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Jenks' POV

I wanted to go, yet I didn't. I wanted to see Bella and Edward again; but I didn't want to see Mr. Jasper. My last encounter with him was terrifying; regardless of the fact it was in my imagination. I prepared myself for this meeting like I did with all other collection dates I'd had with Mr. Jasper, I kissed my wife on the cheek; wished well to my children (I would've hugged them but they had both told me that they were too old such things), and got in to the car. As always; I took one last look at my house before I left; even though Bella and Edward were going to be at the meeting, I was still as anxious as ever that I may not survive the evening.

As I drove along the road- rather slowly compared to my normal driving, as I was in no hurry to arrive- I thought about the dream I'd had just a week ago; it still scared me to wits end to think that Mr. Jasper had been in my house and for the first few days after the dream I had jumped at every sound. It annoyed my family very much; all of them believing I'd had a mid-life crisis. However I'd decided that I'd only dreamed Mr. Jasper. Because as scary and realistic as he'd been; he wouldn't be in my house for any reason. And the way he disappeared had been fast enough that he'd been there at one blink and gone the next. That was inhuman and I was sure that the Cullens were human, as my dream had told me.

I parked in the parking lot, and saw the black expensive-looking Mercedes from two weeks ago, they must've already arrived. I hoped that they hadn't been waiting for long. When I walked past the car, I thought I'd seen some movement in the back seat; a flash of pale white and honey-blond. My stomach twisted as I realised what that reminded me of; but the windows were too dark to see anything else and I decided that it was just my imagination running away with me; my mind knowing what was to come and who I was here to meet.

The hostess at the front-desk looked kind of bored as I told her the name that the table was under. However, the moment I told her; she looked dreamy-eyed and then confused as she took me in. I could only guess that Mr. Jasper had already come by; he terrified me to no end but I was aware that he was handsome enough to be a movie star. I was glad my daughters hadn't met him, not only was he dangerous but I was sure that they would both describe him as 'hot'. I shuddered at the thought of my daughters dating Mr. Jasper and I was glad he already had a wife. Who of which I was sure that the name the table was booked under was named after. He had chosen the name to be used, almost like a secret code. Because of course; we could never tell anyone our real names when we exchanged the documents. What we were doing was essentially illegal and we didn't need the law knowing our identities. She quickly directed me to the room.

I neared the private room that Mr. Jasper always booked for our exchanges, it was hot, stuffy, and I found it hard to breath in there; sometimes I thought I saw Mr. Jasper holding his breath. And I would've believed it if it wasn't impossible to survive without breathing. I was a few feet away from the door when I heard someone talking; I recognised it as the voice of Bella's husband, Edward. But his voice was so much like Mr. Jasper's that it made me shudder. I didn't go in to the room straight away; instead I waited a little away from the doorway, I told myself it was to prepare myself for this meeting. But I knew that it was just because I wanted to be nosy and listen to my client's conversation. Screw privacy, I thought.

I leaned against the far wall and listened to their conversation.

"What are you thinking, love?" said Edward, I think. It could've been Jasper, but as far as I knew only Bella was coming to this meeting; he wouldn't call his brother's wife 'love' as a nickname. I then felt a shock jolt through me; what if Mr. Jasper was having an affair with Bella? I hastily stopped my train of thought there; maybe it was just a nickname he called everyone. Or maybe it was just Edward talking. I liked my second thought better than my first.

I waited for an answer to Edward's question, but there wasn't one; Edward just continued talking. I hoped there was another person in there with him that was talking too quietly for me to hear; otherwise Edward was making a good point of talking to himself. I didn't like the idea of Bella being married to a mad-man.

"Don't worry; we won't have to do that just yet. Maybe a few more years… or decades… I don't really want to go back either." Said Edward, he then chuckled and I heard another chuckle, like a tinkling of bells. It sounded beautiful; I was sure that Bella was in the room with him; maybe not talking loud enough for me to hear; but she was in there nonetheless.

Before I could try to understand what Edward meant by 'a few more decades', I heard Edward talk again. Still with no reply; I suddenly felt like I was only hearing one half of a conversation.

"I promise you, Emmett won't want to go back just yet. Rosalie is only going right now because Renesmee is with Zafrina; she misses her as much as we do."

"What strange names!" I exclaimed to myself; I then realised that someone in the room must've heard me because I heard someone's chair squeak slightly. I quickly pushed myself off the wall and walked the few feet to the doorway. I heard a quick intake of breath as I entered the door way and saw Bella sitting at the table, she smiled timidly at me as though I was in shock or that I might run away; I felt like it. I then noticed Edward in the room as he stood up rather quickly to shake my hand. Maybe he noticed that I was staring at his wife; I hoped he didn't.

I almost shied away from his cold hand; I then remembered that it was a Cullen whose hand I was shaking and that they all had cold hands despite that fact the room temperature- I was almost sweating because of the heat. "It's nice to see you again, J. How are you?" It was nice to see him too, to know that Bella and Edward weren't made up and that Mr. Jasper did have rather kind and lovely relatives; I mean, I had already met Bella, but after she left, I was sure that I'd made her up.

"Fine, fine." My eye darted around the room, "Umm, where's Mr. Jasper? Is he in the bathroom? Perhaps we should wait before we do business…" I wouldn't want to start without him, he would be angry if we did. I very nearly shuddered at the thought of him being angry. Mr. Jasper in a good mood was scary enough. However I didn't shudder because I wouldn't want Bella and Edward to think me strange; that I should shudder at my thoughts at random points in a conversation. I was glad that neither of them could read my thoughts. [A/N Lolz]

"Well, J, my wife and I have made a new arrangement-"

Bella cut him off, speaking for the first time in her bell-like voice "J, we are going to take over any business you have with our family!" I saw a quick exchange between husband and wife as I tried to take in the words that Bella had told me, they didn't make sense.

I tried to understand as I stuttered my words, "W-w-what?"

"J," Edward began, "my wife and I shall be taking any business you have with our family. I hope that's alright? We decided to give Jasper a break; he's always been the one that took care of documents, we thought we might do that instead." I felt like jumping for joy and screaming from the roof-tops that mine and my family's life was safe from Mr. Jasper's wrath forever when I realised that Edward and Bella were waiting for an answer. I remembered my dream and what had happened in it; realising that that was the last time I would ever see Mr. Jasper. Even though I hadn't seen the real him in my dream; it was real enough for me to count as the last time I would ever see this man again.

"Of course, that's alright. That's perfect!" I realised then that I was talking to his brother and sister-in-law of the man in question. I had just proclaimed that the fact I would never see Mr. Jasper again as 'perfect'. I mean, it was perfect, but I tried to downplay my joy so as to not sound rude. "I mean… I'm… sad that I won't be seeing Mr Jasper anymore," I hoped that I sounded convincing enough, the joy I felt now was very hard to hide.

I then went in to a state of happiness and sheer relief that my life would no longer be in danger of this frightful man killing me if he lost his temper. He had no reason to ever see me again. There was no reason for the man that had terrified me to the point of weeks of nightmares after our first encounter to ever scare me again. I was speechless with joy and my mind, finding no words to describe this happiness; became void of all thoughts for quite a few moments. I was completely unaware of my surroundings until Edward pulled me out of my day-dream.

"Uhh, J, shall we do business?"

I remembered the reason for this meeting- as well as making me very happy- and answered Edward. "Oh yes, of course. I think I may have spaced out, sorry about that." I wasn't sorry; not at all, I was ecstatic.

Something in my words seemed to be funny because Bella smirked and then laughed out loud. I looked at her, while trying to figure out what was so funny.

"Sorry about her," said Edward as he jerked a thumb in Bella's direction. "We've had a very unusual day, my sister, Alice, spaced out for more than five consecutive minutes, maybe the irony in your words were too funny for her to handle."

I wondered if Miss. Alice zoned out often, perhaps that was a medical problem? But remembering that their father, Dr. Cullen, was actually a doctor made me remember that if anything medically related happened to his children, he could fix it. He could at least have enough compassion for that.

I realised that Bella was glaring at her husband and that the room had gone into silence, Edward broke it by apologizing to his wife, "Sorry, love," At least I now knew that love was Edward's nickname for Bella; and not Jasper's nickname for Bella. I mentally laughed at the thought; Jasper wasn't even in the room! I then realised that, as young as the couple were, they were perfect for each other and obviously very much in love. Wait till they get to my age, I thought. I still loved my wife now, but not as much as I did when I first discovered it. Though I had a feeling that- like Jasper- Bella and Edward wouldn't be getting to look like my age any time soon.

Bella smiled sweetly and waited for Edward and I to continue our exchange, I pulled a large brown folder out of my briefcase containing: ten birth certificates, five driving licenses and a medical licence, all of them without pictures; for the Cullen family. I wondered where they would be moving now; as far as I knew; the Cullens were living in Forks; and had been for fourteen years. That was the longest they'd gone without moving as far as I knew.

Edward must've trusted me already as he didn't bother checking what was inside the folder, I realised he wasn't much like his brother then, if he could trust someone outside his family. Jasper had always inspected every inch of every document before handing me the exact amount I'd asked for; normally without me having to tell him that amount. I saw Bella reach in to her hand-bag and pull out an envelope, she handed it to Edward; who in turn handed it to me before I pushed it in to my briefcase. I would return the favour of them trusting me by trusting them that they'd given me a good amount. Bella had given me much more last time; I wondered if I was to receive any extra this time as well; though it was unlikely.

And all too soon, I decided, it was time for them to depart. Of course they would never stay for a meal, Mr. Jasper hadn't ever done that either. I decided that the Cullens didn't eat in public; maybe they were on a strict diet or were vegetarians. Whatever the reason I had never seen anyone of the ones I'd met eat. Both Edward and Bella shook my hand, their skin was as cold as if they hand kept the in a tub of ice beforehand; but I didn't flinch. I was used to it. "Bye, Edward, Bella." I said.

"Goodbye, J. Hope we meet again," said Edward. I agreed with him.

"Until the next time, J; goodbye." Said Bella as she smiled at me, however before I could return the smile, Edward had wrapped his arms around her waist and whisked her out of the restaurant. I decided then that I wanted to see the strange but beautiful couple again one day. I quickly denied the promise I'd made two weeks ago that if I survived this meeting with the Cullens. I wouldn't retire, not yet anyway. If I was to see Edward and Bella again I couldn't leave my job just yet. I would wait however long it took to see them two again.

Strangely enough I was excited to see these particular Cullens again. I wanted to meet my new clients once more.

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