Leading Double Lives

By: Tsukisamu Sayako

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or Weiß Kruez.  Therefore: no suing.

Author's Notes: This is a GW/WK X-over as you know.  It's set in an AU timeline where GW and WK takes place at the same time.  That's all you need to know for now.

"blah"-regular dialogue

'blah'-Japanese dialogue (translated into English b/c my Japanese is so bad)

{blah}-translation for Japanese

~*~*~*~*~-Scene change

Prologue – Death and Rebirth

               In the newest colony of the L4 cluster, people were rejoicing.  With the latest problem over, the people now prepared for an historical moment.  The artificial sky was blue and clear of clouds.  The countryside was golden with wheat fields and soft breezes passed through the crisp clean air on this beautiful morning.  All was quiet in the countryside; no one seemed to be working.  Yet, that would be so as this day were to be recorded in history.  Beyond the golden fields was a Victorian city.  The scene was simply breathtaking.  The city was quiet as well.  However, if you walk towards the main thoroughfare in the city, you would find hundreds of people lining up along the sidewalks waiting anxiously for an important figure to appear.  Whispers and murmurs permeated through the air and soon, a car appeared on the horizon.

               "He's coming!" someone cried and everyone looked towards the horizon, where an antique car headed towards the city.  Behind was a procession of black sedans and motorcycles.  As the procession came near, the crowd cheered.  Within the leading car was a platinum gold haired angel.  He stood up and waved to the crowd with a smile on his handsome face.  The crowd held up banners saying, "Welcome to Terence, Mr. Winner!" and "Winner Rules!"  The children looked at him with admiration and he smiled at them cheerfully.  Flags of the Winner Enterprise Inc. dotted the sidewalks and he felt proud for coming to this new city.  The procession stopped in front of a building in the center of the city, towering over all others.  A group of business people were already at the entrance of the building.  A podium was set up at the center of the staircase leading up to the entrance.  Two ladies held out a red banner with a tie in the center while a gentleman was holding a pair of large old shears.  The young CEO stepped out of the car and headed up the stairs towards the entrance.  Behind him were his executives.  He stepped behind the podium and made a quick speech.  Then, he went over to the banner and with pride and joy, cut the ribbon.  Tens of flashes brightened his face as he cut the ribbon.  The crowd at the bottom of the stairs cheered.  Then, he entered the building and the new headquarter of WEI was officially opened.


On Earth, a young boy no older than 17 lay upon a hospital bed sleeping peacefully.  His golden brown hair matted on the pillow beneath him like a halo of an angel.  Machines monitoring his progress beeped with the rise and fall of his chest.  Two forlorn women stood at each side of the comatose boy with worry.  The boy had been their best operative.  Now, due to a miscalculation in a mission with another group, the boy was now in a coma.  When he was brought into the hospital operated by Kritiker, the two of them had feared the worse.  The red haired woman held the boy's hand in her hand while the purple haired woman stood at one side, her face not registering any expressions.  Then, the red-head leaned over and kissed the boy on his bandaged head.  They then left the dark room, preparing to search for a new operative.


Two months had passed in AC 197 since the WEI headquarter had been moved to the city of Terence.  Quatre Winner attended meetings and putted his employees, laboring for money, on the top of his priorities while putting all the businessmen at the bottom.  His sisters often came in to help since if something happened to the young heir, they would have to take over the company with his wishes.  His friends from the war rarely contacted him anymore and he became gloomy due to that.

               Quatre looked out the window of his office towards the calm city.  He smiled wistfully as his life was being taken away from him.  Suddenly, a beep signified a call.  He turned away from the scenery and pressed a button.

               "Yes, Clarice?" his alto-soprano voice rang out.

               "Mr. Winner, you have a guest," the soothing voice of his secretary rang through the air.  Quatre frowned.  He didn't have an appointment that afternoon.

               "Show him-"

               "It's a her, sir," she interrupted.

               "My apologies: Send her in, please."

               "Yes, sir."

               The door to his office opened a moment later.  Quatre could hear Clarice's musical voice at the door.  The lady that he was supposed to meet entered the room.  Her striking red flamed hair kept Quatre staring at her in awe.  She had a pair of shades covering her eyes and she was very business-like.  He blinked and stood up.

               "Welcome," he said, holding out his hand.  "May I ask of your name?"

               She shook his hand and he could tell that she has been on many serious businesses like this.  "Certainly," she said, her voice hard with a hint of motherly affection, "I am called Manx."  He could tell that she was Japanese with her accent.

               "Manx?" he inquired.

               "I am here to offer you a proposition, Quatre Winner."

               "Yes?"  He was curious of her, with her straightforwardness.

               "May I sit down?" she asked.

               "Of course," he said, sitting down in his chair.

               "I know for a fact that your life is being taken away from you and that you have empathy," she said.

               He narrowed his eyes.  "How do you know that?"  His voice turned hard, like the war days.

               "I have my sources," she replied nonchalantly.  "But that's beside the point.  If you were to regain control of your life, would you do it?"

               "At what cost?" he asked.  A smirk found its way up to her mouth.

               "Just exactly what I expected from you," she said, the hardness in her voice was gone.  "I come from a secret society in Tokyo, Japan.  We are willing to erase your past as long as you join us."

               "What does this society that you're referring to do?"

               "Let's just say that we keep the corrupted people in line," she replied.  "Right now, we have an operative down and we would like to start a new group.  However, without the operative, that's impossible as he was supposed to be the founding member of the vigilante group."

               "Go on," he said.

               "Now, we will erase all traces of where you would go if you would take over the boy's life."

               "How so?"

               "This boy is very important to my organization and he is technically dead 10 years ago."


               "That is something that we can't reveal."

               "What do I have to do now?"

               She smiled sadly and took off her shades.


 "Current CEO, Quatre Raberba Winner, was killed in a car crash in the outskirts of the city of Terence…" the newscaster continued.  Quatre tuned the TV out as he packed his clothes, leaving nothing behind.  "His body had not yet been found in the remains, but authorities have reason to believe that Mr. Winner did indeed die in the terrible car crash involving tens of cars."  The young boy took another glance at the TV, where Iria had taken the screen, now speaking at a news conference.  He turned the TV off and placed a hat over his head, covering his hair.  He wore a pair of shades and proceeded out of the Victorian house.  After two months, he declined all offers to have a servant in the house and now he was glad that he didn't have a servant at the moment.  He hurried out of the house and entered the black sedan that was waiting for him outside of his house.  Manx sat in the car next to him and the car sped towards the space port, where a Kritiker owned shuttle was waiting for them.


Months passed since Quatre's death.  Quatre stayed in the darkness of Tokyo as he underwent a transformation.  His hair was dyed golden brown like his counterpart and he was trained to use his empathy for protection.  His accent in Japanese disappeared and he was trained to hack and use his counterpart's weapon.  He visited the comatose boy daily while memorizing the boy's past by entering the boy's mind.  He didn't dare touch the boy's subconscious as he knew that the boy would be there and simply sought to understand how the boy's mind worked.  By the time he was finished, the comatose boy became a part of him.

               In a few months, he was sent to Koneko no Sumu ie as the first operative for the 3rd generation Weiß.  He worked with Momoe Yamaguchi, a retired Kritiker operative who now has the flower store as a cover for Weiß.  He attended the nearby high school as a junior and hacked for the organization as he was without teammates.  In the months to come, he was joined by two others.  One was a chocolate haired brunette by the name of Hidaka Ken while the other was a blond playboy by the name of Kudou Youji.  Ken had been a J-League goalie when he was poisoned and Kritiker had saved him just in time.  He became the second member of Weiß.  Youji was a private detective and like Ken, was saved by Kritiker when he was near death.  Youji became the third member.  They all worked at the flower shop but only helped to train recruits as they were without a fourth member.

               The fourth member came to them shortly after Omi's 18th birthday.  His name was Fujimiya Aya and he seemed to be a cold hearted bastard.  Manx introduced him to the group and both Youji and Ken introduced themselves cheerfully, only to get no reply from Aya.  Quatre smiled wistfully as his empathy told him that Aya was very sad.  He then approached the serious youth.

               "Konnichiwa," he said brightly, holding out his hand to shake the older youth's hand.  "Boku wa Tsukiyono Omi." [1]


That's it for the prologue!  The title doesn't really fit now I think about it, but it'll do for now.  I might change it in the future.  Notes at the bottom following the preview for chapter 1.



"…Quatre practically betrayed Weiß when he found out that Takatori Hirofumi was Omi's brother and again, he left his real self behind.  He outright regretted the betrayal and sought out Aya to apologize to him.

               Aya simply said, 'You must choose now.  Do you want to be Tsukiyono Omi or Takatori Mamoru?  But you must understand this, you are who you are.'

               Quatre was taken aback by that statement.  He hadn't thought about the real person under this false appearance.…"



[1] From now on, I'm going to refer to Quatre rather than Omi.  Omi'll just be in the dialogues and some other stuff.  Just gotta clear this up.  Quatre is pretending to be Omi and to all the others, he's Omi.  The real Omi's in a coma.  Okay?  Got that?  Good! ^___^;