Zoey looked down, her head hurt. Her eyes burned. He was dead. Oh God how was he dead? She didn't understand why he would just jump off the bridge to save them all. Then again she did know why at the same time. He loved them like family and he wouldn't let his family die. Zoey slide down on to the ground of the bridge she was standing on, "Why… Bill…" she wiped her eyes cursing at herself lightly. They needed to be strong. She needed to be strong. They had to survive so Bill's sacrifice would not be in vain.

Zoey felt someone's hand on her shoulder; she looked up and met his eyes. His tattooed arm caught her sight first. She slowly turned around to see the man. He looked like the poster boy for motorcycle gangs. His white shirt was dirty with some blood from slain infected. She saw his face, "Francis..." she said almost begging for him to show that he felt hurt by Bill's sudden death. When she saw how his eyes showed pain yet his face showed little to nothing she knew. She knew he cared about them no matter how much he said, "I hate…" Something in her broke. She grabbed onto Francis's pant leg and released her pent up emotions.

Francis looked at Louis trying to ask silently for help. He wasn't properly training in the art of a woman's feelings. He watched Louis limp towards him and kneel next to Zoey. He felt Zoey's release of his pant leg which he used to quickly retreat. Women were not his forte. Now guns that was a different matter entirely!

Zoey tried as hard as she could to calm down, but secretly she just wanted to cry the pain away. Bill saved her, saved them all, from the infected and mainly those three tanks. She didn't understand why he had to die. Whenever they died before they would just get stuck in closets which had only happened while they worked their way from Pennsylvania to Mississippi but this wasn't like normal when they came back in closets. This was the real deal. Bill wasn't going to come back.

Zoey's lip trembled, starting a whole new wave of tears. Louis tried to calm her down knowing Zoey had looked up to Bill as a father figure. When they first found Zoey, she was a mess. She only talked to Bill for the longest time; though after a few days she came out of her shell to the rest of them. It hurt him to think she might recess again. He tried his best to keep her with them. Louis heard gun shots he quickly stood up causing his leg to topple from under him. He saw survivors! He groaned in pain as Zoey made sure he was alright.

"Louis… is that what I think it is?" Zoey stopped her being upset and quickly helped Louis into a standing position looking down at the street. But they heard more people, more survivors. Zoey ran to the railing and looked as hard as she could. Zoey could barely make out the people that were walking her way, but she could still see them; three men and one woman. Zoey raised an eyebrow at that. 'How uncanny.' She thought to herself and how they were in that situation.

Francis saw exactly what Zoey had seen. He walked up to the bridge's railing and looked over. One of the men was yelling at Zoey his deep southern accent swam though the words, "Well hello! Heh..hello... He-howdy, uhh, beautiful weather, huh?... We're having a, uhh... Hubba. Oh God, I'm too nervous to talk to her man, one of you better do this." The boy's blue and white cap moved to the left meaning he was asking one of the others to talk. Francis laughed lightly. The kid waslove struck with Zoey. A large black man laughed and said loudly, "The kid wants to know if you can lower the bridge!" The cap-boy face-palmed before presumably cursing out the large man.

Francis turned his head to Zoey and saw her respond, "We can't lower the bridge unless you turn on the generator… which is on the other side of the bridge." Zoey said almost shyly. He guessed she heard what the cap-boy had said. He saw the group turn to go the long way to the other side of the bridge. He sighed loudly hoping they wouldn't befall the same fate as Bill.

The man in the white suit frowned, "Well, then you all are just useless! Come on." The rude man marched into the direction he pointed in. The cap-boy looked up Zoey. "Hell-ooo there! I'm Ellis. You might be?" the guy said in a deep southern accent.

Zoey laughed lightly, "My name is Zoey. That's Francis. And the 'useless' guy is Louis." Zoey saw Louis make a face next to her then laughed it off. Zoey leaned over the railing and smiled at Ellis, "Just get to the generator. Fill it up and we'll lower the bridge for ya." Zoey said, a hint of sadness pulled at her voice. Ellis nodded, "You're going to come with us, right?" he said excited. This girl, Zoey, she looked so beautiful. Like an angel.

Zoey looked at Ellis and a faint smile tugged at her lips, "You betcha." Zoey watched Ellis beam, then start to run after the other. Zoey sucked in a deep breath then looked at Francis, "More people. Better survival rates right?" Zoey smiled, giving Francis puppy eyes.

Francis tried so hard not to give in; they needed to stay here after what the military had done and after what had just happened to Bill. But those… blue eyes… Francis shook his head. "We'll go with them." Francis grunted out. Not happy that he was so easily moved by Zoey. Zoey cheered loudly before a tug at her leg cause her to look down at the injured Louis, "What about me?" he said knowing they must have forgotten about him.