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WillxSeb yaoi, because god knows, they both need it.


The butler sighed. This had gone far enough. Contract or not, this was just too much. For the past two years he had been dealing with a bratty, demanding thirteen year old, catering to his every whim without question or complaint. He practically ran the mansion by himself-the mansion he had to rebuild parts of practically every day-because the worthless idiots he had hired couldn't do their own damn jobs! And now this. On top of the already frustrating life he had as the Phantomhive butler, he now had to deal with a nightly break-in and the everlasting verbal molestation that was Grell Sutcliffe.

"But Sebaschannnnn! You proooommmisssed!", whined the red haired pain the the neck for the 7000th time that night.

"I did no such thing."

"But Sebby!"

"No. This conversation is over." Until he comes back tomorrow, thought the demon. The obnoxious shinigami had been stopping by every night for the past several weeks, demanding

a kiss with tongue. Sebastian had not the slightest clue as to when he allegedly 'promised' that such an action would take place. At times he thought it would be simpler just to do it so the supposed 'god' would go away, but he knew that wouldn't work. Sebastian knew that if he kissed the other man, even without tongue, he would continue to return, only this time spouting words of love and passion. And the last thing he needed was for Grell to begin asking for sex every night.

How can it be the last thing you need if it's the first thing on your mind?

Disgusted with himself, the butler pushed the thought out of his mind. True, he was a demon, and at times his needs began to get the better of him, but he was never going to give in to them with this shinigami. Or any shinigami for that matter. Not unless he got desperate.

You are desperate, whispered his inner demon, but again, he pushed the thought from his mind.

"Sebaschannn!" The flamboyant redhead was now clinging to his leg. "Just one kiss...with lots of tongue".

"Absolutely not." he responded coldly. "I suggest you leave on your own before I am forced to take more drastic measures."

"Ohhh Sebby! Are you threatening to assault me?" Grell giggled, "If you must, please be -oww!"

Grell whined and rubbed at the shoe print on his face where his beloved had kicked him.

"Sebby." he moaned, "I didn't know you were such a sadist. I could get into that. Ahh!" A fork zipped through the air and lodged itself into the wall, mere millimeters from Grell's head.

"Unless you would like the next one to land in your skull, I believe it would be in your best interest to leave the property." Sebastian said with his trademark smile.

Unfortunately, Grell didn't take the hint.

"Ohh Sebby! Anger so passionate could only mean equally passionate love! I just knew..."

The demon did not hear any more of the crimson haired man's babbling. His head became clouded with rage and hatred, shown only in his glowing red eyes. He reached into his coat, pulled out a knife, and aimed it directly for Grell's face. The perfectly shined silverware was sailing through the air, quickly making its way toward the blabbering male on the other side of the room, when it was promptly halted between two blades.

The knife fell to the floor and the blades closed with a distinct click before moving to the wielder's face to push square wire glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"Will!" shrieked Grell, jumping up and running over to greet his coworker.

"Grell Sutcliffe." he said without turning his gaze from the attacker, "How many times have I told you not to associate with vermin such as this?"

"Oh Will! You saved me!" Grell latched on to his boss's arm and rested his head on his shoulder. " I knew you cared!"

"Grell Sutcliffe, you will return to our realm and wait for me in my office. I need to have a word with you."

"Ohh Will!"

William rolled his eyes slightly.

"Go, Sutcliffe."

"Yes sir!" he yelled over-energetically. He leaped out the window and disappeared back to his own realm, leaving alone the two men he had been harassing.

Said men were standing several feet apart, facing each other as if preparing for a face off. The tension in the room was stifling. Beams of pure hatred connected gold eyes with red in a glaring competition. For an untold amount of time, they stood there, neither wanting to speak to the other.

The silence was broken by the shinigami.

"Truly, demon." he said "Your behavior is becoming atrocious. As much as I dislike Grell Sutcliffe, and I am sure you do too, you have never made an attempt on his life before. Clearly, demon, you are becoming rather frustrated in the human environment. Perhaps your little owner should keep you under closer surveillance for the time being, until you..."

"William, this is hardly your place."

"Now why would you say such a thing?"

"William..." the demon whispered, moving closer, "You seem to be more and more uptight every time I see you." He was behind the shinigami by now, and whispered in his ear "Why is that?"

Sebastian watched as William tensed up in...disgust? Shock? Perhaps realization? He wasn't sure exactly. Nor did he particularly care. As much as he loathed this tightwad, he was in fact frustrated. He knew he was going to hate himself for it, and he knew it was completely inappropriate for him as a butler- hell, it was completely inappropriate for him as a demon- but he knew that he could not continue on like this. He needed sex. And god knows, William did too (though being the uptight bastard he was, he would never admit it). It was, for all intents and purposes, a win-win situation.

"William..." he whispered again, letting the hot air hit the other man's neck "Don't you know it is rude to ignore a question?" He placed a small kiss on William's neck and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Tch...I know what you're doing. You are truly a vile, disgusting creature, aren't you?"

Sebastian breathed a laugh. "I am. But does it matter to you right now?"

The brunette snorted. "You are much to full of yourself, thinking your seductive powers could work on me." He pushed the demon away and wiped his neck with a handkerchief from his pocket. "Repulsive".

"Well, if you found me so repulsive, you were free to leave any time."

"Demon..." he groaned, covering his face with his hand and closing his eyes. This was absurd. The entire situation was impossible. It was immoral. It was unthinkable. It was exactly what he needed.

And the demon knew it.

With one forceful push, the death god pushed the seducer into the wall. He ignored the smug smile that had appeared on the other man's face and said through gritted teeth,

"Demon, what we are about to do is entirely confidential. You will not speak of it, you will not write of it, you will not transmit it through thought and if possible you will not think about it ever again. You will guard this information by any means necessary. I hereby swear to abide by the same aforementioned rules. I do not, and I repeat do not want this information leaked to anyone, keep it from your owner as well, as much as possible. Do you understand, demon? If you do not agree to these rules, I will find other means of satisfaction, and so will you. This is a one time occurrence due to extreme circumstance, and will never be repeated. Do I have your full agreement?"

The demon scoffed. "Do you believe that I want it to get out that I slept with you? Of course not. We demons are admittedly sinful creatures, however we do look down upon relations with the likes of you".

William sighed and repeated "Do I have your full agreement?"

Sebastian chuckled quietly. "Yes".

No sooner than the word was spoken, the reaper slammed their lips together and began a frenzied kiss with the demon. The taste of the creature was just as horrid as he had predicted it would be— just like the sins he embodied- but the feeling of incredible heat, the long put off contact with another individual was too much for him to resist. William entwined his hands into the raven black hair of the other and pulled forcefully. Sebastian let out a small grunt of pain and annoyance, but did not break off the kiss. In fact, he began to run his tongue over William's lips and tried to force his way inside. He was not enjoying the taste of his partner either, but he was a lustful being, and this type of kissing would not suffice. William resisted the demonic tongue that was trying to invade the sanctity of his mouth, but hands on the back of his head pressed their mouths closer, and he was forced to give in.

He's in my mouth. William thought. The demon's tongue is in my mouth. Ugh, disgusting.

Though, as disgusting as it was, William had to admit...Sebastian was a good kisser. He knew exactly how to move his tongue, exactly how to manipulate his mouth in order to hypnotize the senses and arouse his partner further. Sebastian knew this, and it pleased him to no end to feel the high-strung god fist the fabric of his uniform and hear the soft groans he tried so desperately to hide.

Wanting to torture the shinigami more, Sebastian returned his hands to William's waist and pushed their groins together. From moving his hips slightly, he evoked a gasp from the other male, which caused their mouths to part, still linked by a string of their mixed saliva. William grabbed the butler's hips and pulled him closer to cause more heated friction. His teeth clenched as he stared at the man before him. God, he hated this creature. Sebastian chuckled again under his breath.

"Eager now, aren't we?"

William did not like this one bit. The demon was not going to have power over him here. Without warning, he reached down and squeezed the demon's clothed erection, causing him to gasp in surprised pleasure. True, it was not doing anything to disprove his eagerness, but he wanted to see the ever composed, ever smug creature come undone a little bit. He fondled the bulge and listened to the demon's breath quicken, if ever so slightly.

"Feel good, demon?"

There was no response aside from the sound of heavy breathing and the glow of lustful red

eyes. It was beneath Sebastian's pride to admit that such a minor fondling had caused him pleasure. More pleasure than it should.

"Tch." William responded, removing his hand.

"Can we get to the actual sex now?" Sebastian asked, feigning boredom.

"Very well" responded William.

They stood in silence for a moment, waiting for the other to move.

"Well, get onto my bed" instructed Sebastian.

"You first, demon. I'm certainly not going first."

"But if you go first, it will be more convenient for me to get on top of you".

"You get on top of me? I believe you are mistaken, vermin. I would never stoop so low."

"You have already stooped low enough, what will a little lower hurt?"

"Clearly you do not understand the concept of self-respect. It is something that we shinigami possess, and because of it we do not stoop so low as to bottom a demon".

"Self-respect? I believe you threw that away earlier tonight when you agreed to sleep with me."

"Either I am on top, or you can take care of yourself."

Sebastian scowled at this declaration. With other demons position was not an issue. There was no power associated with the top, no weakness with the bottom. There was only sex and lust and pleasure. Nothing but sweaty, chaotic, violent sex any way you looked at it. This was not about being a bottom. This was about being a bottom to William.

"How about..." Sebastian said, cupping William's chin, "No".

"No? No to what? You can't just say no and not specify to what you are saying no".

"I believe I just did."

Before the reaper could protest, he was pushed onto the bed and straddled.

"Do you intend to rape me? I wouldn't put it beneath you, you know."

"I don't believe that is possible. You want this."

"No" William said. He extended his scythe and opened the clipper so that it pushed on the other man's throat, and Sebastian was forced off of him. He pinned him to the bed and took the position that the other had just been forced out of. "I want this".

He tightened the scythe a little bit to show he was serious. Not enough to kill the demon, but enough to make it hurt.

"Mmmh" the demon moaned. He was bleeding where the scythe had touched his skin.

"?" William was momentarily confused, but then he snorted. "I should have known. You are a complete masochist, aren't you?"

He smirked. "Yes."

"Well, as much as I enjoy your pain, I can't use this scythe anymore. I will have to sanitize it of your blood already." He removed the scythe from Sebastian's neck and proceeded to place it on the floor. "However..."

He was cut off, pinned down to the bed once again. And once again, he attacked with the scythe.

"As I was saying. I will be keeping it nearby in case you try anything again." The demon was once again pinned down. "Demon...if you continue to fight me, I will leave you to your own devices." William leaned in close and whispered in his ear "And I know how much you need this".

He dropped his scythe and took his place back on top. The creature beneath him was clearly not happy about this arrangement, but William was right. He did need this.

"Now, shall we get started so we can get this over with?"

They resumed their frantic kissing, and began to undress. Layers of hot, sweaty clothing disappeared from their bodies and were carelessly discarded onto the floor. With each garment that was tossed aside, they became more passionate, more desperate, and more urgently aroused. Skin was kissed, tasted and bitten as it was revealed, only arousing them both further.

When all clothing was removed, William noticed something that made him stare in horror and disgust. Apparently when discarding his clothing, Sebastian had also discarded his human appearance. His eyes glowed an eerie pink, pupils now catlike slits. His perfectly white teeth had become small but sharp fangs, yet his usual smile still remained. The normally milky-white skin had taken on a slightly darker hue. Looking down at his hands, he noticed that the normally well-groomed black nails were now long, pointed claws. His hair had grown as well, though not by much, and was horribly unkempt. No sign of the Phantomhive butler remained. In his place was this murderous sinful beast, who was now staring lustfully into his eyes.

"You...you...". He stuttered, backing away from the monster.


"Yes! Ugh, do you have to look like that?"

"I apologize if genetics weren't in my favor, but yes, I do in fact have to look like this."

"I mean why do you have to look like a demon?"

"I am a demon."

"I know that." he growled, becoming irritated. "But couldn't you have used your human form?"

"I could have, but I find that this form is better for this sort of situation".

"If you haven't had sex in the other form, how do you know?"

"Actually I have. It was awful."

"I don't think I can do you like this."

"I can do you like this".

"Now why do you think it would be more appealing to me now that you look like a demon?"

"I was only offering".

"I am not doing this".

"Just close your eyes."

"Tch. I don't trust you"

"Then take your glasses off".

"That won't..." The shinigami removed his glasses, and his vision blurred. Not enough that he could completely ignore the hellish features of the creature below him, but it helped enough that he could at least stand to look at him.


"Good enough."

"Good." The demon spread his legs. "Finally we can begin".


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