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Final chapter

Roarke's words about what everyone was supposed to have liked had

more than one conscious yelling, except Jimmy's. He didn't have the brain a

size of a pea. "You mean this was all an act? You two aren't even really

together?" Before Cassie could answer the boy rudely laughed. "I knew she

could only get a guy if it were an act. She'd have to have the phantom come

along just to get hitched!" Roarke instantly stood as if a board had been

shoved down his back, and he held Cassie tight before she had a chance to


"Cassie's no woman, she's a lady!" His voice was not loud, but it was

strong, firm, and royally ticked. "She has more class in her little finger than

all of you put together. And she' very much my lady. I dare anyone to say

any different." His eyes blazed. "You will pack your things and leave on the

early morning flight, or you will pay a fee for staying in your room, which.."

He smiled with his eyes still on fire, "is two thousand dollars a night."

"That's beyond highway robbery. You try to get that and we'll sue."

"Be my guest, but remember…you signed the agreement when you sent

back the letter." Roarke leaned close enough to make goose bumps rise on

the skin of the whole group. "So, I have the law on my side." Standing back

up he informed Tattoo, who was passing by of the bungalow being

available first thing in the morning. "If not, charge these students the regular


"Okay, Boss." Tattoo's smile showed who's side he was on.

"Let's dance, Cassie." Roarke attempted to get her to talk during the slow

dance, but found his partner pulling away and running towards a beach few

visited anymore. If the man's glare to the group had been hot before it now

had grown in degrees, and in sharpness. However, he left them alone and

went after Cassie.

The shore was barely visible, but still he saw the outline of his date's

figure huddled on one of the rocks. Another smooth one was behind it and

he made his way down the sandy path to where it sat. Cassie was so

wrapped up in crying that she failed to hear him walk up, or sit down right

behind her. Even when he wrapped his arms around her she kept her

legs pulled up under her chin.

"Cassie don't let them get to you. They're not worth it." Roarke's voice

was soft and gentle, as one might speak to a child being tormented by classmate's razzing.

"It's not that." She managed to get out, but then right back to sobbing

even though she now felt like an idiot for doing it with him around.

Roarke said nothing but an awareness only he could hold grew and he

quietly coaxed her into relaxing against him. Keeping one of his hands

around her waist he let his other trace the outline of her face, neck , and then

down her arm as he whispered words smooth as honey from a place inside

himself he seldom shared.

"They're not around, you don't have to act anymore. And I'll be gone by

morning. I can't afford to pay for any stay; especially not at the price quote

you gave them." Cassie tried to turn but found his grip, though gentle,

strong as iron.

"I'm not acting, Cassie. And that price is beyond highway robbery."

Roarke couldn't help but chuckle, "If they'd read the paper they'd have

known my client's hefty charge doesn't come from their rooms. I adjusted

their rates because they needed motivation to not drag their feet in leaving."

He reprimanded her, but not in a harsh tone, "Remember what I said before

we went to the dock's to greet them?"

"Yes, but…"

Sitting straight up the man insisted she her turn around to face him. "I don't lie." He lifted her chin and smiled with a twinkle in his eye, "And,

pray tell, what man in his right mind would charge his better half to stay

close by him?" His face had been lowered and she could feel his breath

against her skin. "Like I said, Cassie, I'm not acting. And I think.." Roarke

paused as he searched her eyes, "For the first time it's not just a visitor's

who's plan backfired on them. But.." Pulling her even closer, "Don't ask me

to have any regrets." His voice had grown husky, and volume was so low

she barely heard it before he captivated her mouth with his.


The morning after the beach scene had found the college group gone,

except Beth who had been invited to stick around for the wedding of Mr.

Roarke and Cassie. And Natives had rushed around getting ready for the

event. Tattoo had been shocked to find out his boss really was actually

going to get married. However the next month found Cassie standing next to

Roarke in a long flowing wedding gown with a sparkling white jacket

covering the top. Her father had given the bride away and Roarke was told

he could kiss the bride.

"This is one backfire I can happily live with." Roarke whispered in her ear

later that night.

"Me too." His bride then asked the same question as his first had.

"I'm Mr. Roarke your host." He gave the same reply back. And when her

next inquiry mirrored the question as to who Roarke really was the man

reached up and turned off the lights as he declared, with a seductive sound

to his voice, "I'm Mr. Roarke, your husband." With that all talking ceased.