Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Summary: "I've already seen you have no love in your heart." Can Isabella Calaway, a girl with nowhere to belong, find home with a man who thought he would never love? Modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Edge/OC.

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Cast of Characters

Belle: OC
Beast: Edge
Gaston: John Morrison
Lumiere: Drew McIntyre
Cogsworth: Randy Orton
Mrs. Potts: Christian
Le Fou: The Miz
Feather Duster: Tiffany
Maurice: The Undertaker

Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with the WWE. Nor do I own Beauty and the Beast. A few twists later, I do own this nifty little story, lol.

Author's Note: I've always loved Beauty and the Beast. It's been my favorite Disney movie since I was a little girl, and I haven't lost my love for it. WWE is my main focus. Combining the two together was a random burst of inspiration that after experimenting with it a bit, worked out pretty well. Thank you to x0allisonqt0x and ThePinkyPop for encouraging me to get this story posted. The chapter titles will be named after songs from the Broadway musical. So, thanks to those clicking on this, and I hope you enjoy it! Your reviews are much appreciated, just no flames please. Enjoy!


Adam Copeland smiled to himself as he drove down the dark street, feeling excited as he did before every show. Beside him, his best friend, Jay Reso, turned up the radio a bit when "The Final Countdown," a shared road trip favorite, came on their mixed CD. Adam drummed the steering wheel while he came to a stop at a set of red lights, nodding his head along with Jay as they laughed a little.

"I had to sit back here with these two again why?" Randy Orton, another person who usually traveled with them between shows, spoke up from the back with annoyance.

Drew Galloway, sitting in between Randy and his girlfriend, Taryn Terrel, rolled his eyes. "Please, do enlighten me, Randy, as to what we were doing," he said sarcastically, giving him an equally annoyed look.

Randy looked back at him. "I don't want to be a part of your little love fest, if you don't mind," he told them. "Get a room."

Taryn leaned around Drew to look at Randy better. "He just kissed me once," she muttered. "If you care so much..."

"Oh, I don't," Randy replied, a grin on his face. "Just save it for when I steal Jay's seat after the show."

Jay laughed, about to turn around and threaten to have Adam pull the car over, but stopped when he suddenly gasped with surprise. In the glow of the headlights, he saw that an old woman was standing in the middle of the dark street in front of them, holding what appeared to be a rose in her wrinkled hand, and they were heading straight for her. "Adam, look out!"

Adam frantically swerved to the left, sighing with relief when he missed the woman, but he still came to a stop since they were the only ones on the road so his heart rate could slow to normal.

"Where the hell did she come from?" Randy demanded, trying to calm himself down.

"I don't know, but she's crazy for being in the middle of the road like that at night," Drew muttered, wrapping his arm around a clearly shaken Taryn. "She's lucky she wasn't hit..."

Jay took a deep breath as he looked out his window to try to find her to make sure she was all right. "Hey, where did she go?" he wondered.

Adam looked up, leaning over toward his best friend to try to see too. "I don't know..."

Suddenly, they heard tapping on his window, and Taryn screamed as Adam quickly turned back around, seeing that the old woman was standing just on the other side of his door. Calming his breathing, Adam cautiously began to lower his window.

"Don't do that!" Taryn hissed quietly to him.

But Adam ignored her as he lowered the window a bit more to talk to the old woman he had almost hit. "Yes?" As he looked up into her face, there was something about her deep blue eyes as they stared into his that made him feel like she could see right through him.

"I need to get into the city," the woman told him, her voice cracking with years of use. "But these old bones won't get me there. Could you help an old woman out? I will give you this rose for your trouble."

Adam noticeably hesitated, his eyes quickly passing over the flower she offered him. "I'm afraid not, ma'am," he replied. "My car is full, and we're running a bit late already. There's nothing I can do."

"Oh, but, young man-!"

The rest of her sentence was cut off when Adam rolled up his window, but she didn't back away from the car. "I'm sorry," he said, unsure if she could hear him or not. He pressed lightly down on the gas so the car slowly inched forward, watching as the woman moved away before continuing to drive down the dark street. His hands were clenched tightly around the steering wheel, eyes continuously moving to the rear-view mirror as he watched them get further and further from the old woman.

"Was it just me, or was there something weird about her?" Taryn asked, breaking the tense silence. She felt Drew's arm tighten around her a bit, and she laid her head on his shoulder.

"No, you're right," Randy muttered, rolling his eyes when he found himself agreeing with her. "Something was definitely off about her."

Jay sighed as he looked over at Adam, noticing that his jaw was set and his knuckles were turning white from how tightly he was holding the wheel. "I still think there might have been something we could have done to help her," he muttered.

"I don't know, Jay," Adam replied just as quietly, inwardly relieved that he was just getting away from that strange woman. He had a bad feeling about her. "I just don't know."

As soon as Adam arrived at the arena and prepared for his match, the incident was completely driven from his mind. He stood in the ring, surrounded by cheering fans as his opponent for that night, Mark Calaway, known as The Undertaker, made his way down the ramp, and all thoughts of the strange old woman were forgotten.

He watched as the other man climbed into the ring, and an excited smile formed on his face as he raised his hat, revealing the whites of his eyes. Adam looked at Mark intently as they both began to circle, meeting up in the center of the ring once the bell was rung.

Adam stumbled when he was pushed forcefully back by Mark, but he was able to stay on his feet. He moved out of the way when the older man came at him, sending him into the ring post. But Mark got to his feet quickly and knocked him down to with a heavy clothesline.

The two men continued to exchange hits, neither one gaining an easy advantage. The cheering of the crowd around them showed they were getting into the match, the sound driving both men. Once Adam had Mark where he wanted him, he went for the spear, looking to end the match early. Mark wasn't through, however, and when Adam was close enough, he reached out and grabbed his neck to stop him.

But as Adam looked at the other man with wide eyes, he gasped when an image of the old woman from before flashed through his mind, the rose she had offered him held delicately in her wrinkled, claw-like fingers. The scarlet petals appeared to have a soft glow to them, and her dark eyes mirrored that light as it felt like she was staring right at him...

Mark hesitated for a moment when he saw the change in Adam's eyes, which appeared to grow darker, as he lifted him above his head. But that slight pause was enough time for the younger man to escape from his hold and drop back down to the ring, and Adam grabbed onto his leg, causing him to fall. With a small growl in his throat, he forcefully twisted Mark's knee with unnatural strength until a loud snap could be heard.

The bell to end the match was immediately rung while Mark cried out in agony, holding his knee. Adam watched him for a moment with a cruel smile on his face, his eyes shining darkly. But then, he gasped when he felt a sharp pain in his head, and Adam closed his eyes as he stumbled back away from the other man. He fell against the ropes and scooted back into the ring post, clutching his head tightly.

When the pain died down to a more manageable level, Adam slowly raised his head, looking at Mark writhing in pain with horror. He didn't understand what had happened. He had been going along with the match, but when the image of the old woman with the rose appeared in his mind, a different, feral kind of instinct had taken over, one that he hadn't been able to control...

"I'm sorry," Adam mouthed to Mark when he looked angrily in his direction before his view was blocked by the referee and a team of medics that had arrived in the ring. When he was sure that the other man would be taken care of, he rolled out of the ring, ignoring everyone around him as he ran up the ramp without looking back.

Once backstage, Adam immediately made his way to the locker rooms, wanting to leave the arena as soon as possible. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn't want to hurt anyone else. He quickly changed out of his ring attire and packed his bag, putting it over his shoulder before making his way toward the door.

But he paused when he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror above the sink, and Adam slowly wandered over to it, studying his face closely in the dim lighting. Everything appeared to be normal...

Suddenly, Adam gasped when he saw a shadow of the old woman's reflection looking back at him, his wide, fearful eyes almost black like hers as a cruel smile twisted his lips...

Crying out with frustration, Adam felt his fist collide with the mirror, the glass shattering on impact. Ignoring the blood coming from his knuckles, he put his hands to his head and leaned on the sink when the sharp pain returned, closing his eyes tightly as he fought the urge to be sick.

What was happening to him?

Then, a hand landed on Adam's shoulder from behind, and he grabbed the person's wrist, prepared to fight back if he had to as he quickly turned to face whoever had approached him.

"Hey, Adam, relax. It's just me."

Adam took a deep, calming breath, releasing his best friend's hand. He watched as he pulled it close and rubbed it a bit, realizing that he had almost hurt him too by grabbing his wrist too hard. What concerned him was his lack of control. "I'm sorry, Jay..."

"What happened out there, Man?" Jay asked, his gaze darkening with confusion as he shook his wrist. "Mark's really hurt... Are you okay?"

Adam sighed, running his hand through his hair. "I... I don't know..." he answered quietly, his voice shaking slightly. "I don't know what's happening to me..."

Jay looked at his best friend sadly, noticing his crimson-stained hand and the broken mirror behind him. "Here. Let's get that taken care of," he muttered. He led Adam over to one of the benches and sat him down before going back to dampen some paper towel.

While waiting for him to come back, Adam only stared at the lockers in front of him, wincing whenever the sharp pain surfaced for a split second. He was scared about what was going on since he had no idea what it was...

"This should help," Jay said as he sat down on the bench next to Adam, taking his hand and beginning to wrap it with the wet paper towel.

Adam watched him with disinterest, though the cool water did feel wonderful on the cuts from the glass. "Thank you," he muttered.

Jay merely nodded in response, not looking up at him until he was finished with the paper towel. He sighed as he met his gaze. "Now, what happened?"

"I... I'm not sure myself," Adam told him with defeat, looking down at his hands. "I don't know if I can explain it... But I was fine up until Mark grabbed me for the choke slam."

"What happened then?"

Adam slowly shook his head, not sure if he believed it himself. "I saw her... the old woman," he explained hesitantly. "She was holding the rose, her eyes were dark... And then, something just came over me, this... beast-like instinct I had no control over. That's when I attacked Mark, and I have this strength I know I don't have. Then there was this terrible pain in my head, and I came back to my sense... Jay, I think I'm losing my mind..."

Jay looked at his best friend incredulously, unsure of what he meant. "So, you're saying that old woman we saw on the way here had something to do with this?" he wondered.

"I don't know, Jay," Adam said in nearly a whisper, putting his head into his hands. "I don't know what's happening to me... But I can't do this anymore, Jay. I can't hurt anyone else..."

Sighing, Jay placed his hand on his tensed back, but before he could say anything to offer support, the door to the locker room opened and Randy entered. "Mark's in bad shape," he told them, stopping in front of the bench where they were and sat across from them. "The medics don't think he'll be able to return with his knee."

Adam slowly raised his head to look at Randy, his pale face containing no expression. "He's not the only one not coming back," he muttered, his mind made up as he reached down and grabbed his bag before getting to his feet. "This is my last night. I can't do the same to someone else. If you know what's best for you, both of you should stay away from me too."

Randy and Jay exchanged shocked looks while Adam left the locker room, and they stood and quickly followed after him. "Adam, what are you talking about?" Randy called, hurrying to catch up with their friend. "We're not going to just leave you-!"

"Look!" Adam snapped, stopping and turning to face them when they approached. "I don't know what's going on, but something is starting to take over me, something I can't control. I don't want to do to you what I did to Mark. You need to stay away from me so I can't hurt you too."

Jay sighed as he looked at the other man. "I don't know what's going on either, but I'm not going to let you go through it alone," he told him. "You're my best friend, Adam. We're going to help you."

Adam's angry gaze faltered as he looked at Jay. He didn't know what he would do if he hurt the man he considered to be his brother. "But, Jay-!"

"But nothing," Jay interrupted, a kind smile appearing on his face. "It's a risk we're willing to take."

Though it was against his better judgement, Adam couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face. He needed his friends' support. "Thank you, guys."

Then, all three of them looked up when they heard hurried footsteps, and they watched as Drew and Taryn approached them, both looking confused and a bit horrified. "Adam, what happened?" the Scotsman asked. "Everyone is furious about Mark..."

"We'll explain once we're at the hotel," Jay told him, knowing that Adam wanted to leave as soon as he could. "We don't really understand it ourselves, but now is not the time."

The couple offered no further comments as Adam led the way out of the arena, his four friends following close behind as they headed toward their car. But they all stopped with surprise when they saw that there was someone waiting for them by the driver's door.

"You!" Adam hissed, his eyes narrowing when he saw the old woman they had encountered on the way to the show.

"How did she get here?" Taryn whispered, clinging to Drew's arm tightly. But no one could answer her question.

The old woman said nothing as she slowly walked away from the car, her dark eyes resting solely on Adam as she made her way toward the group. Adam wanted to back up to get away from her, but he found he could only stare at her with horror as she got closer.

"You couldn't have taken a moment of your time to help a poor old woman out?" she said, stopping in front of Adam.

"I-I'm sorry, ma'am," Adam muttered, not able to tear his eyes away from hers. He would do anything if it meant she would leave him alone. "If you want me to call for a taxi or something, I'd-!"

"Too late." Adam felt dread flood through him when he heard the woman's sudden darker, harsher tone. "I've already seen you have no love in your heart."

"What do you-!"

Before Adam could finish his question, the woman placed one of her crooked, bony fingers on his chest over his heart, and his eyes widened with shock when an intense pain formed in his head. He looked down at his chest with horror, watching a dark light began to spread from where her finger had rested...

"Stop it!" Jay suddenly shouted, and the woman lowered her finger. Adam watched as the darkness disappeared, but whatever she had just done left him feeling weak. He stumbled back, his legs collapsing from beneath him, but Jay and Drew caught him and gently sat him on the ground. Taryn knelt next to them while Randy stepped in front of the three, separating them from the woman.

"What did you do?" he demanded angrily.

"Only showing him what he truly is," the woman said casually before turning her attention to Adam while he tried to catch his breath. Then, she pulled out the rose she had offered him before, holding it out for him to take.

"This rose will continue to bloom for one more full year," she told him once Adam took it. "If you cannot learn to love another and earn her love as well before the last petal falls, then you will become the beast I see in you. Your friends will suffer a similar fate."

Fear fell over the group as they exchanged looks of disbelief. "What does she mean?" Drew muttered.

Then, Jay gasped when he looked down at his chest, seeing that a soft, black glow had appeared over his heart. He quickly looked around, seeing that there was a similar light on Randy, Drew, and Taryn. They only stayed for a moment, though, before slowly fading away.

Growling angrily, Randy quickly looked up to face the old woman. "What did you do to us?"

But he was shocked to see that she was nowhere to be found. All that was left of her was the single rose she had given to Adam, which he was holding tightly in his hand as if he was afraid to let it go.

Then, the five watched as one petal fell and drifted gently down to the sidewalk, lingering for only a moment before being rushed away by the wind. Adam watched it until it disappeared from sight, his hope going along with it since he knew their time was limited.

Who could ever learn to love him?

Author's Note: That's it for the prologue! Hope you like it, and your reviews are much appreciated! Just no flames. Thank you!