STAR TREK: The Galaxy Window

Where the Map Takes Me



A beautiful woman swam naked in a pond and was observed Chakotay. Her name was Shaola. They had gone on a nature walk three weeks earlier and found themselves in the wilderness of Colorado; exactly where they were? They didn't care.

"Come down here and swim with me," Shaola pleaded, with a coy look on her face.

Chakotay stopped in his tracks when a bird, a bald eagle, landed before him. The bird vanished and was replaced by a whiff of smoke. The thin cloud of smoke became more organized and then morphed into a humanoid shape which then became that of Satangkai; son of James (Kirok) Kirk.

"How can you be here," Chakotay asked the old man.

"The white eagle, my son Kirok," Satangkai explained with his feeble voice, "His path has taken him elsewhere beyond where we stand. He can no longer help us, but you can. The Hi'nakah are returning," Satangkai said. "I believe our people, as well as everyone else on this world, are in great peril."

Chakotay racked his brain, but had no memory of the Hi'nakah.

"I'm sorry," Chakotay told the old man, "I have no idea what that means. Who are the Hi'nakah?"

Satangkai's shape began to fade as he slowly morphed back into smoke. But before he was total gone, the old chief told Chakotay the answer.

"They were the ones who took my tribe off this world," Satangkai warned, "they will do the same again; however, this time they will take…everyone."

And then the bald eagle appeared and flew away. But in the animal's place, on the rock on which it had been perched, was a cloth of some sort. Chakotay walked over and picked up the cloth and unfurled it. On the cloth were old and faded images, with ancient writings on them. And then, as he looked closer, Chakotay realized what he was holding; a map. Could it be true that the Hi'nakah that Satangkai referred to were in fact the Preservers?


In Riverside Iowa, at the ranch home of Jim Kirk, S'vath had been overcome by a hidden memory. His wife, Amanda, informed Spock who later arrived, along with Dr. Leonard McCoy. McCoy warned Spock that at his advance age, over 200 years old, Spock's mind could be damaged by a mind-meld wit h his son S'vath. Spock agreed and sent for Tuvok, who was on Earth living with Tibetan monks.

Our story continues…

Nearly ten minutes had passed by. And in that time, S'vath was made more comfortable on the couch he had not moved from since being overwhelmed by the suppressed memory. Amanda had made some tea, and was pouring another cup for McCoy, when finally a Transporter signal shimmered into view and Tuvok stood before them.

The ebony skinned Vulcan was wearing a ceremonial robe, and now sported a short cropped beard on his face. He and Spock both held their hands up in the customary greeting symbol.

"It is good to see you, my friend," Spock said to Tuvok.

"I come to serve. T'av has remained in Tibet," Tuvok said, as he came over to the couch and looked down at S'vath.

S'vath looked up and saw Tuvok. The two had not gotten along recently, but had parted amicably enough.

"I still think you're an asshole," S'vath labored to say

"And I think you are the most illogical Vulcan I have ever met," Tuvok countered, "however, your father has requested my help and so I am here."

As Amanda, Spock and McCoy spoke to Tuvok about S'vath's condition, a strange voice spoke inside of S'vath's mind.

"Vulcan," the voice said, "I advise you to not delve into the memory you seek. Part of me resides there, and at this time, I do not have the strength to overtake your will and control your body. However, if you go ahead with the mind-meld, I will absorb Tuvok's stability, and then I will awaken. I do not wish it now because your friends would no doubt destroy you, and me, in the process."

"Who are you," S'vath asked with his own thought.

"You have been warned," the voice said, not answering S'vath's question. "And if you wish for your children and your wife to live," the voice began to say, "you will make sure that the memory that is hidden inside your mind does not…surface. Or…" the voice added, "I will cut your wife and child into pieces right before your eyes, using your very hands! And the only thing you'll be able to do is watch. I can suppress the memory, for now; just do not mind-meld with Tuvok."

S'vath would do anything to protect his children. He sat up on the couch to the dismay of Amanda and the others.

"S'vath," Spock said to his son, "what are you doing?"

"I'm fine," S'vath said, with a smile, as he looked from Spock to Amanda. "Really I am. There's no need for any of this," S'vath said, trying to reassure them. He even reached out and picked the cup of coffee Amanda had made for him earlier and sipped from it. "Tuvok," S'vath said, "I'm sorry they sent for you but really, there's no need for a mind-meld."

At that moment they were all startled when a Transporter signal began to materialize on the other side of the large living room; it was Chakotay. As the others went over to greet the arrival of the Voyager's former first office, Amanda remained by her husband's side.

"Honey," Amanda said to S'vath, "just let him do the mind-meld. If you don't release this hidden memory, the pain inside your mind could return."

In fact, the piercing pain was still in his mind, but just not as pronounced, no doubt to the actions of whatever strange force was inside S'vath's mind.

As Amanda and S'vath remained on the couch, Spock, McCoy and Tuvok went over to greet the arrival of Chakotay.

"It is good to see you old friend," Chakotay said to Tuvok.

The two had not seen each other since Chakotay's return from years of isolation with the Voth.

"Admiral Janeway informed me of the circumstances of your return," Tuvok said, "The clone the Voth sent in your place fooled everyone; including me I might add. I am sorry that I did not realize the truth."

Chakotay smiled.

"I blame no one Tuvok," Chakotay said. "The Voth treated me well, and I hope that my being among them softened their views on mammalian life forms like us."

"I do not mean to interrupt," Spock said to Chakotay, "however, does your arrival here have to do with the welfare of Jim Kirk's children?"

"Not at all," Chakotay said with a smile, "Chief Limanu is taking great care of Kirk's two young children. Now, what I am about to say, may seem strange and out of the ordinary, but on a few occasions since my return to the native lands of my people, I have been contacted by Satangkai."

"The Native-American offspring of Jim Kirk?" Tuvok asked. "I thought he died during the confrontation between Kirk and Limanu. I remember because I was at the Tribe, as were you," Tuvok said to Spock.

"You are correct," Spock said to Tuvok, and then he looked back at Chakotay. "Please explain your statement."

"You are correct," Chakotay said to them, "Satangkai sacrificed his life to spare Jim Kirk. And in the true act of a true leader, he got the two of them, Kirk and Limanu, to set aside their differences. This had a profound effect on Limanu; and on Jim Kirk as well. But since that time, especially during the incident with the Jem'Hadar and their attempt to open the portal to the past (earlier storyline) a bald eagle has appeared to me. The first time the bald eagle appeared, it led me to where Jem'Hadar soldiers were holding Kirk's children, Mathew and Dahme, captive."

"Fascinating," Spock said. "How is it that you believe this bald eagle is Satangkai in another form?"

"Spock, it is in my people's beliefs that the essence of those who are great among us, someone such as Satangkai," Chakotay explained, "can take the form of animals so that they can give us guidance."

Spock shook his head.

"Humans in animal form; what you are asking for us to accept, Chakotay," Spock said, "is quite illogical."

A chuckle came from McCoy.

"Oh, I don't know," McCoy said from where he stood, "I read about the incident with your Katra, and how you placed it inside my doppelganger's mind all those years ago. Someone might say that is a bit hard to believe too."

"He's got you there dad," S'vath said from the couch, having heard the exchange.

Spock nodded his head in agreement with his son's statement.

"Very well," Spock said, "continue."

"Thank you," Chakotay said. "Anyway, the bald eagle visited me again and this time it left me," Chakotay reached into the pocket of his jacket and removed a faded cloth of animal skin, and handed it to Spock, "this."

Spock unfurled the animal skin and saw what appeared to be ancient lines drawn upon it, and several small pictographs, which were also faded.

"I believe it is a map," Chakotay said.

"A fair assumption," Spock said. "Why have you brought this to me?"

Chakotay turned the cloth over, and on the other side were more interesting items, but they were not pictographs, they were symbols. Spock immediately recognized the style of the writings and showed McCoy because McCoy had seen this form of symbolism as well.

"The obelisk," McCoy said with a whisper.

"Did Satangkai tell you anything about this," Tuvok asked as McCoy handed him the cloth.

"A warning," Chakotay said to Spock. "He said that the Hi'nakah, the term he used to describe the Preservers, were going to return and this time they weren't only going to relocate the Native-Americans; they were going to relocate everyone."

"Then what do you think this cloth diagram represents?" Tuvok asked as he handed it back to Chakotay.

"What do the symbols say," McCoy cut in with, speaking to Spock.

"The first assumption we've all made was that this cloth was a map to a location here, on Earth," Spock said. "It is not."

"Then what is it a map to?" Chakotay asked.

"If my reading of the symbols is correct," Spock told the others, "the place the map refers to is far from Earth; but some of us have been there."

"The planet the obelisk was on; where Jim lived with the Native-Americans?" Amanda asked, as she came over to look at the cloth.

"No," Spock said softly.

"Stop teasing us Spock," McCoy said, "where does this map lead to?"

Everyone looked at Spock and when he said his answer they were all stunned…