Chapter One:

I sat at the top of the winding grand staircase inside of the extravagant large southern home. I strained to hear what was being said in the room closed off by the double sliding doors leading into the den. The two vampires had been in there for close to two hours now, no one leaving or entering. I tried to catch parts of their conversation, but they must have spoken in low voices as I could not pick up on even a single word. I knew I shouldn't have been spying on the two, it was a punishable offence. If any of the occupants of the house caught me, that would be it. I would likely be thrown out on my ass, and practically fed to the wolves (figuratively of course). The mere thought scared me to the bone, and I hurriedly got to my feet. Thinking it would be better if I spent the rest of the evening in my private bedroom, I turned and made to walk up the last couple of steps to the second floor. But I was stopped by the smooth, calm voice of the vampire that had become like a brother to me.

"Did you hear anything that pleased you, my child?"

I bit my bottom lip as I shook my head, turning back around to stare down at the vampire that didn't even look above the age of 18 in his appearance. Godric cocked his head to the side as a warm smile crossed his lips.

"Join us." He held out a hand.

I wanted nothing more than to just turn around and run to my room. But I knew better than to do so. Not that Godric would ever hurt me. I had grown to trust this vampire with my life, more so than anyone else in my life. But then again, he was the only one in my life, living or dead. He was all I had. I nodded and slowly walked down the grand staircase, slipping my hand into is as I placed my feet onto the marble floor.

"I apologize for ruining our plans for this evening." He spoke about the promise he had made the other night.

I shrugged. "You're a sheriff, you have obligations."

"You were looking forward to it; I apologize for disappointing you." His eyes shone with sincerity. "Can you forgive me Elizabeth?"

"I was never angry, Godric." I scrunched up my nose. "And please stop calling me Elizabeth. You know how much I hate it. Ellie, please."

"Of course, Elizabeth." His smile grew before his gaze fell on the man that had just stepped out of the room Godric had just left. "Isabel will make the arrangements Eric."

The tall, blonde vampire nodded his head curtly in acknowledgement before his eyes darted to me. The cold blue eyes narrowed as he took me in. I shifted from one foot to the other as this vampire I had never met before sized me up. I found nothing else to do but do the same to him. My eyes drew up from his feet up to his face. The journey was a long one. He was just so tall. I had never seen someone so tall before. It was like his legs just went on forever. As my eyes fell over his chest, I could feel myself blush at the way that his muscles were outlined in the dark grey t-shirt. I'm sure if he didn't have a leather jacket on, I would have been able to see the biceps I was sure were there. His facial features were almost as defining as his well toned body. His jaw was sharp, his complexion paler than any other vampire I had ever seen, besides possibly Godric. I could only imagine how old this vampire was. His eyes were a sea of blue, though they held coldness and anger. One flicker at those eyes and I had to look away quickly. It felt like he was staring straight through me and into my soul.

"We'll speak again when you return." Godric's eyes travelled between the other vampire and me, a look of amusement on his face.

"Yes, Godric." The vampire nodded again, peeling his eyes off of me. He turned and left the house in a blink of an eye. I had to blink a few times to make sure he was actually even there in the first place.

"That was Eric. Eric Northman. My progeny." Godric answered my unspoken question.


"Come now, Elizabeth, let's continue our evening."

I was so dazed by the presence from the other vampire that I had let the use of my full name fly right overhead. I just nodded as he led me into the main living room. My eyes were behind us however, eying the door that Eric Northman had just left through. There was something about that vampire that felt familiar, as if I had met him before. But I couldn't remember meeting many vampires that looked like him. I would remember someone that looked so handsome. I blushed at the thought, thinking of how foolish I was to be thinking such a thing about the vampire.

"Eric will be back within a week. I had a request for him." Godric spoke, as if reading my mind. He could read me like a book, one trait that I never liked about the 2000 year old vampire.

"That's nice." I tried to play it off as if I didn't care.

But the odd thing was, there was a confusing surge of excitement to know that the vampire I had just met would be returning shortly.


"You're a vampire whore!"

There was a kick to my ribs, causing my body further damage. I curled up into a ball as I lay on the alleyway floor, my clothes growing dirty. I had just left my job at the small bookstore after closing up, only to be met with two men I had remembered seeing in the store often, trying to hassle myself and the store owner about the vampire novel display we had in the front window. It was evident that these two men were vampire-haters. I had talked back to them multiple times, finding their blind hate towards the race of vampires horrible and discriminating. I wasn't afraid to voice my opinion. I had no reason to be afraid of the vampires. They never crossed my path, and from my perspective, they were just trying to live as normal of a life as we mere humans were. What was the difference that they were a different species from us?

These two must have taken a disliking to my comments, as they jumped me the moment I left through the back alleyway exit. I had been caught off guard as they threw me into the walls back and forth before pushing me to the ground and repeatedly kicked at whatever body part they could. My body ached, already feeling my arm and ankle broken from the beating. I could do nothing but just lie there and hope they would get bored. Surely they wouldn't kill me. These two men couldn't be capable of that sort of power, could they? I prayed not, prayed that if god did in fact exist, that he would help me.

It was as if a miracle happened. One of the men was pulling me flat on my back as the other began groping my body. I tried to kick and scream, but it was muffled by a hard slap to my face. I was barely conscious as my shirt was ripped off of me. I couldn't fight back; I was in too much pain. I was sure that these men were going to rape me and then leave me to die. But before they could do the deed, the man tugging on my shorts was suddenly pulled off of me and out of sight. The other man jumped up in surprise, yelling and looking in every direction. And then he disappeared as well. With whatever strength that I had left, I lolled my head to the side to try and catch a glimpse at what was happening. My eyes were half closed as a set of feet stood before me. And then whoever it was, bent down so I could look into their face. It was a boy no older than a teenager. He looked young, but his eyes looked older than father time himself. I tried to call out to him, but couldn't fine my voice. My eyes were fluttering closed, my body going limp. The last thing I could remember was his comforting words.

"You're safe now."

I awoke with a start, sweat dripping down my forehead. My breathing was rigid as I tried to make out where I was. The light to my bedroom was flipped on suddenly and I could see Godric standing in the doorway to my room, a look of concern on his face.

"Is everything alright, Elizabeth? I could hear your rustling." He was beside my bed in a flash, sitting down upon it.

I sighed as I laid my back against the headboard and fidgeted with my hands. A hand came out to run over mine, grasping one of my hands comfortingly. I looked back up into Godric's eyes and could feel the tears in my eyes.

"You were having the dream once again, weren't you my child?" He raised a hand up to brush away the tears.

"I never thanked you." My voice cracked.

"You do so every day." He smiled at me warmly. "And every day I tell you the same thing. You do not have to thank me, Elizabeth."

"You could have let me die Godric. You could have just let those two rape me and leave me to die." The tears were more constant now.

"I have been around for too long, Elizabeth. I don't wish to see anyone, living or dead, in such pain. You are no exception. I have gone through many wars, many centuries of living among humans. I used to hold so much hate for your kind. But once you live for as long as I have, you learn that hate is not necessary. I don't wish to hate anymore. I'm too old to have such an emotion."

Godric always had a way with words. His voice soothed me with whatever he was talking about. He was my angel sent from the heavens above that day. I still remember waking up, in this very room, and having Godric take care of me. That had only been 6 months ago. I had come a long way from who I was after the incident. I was withdrawn, unable to speak, and couldn't be anywhere without the presence of Godric. He was the only one I would allow to touch me, and to this day, I only felt comfort in his arms. We had grown a special bond, one that a human and vampire shouldn't have had. It was nothing romantic. He was merely like a brother to me, my protector. He had promised a thousand times that no harm would come to me any longer. I believed every word that came out of the wise vampire's mouth.

I had lived here ever since. I had quit my job at the bookstore, fear of the incident happening again, and solely lived here. I would run errands when asked of me of course, but otherwise, I grew to live on vampire time. I slept during the day and awoke during the night. I had grown accustomed in doing so to spend time with Godric when I had first come here. Now it was second nature. It wasn't like I needed to work. Godric provided anything that I could possibly need. He would always indulge me, making sure I was as happy as I could be. Never had he let any of the other vampires that roamed around the house even take a simple sniff of me. He was overly protective. It was under his order that no one fed off of me. It was helpful that he was the Sheriff of the vampire territory, making his orders final. I had of course, offered Godric my blood on countless of occasions, a gift for all he had done for me. But he always declined, giving me a kind smile and pat on my shoulder.


"Are you ever going to just call me Ellie?"

Godric didn't answer as he stood from the bed. "Shall we go out tonight?"

"Where?" I immediately forgot about the dream, always excited to go out somewhere with Godric.

"I was thinking perhaps the mall that you enjoy so much."

"The mall?" I raised an eyebrow.

"We'll need to get you some new clothes."


"All will be explained, my child." He assured. "I have some business to attend to, but I shall see you in an hour."

I wanted to question what he was talking about, but he was out of my room before I could blink. I loved Godric like a brother, but he certainly had his mysteries that I would just to solve. But alas, he was a 2000 year old vampire; I suppose he was allowed a few mysteries and secrets.

A/N: so I really shouldn't be starting another new fic, but for some reason last night i just couldn't help myself. I absolutely love the Godric character, and felt the need to write something involving him, and everyone's favorite blonde vampire, Eric. I'm just going to warn everyone now, this will not follow the timeline of the show...most of the things will probably still happen, just dfferently than in the show.