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For the 4th time that night, awkward silence filled the room. Each waited for the other to start doing something, but as usual, both were too stubborn.

"Well, demon?"

"I thought you were on top. Isn't it only proper that you initiate?'

"Tch." He was right, of course. William had insisted on taking the dominant position, but now that they were finally getting to it, he was beginning to hesitate. The last thing he wanted was to touch the demon there.

"It's not going to hurt you." Sebastian teased, thrusting his hips forward a bit.

William sighed. He would need to sanitize his entire body multiple times when they were finished. Throwing away his pride and dignity as a shinigami, he took the demon's shaft into his hand and pumped it roughly.

Immediately, sparks raced through Sebastian's body. His mouth dropped open, back arched, eyes closed. He honestly could not remember the last time he had been touched like this. It was before the contract, that much he knew. Oh, it seemed like ages ago he had made that contract. The contract that had reduced him to a servant, the contract that denied him everything that made him a demon. And now because of it, he was being fucked by a shinigami. He really couldn't be reduced further now, could he?

No, he couldn't. But at the moment it didn't matter. This felt good.

"William...ngh" he moaned through his panting.

There was a sudden sharp, stinging pain as William's hand struck his face.

"Do not speak my name in such a manner, you sick creature."

Sebastian moaned in response, dragging his dagger-like nails across the freshly bruised area. Five lines of dark vermillion appeared across his cheek. He was enjoying this as much as he had enjoyed William's rough touches.

While he continued to deepen the cuts across his cheek, Sebastian's other hand moved to ravage his thigh. Nails dug in deep and rivulets of blood streamed down his leg. Low growls echoed in his throat as the pain took him over.

William smiled inwardly. So the demon is a masochist after all, he thought, This could be more enjoyable than expected.

With a new found vigor the shinigami bit down on the demon's shoulder, drawing blood. The victim let out an inhuman shriek before prying away his assailant's head, and shoving his tongue into his mouth. The metallic taste of his own blood made the kiss that much more erotic for Sebastian. He pulled William's head closer in an effort to get more of it. It was driving him wild. Unconsciously, Sebastian pierced the back of William's head with his claws. The death god retaliated by biting the devil's tongue. This evoked a snarl from said devil, who in turn wrapped his leg around the shinigami's waist, and began to roll his hips. William moaned in pleasure against Sebastian's mouth, which was now curled into a smile. Now they were getting somewhere.

The friction was becoming more intense with every thrust of the demon's hips. His hands moved from the reaper's head and snapped down to the mattress. Black daggers demolished the bedding, feathers flying in all directions. Heat collected in his stomach and his cock throbbed against William's. All the pain and the pleasure were getting him close already. He couldn't have that.

It took everything in him to push William away. The shinigami made a sound of annoyance, and opened his mouth to say something cutting when Sebastian took three of William's fingers into his mouth.

"Ugh!" he exclaimed "What ever are you doing?"

"Well, I'm not letting you take me dry."

"Do it yourself!" he snapped, wiping his fingers on the bedsheets. "Honestly."

Sebastian sighed. William always had to ruin the mood, didn't he? Nevertheless, he put three of his own fingers into his mouth and began sucking. If William could see him, it would have mesmerized him the way that the demon saturated his fingers with the makeshift lubricant. The way that tongue danced across each digit, lathering it with saliva, was enough to bring even the strongest of beings to their knees. It was an absolutely gorgeous sight that the shinigami was dreadfully unfortunate to miss.

When Sebastian had deemed his fingers sufficiently lubricated, he rose to his knees and spread his legs apart. After a moment of mental preparation, he rammed all three fingers into his entrance, nails scratching at his inside.

The painful death yelp that followed caught William by surprise. Curious as to what had happened, he took his glasses from the side table and returned them their usual place on the bridge of his nose. He regretted this action immediately. He gawked at the demon whose fingers disappeared inside his body, blood running down his arm, face contorted in agony; it was possibly the most appalling sight he had ever witnessed in all his years of dealing with his kind.

"It always surprises me how utterly vile a creature you are, demon. Absolutely despicable. I can not believe..."

The remainder of the speech fell on deaf ears. The feeling of being torn apart was overwhelmingly delicious to the masochist. Blood pulsed in his eardrums as he savored the feeling of impalement. The demon was reminded of his time in the torture chambers of the Inquisition, but the thought didn't get too far before it was overruled by the erotic pain that was pulsating through his body. Sebastian removed his fingers about halfway and pushed them back in again.

"And another thing you..."


William was cut off by the shriek.

"Ohh..." moaned the demon. His fingers were now abusing a certain spot inside of him. As he continued prepare himself, the shinigami returned to his rant which,once again, was in vain. Sebastian was in complete ecstasy, oblivious to William's lecture. He stretched himself and tore his inside until it was too much to bear. William needed to be inside him. Now.

"And furthermore..."

"Shut up, I'm ready." he growled in a hellishly low voice.

"Well it's about time. I didn't need a full scale production you know. That's another thing..."

Bloody hands grabbed his face.

"Shut...up..." The hands moved down to grip his shoulders, and ecstasy coursed through his veins as the demon impaled himself yet again, but this time not on his fingers.

Immediate relief from the stresses of life washed over the overworked reaper as he was enveloped in his usual rival's heat. His eyes squeezed shut, eyebrows knitted and mouth opened. If William had ever felt this much pleasure in his life, the memory had been lost in a sea of never ending paperwork and office meetings. This was incredible. He remained in place for a moment, getting over the initial shock of the foreign feeling before pushing the devil onto his back into the mattress.

Opening his eyes, William learned that he was not the only one being overtaken by the feeling. Glowing pink eyes were closed tightly. Claw-like hands were thrown above their owner's head scratching against the wall, and leaving small marks of blood against the flawless white paint. William laughed inwardly as he watched the normally composed and proper butler squirm beneath him.

It was strange, and perhaps it was the fact that his cock was currently inside the man, but William found that at the moment, Sebastian seemed much less repulsive than usual. He might even keep his glasses on for this.

"Demon..." he whispered into Sebastian's ear. "I'm going to begin now."

A quiet moan and a nod were his response. William pulled out slowly and thrust back in with all the force he could muster.

And from there, it was completely unbelievable.

The demon raked his nails across the reaper's back, leaving deep marks in their wake. It was going to be terribly painful in the morning but at the moment, while experiencing the greatest pleasure he ever had, the shinigami did not particularly care.

And neither did the demon, because oh fuck it was good. It was mind-boggling. William T. Spears was actually pretty good in bed. He had the perfect angle and everything. Beginner's luck perhaps?

Sebastian spread his legs wider and dug his heels into William's lower back, pushing him in deeper. This action caused the reaper to gasp and moan louder. He began to claw at the demon's sides, making long scratches from his chest down to his hips. Sebastian snarled and continued to tear apart the other man's back. It was beginning to get unbearably painful.

Unable to ignore it anymore, William pried the weapons from his back and pinned them down at the attacker's sides.

"Stop that." he commanded. "It's irritating."

Sebastian didn't mind in particular. He had other things he could do with his unnaturally long nails. Like stab them into his thighs. Which is of course what he did.

He growled at the new found self-damage, and allowed his blood to flow freely over himself. Enjoying the feeling, he punctured himself in several other places on his body as well, leaving them bleeding profusely. If he had been thinking at the moment, he might have scoffed at how a human would have been dead if they had been injured as much as he had. Sebastian did love to mock their weakness at times. But at the moment, there was no thought of anything. He was getting close again and there was no place left in his brain for thinking.

William was in quite a similar situation. Every thrust sent shocks up his spine so intense that he even forgot his hatred for the creature beneath him. Hell, he doubted that he could remember his own name at the moment.

"Demon..." he whispered, nipping at his collarbone.

William was pulled into a ferocious kiss. His mouth bled from Sebastian's teeth, but not enough that it actually bothered him. He knew it was unintentional, as Sebastian was impossibly close- he was going to cum within seconds. William reached between them and pumped the devil, who broke the kiss to let out a moan.

Sebastian was on the edge. The edge of the edge. He just needed the slightest push and at last he would reach the climax he so desperately needed. That push came as teeth clamped down onto his shoulder in a powerful bite.

Then he was lost. This was quite possibly the most intense orgasm of the demon's supernaturally long life. His mind was gone, now engrossed in blinding pleasure. He couldn't tell up from down, left from right; the concepts had left him completely.

The shinigami watched as the creature writhed and mutilated the mattress with his claws. Loud cries of ecstasy echoed through the room as Sebastian came onto William's chest and stomach. William became more desperate to release now that the demon had achieved it. He thrust as hard and fast as physically possible for a shinigami, feeling the hole get tighter from the other man's orgasm.

In his last moment of sanity, the shinigami heard the demon groan.


Right, that was my name, he thought.

But he promptly forgot again as bliss washed over him. He moaned out as he released himself into his one-time lover, and fisted his hands into the torn fabric and feathers of the bed. This moment was exactly what he had needed, but denied himself for so long. In this moment, he forgot about everything. There was no such thing as work, or overtime. No obnoxious coworkers to make his life a living hell. At this moment there was only euphoria. Euphoria and...




He hadn't even realized. Having finished anyway, he pulled out of Sebastian and flopped down beside him.

He turned toward the panting creature and said breathlessly.

"My...apologies...demon." He adjusted his glasses and turned away.

And in that moment, all passion ceased. Once again, the room was engulfed in awkward silence, except for the heavy breathing coming from both sides of the bed.

Both were covered in blood, sweat, cum and feathers. The bed was destroyed and Sebastian knew that he would need to clean it all up before his young master noticed (not that he ever bothers to visit the servants quarters, but on the off chance that he ever did, the butler would get into untold trouble if he were to find it in this state). William was silently calculating how many showers he would need to take to cleanse himself of the demon cum that violated the skin of his chest. He figured 73 or 74 would suffice. As for the blood, that would take a few more...

He was distracted from his math but a rustling from his left. Sebastian had rolled over and was now facing him.

"What are you doing?"

"I am going to sleep."

"Sleep the other way."

"I have less injuries on this side."

"Well, you are distracting me from my counting."


"I am trying to figure out how long it will take for me to sanitize myself of you."

"I see." The devil rolled onto his back.

"Not like that either, I can still see your face."

"I can see your face too."

"But my face is not positively repulsive."

"If I'm 'positively repulsive' to you, why don't you leave? I'm sure you can do your counting elsewhere."

"I may just do that."

They lay in silence once again, neither moving.

"Weren't you leaving?" Sebastian asked after a few minutes.

"I was, but then I remembered that Grell Sutcliffe is in my office, and I am not in the mood to meet with him."

"And you assume it's fine to stay here?"


"Ugh, stay here if you must, just be out by morning. Now if you don't mind I would like to sleep for a few hours, as I have to repair an entire wing of the mansion tomorrow." He smiled and rolled over, leaving the shinigami to his thoughts.

Which for once where far away from his office. Instead, they were focused on the demon.

This demon...he thought, how did he get me to do this?

He pondered the question for a while, and soon realized that, no one got him to do this,

He had needed it.

And he had gotten exactly what he needed.

So stop acting like such a damn William.

He did feel more relaxed now. It was a strange feeling for him, but he wasn't concerned about work, even though it was on his mind again now. Perhaps...

Perhaps the demon was right.

He was taken aback by his own thought, but he was correct in thinking it. Sebastian had done some good for him, as much as he hated to admit it.

But as much as Sebastian had helped him, William felt no reason to stay in his presence much longer. He sat upright on the bed, and looked for his scythe on the floor.

It's on the demon's side. What a pain.

William stood up and lightly walked over to his beloved weapon, bent over and picked it up.

Hmph. No damage, so I suppose I should be going now.

Normally, would have just turned his back and been on his way, but something about the sleeping man stopped him. William knelt down at the bedside, observing the serene facial features of sleep.

On a whim, he put a hand to the demon's face, and lightly stroked the injured cheek. It was already scarring, and would be completely healed by morning; his own healing ability was not so impressive. The welts on his back would remain for quite some time, and would likely never heal fully.

And his dignity likely wouldn't either.

But at the moment he didn't care.

He was relaxed.

"I suppose even you are useful for some things." he whispered, tucking a strand of silky black hair behind Sebastian's ear. "Thank you, demon."

He paused for a moment, stood up and walked away. But before making his final exit, the god of death glanced back one last time.

"Sebastian..." It was the first time he had ever spoken the butler's name out loud. "I absolutely hate you." he said, with a slight smile. And with that, William decided it was officially time to leave, so he walked over to the window, popped it open, and silently exited.

Lying on the bed, eyes closed, the demon smirked. When will he learn I don't sleep?

He chuckled to himself, having heard the shinigami's goodbye.

"Oh William.", he smiled as he rolled over, "I can't stand you either."


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