I'm a diehard Arthur/Ariadne shipper, but I feel like Eames/Ariadne doesn't get enough love. They'd be so entertaining! Anyway. A warning: I honestly can't include Arthur at all without having him and Ariadne throwing themselves madly at each other. So this fic will be strangely vacant of all mention of Arthur. If this bothers anyone, let me know and I'll try to get over it.

Based around the concept of When Harry Met Sally.

Disclaimer: Neither When Harry Met Sally or Inception belong to me. :(

When Eames Met Ariadne

Chapter 1: The Job

Ariadne fiddled with her scarf, wringing it between her fingers as she stared out the window of the plane. The team was on its way to Sydney so that they could hop on Fischer's plane before it left. But all Ariadne could think about was that this was it-this was the moment of truth when every moment of the last few weeks came to fruition. Either way, this was the turning point. In under two days they would have either pulled off the impossible or be in jail. There really wasn't much of a third option.

Eames sat next to her, contentedly absorbed in his newspaper. She hesitated dumping her worries on him, but he seemed like he might understand, might have patience with the rookie. In the end she just turned back to the window.

The newspaper rustled. "Ariadne," he sighed, setting it down, "there's obviously something you're wanting to get off your chest. Speak up, darling."

She turned towards him, seeing the hint of amusement that never seemed to leave his face. "It's just so daunting, having my whole life depending on ten hours. How are all of you able to act so calm?"

"We try not to think about it. I hear they have a pretty good selection of in-flight movies. Want to pick one out?"

She glared at him. "How can you even think of watching a movie?"

He chuckled. "Again, love, you don't think. That's the whole point."

He picked his newspaper back up, and a blind man could see the dismissal. Taking his advice, she flipped through the movies, and started one up.

A few minutes in, Ariadne was back to fidgeting. Eames looked up, taking in the screen with disdain. "Casablanca? No wonder you're still stressed."

"Casablanca's a classic! No one can resist the dynamic between Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart!"

"Other than you, you mean?" She blushed, but he continued. "That's not its problem though. It's all about having to choose between ball-and-chain commitment and lust. I honestly don't understand the quandary."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm surprised you've even seen Casablanca. What happened, some girl drag you to it?"

"Some smashingly gorgeous girl. It was nearly worth it."

They shared a laugh. Ariadne went back to watching with Eames surprisingly joining her.

She tried to restrain her curiosity, but couldn't help it. "Eames, have you ever had a date that wasn't a one-night-stand?"

"Are you offering?" He waggled his eyebrows at her.


"You're right. Even you can't resist my manly charm and devastating good looks."

"Eames! You know that's not what I meant!"

"Whatever you say, love."

"Pussy," Eames muttered at the movie a few minutes later.

"Why? He loves her, and he's willing to sacrifice everything for her."

"He wants her, yes, but he's not man enough to act on it! And you disagree with me calling him a pussy?"

Her retort died before it left her lips. "I actually might sort of agree with you."

Eames scoffed. "And you thought you could resist my charm."

Ariadne laughed. A comfortable silence settled over them. "It's nice to just talk and be friends." Eames gave her an odd look. "What?"

"Ariadne, girls and blokes can never just be friends. The sex inevitably gets in the way."

"Well sure, if they have sex. But not all friends do. I mean, we're obviously not."

"Even if they don't have sex, one of them always wants to."

Ariadne laughed. "Your charm doesn't go that far, Eames. I can honestly admit that I'm not thinking of ways to get you into my bed."

His incessant smirk was back full force. "I never said YOU were."

"I? What...oh." She blushed deeply and went back to looking out the window.

"Ariadne." His voice held a hint of a laugh.


"You are a girl, and you are attractive. Try not to take it personally."

A small smile grew. "Ah. Ok."

The seatbelt indicator flashed on as the plane started to descend.

"See, that wasn't so bad. As long as you're not thinking about life-altering events they won't bother you!"

"Eames!" Ariadne groaned, "Now I'm thinking about it!"

He chuckled. "Ah, but the moment we land, it won't be my responsibility to keep you sane anymore. As you think about how easy it'll be for you to screw up, having never had a hostile subject in your dreams before. Knowing that you won't have a gun, so you'll be even more of a tourist than Saito. Wondering-"

"Eames! Gah!"

He laughed ruthlessly. "Honestly, I'd be surprised if you slept a wink tonight."

She buried her head in her hands, thoroughly giving up on him.

"Cheer up, love, there's an upside to all this."


"You'll get plenty of sleep on the plane."