship.

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