Leading Double Lives

By: Tsukisamu Sayako

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or Weiß Kreuz.  Therefore: no suing.

Author's Notes: This is a GW/WK X-over as you know.  It's set in an AU timeline where GW and WK takes place at the same time.  That's all you need to know for now.

"blah"-regular dialogue

'blah'-Japanese dialogue (translated into English b/c my Japanese is so bad)

{blah}-translation in English for Japanese

~*~*~*~*~-Scene change

Epilogue – Truth Be Told

                "Oy, Quatre-chan, mezameru,"{Oy, Quatre, wake up} Trowa whispered into his love's ear.

                "Neeeeee," Quatre complained as he slept in the hospital bed.  Both Omi and Quatre were still in the hospital for further diagnostics and the analyses were good.  They were able to leave the hospital within the week.  Quatre shifted his position away from his prodding lover.

                "Quatre, wake up!!!!!!!!!" Duo shouted.  Quatre jerked and opened his eyes sleepily.  Duo was up before him???  That was something you don't see everyday.  He yawned and sat up.

                "All right, all right.  I'm up, okay?" he said exasperatedly, yawning as he did so.  He stretched out his arms to get rid of the cramps and rubbed his sleepy eyes.  The former pilots were all in the room as well as Schuldich.

                "It's time for that, eh?" he said.  Schuldich nodded grimly.  Quatre sighed.  "Oh well, I'm definitely not going to get used to that."  The telepath laughed.

                "It's better than accepting your fate, don't you think?"

                "Yup," Quatre agreed.  Then, he laid down on the bed and closed his eyes.  "Just make it quick, please?"

                Schuldich chuckled.  "We'll try."  Then, he placed his right hand upon Quatre's forehead and the Gundam pilots all held hands with each other with Trowa holding onto the telepath's left hand as they entered Quatre's mind to fix his current state.

                Dorothy and Relena looked on with awe.  They admired the way that the five boys would work with each other even when they didn't in the beginning.  Now, it was as if they were of the musketeers that Alexander Dumas had described: "One for all, all for one." [1]

                Within Quatre's own subconscious, Schuldich and Trowa found the place to be much livelier than last time they had visited.  There were movements and it was under daylight.  The telepath found it interesting how giving the man's powers back would change the scenery that much.  As they stood admiring the alive yet abandoned city, Quatre walked out of one of the buildings with sadness as he was to leave his city of subconscious to stay in the realm of consciousness.  His wings were folded neatly behind his back and he walked over to his friends.

                "Do what you must," he said forlornly.  He did love to stay in the city to get away from other people, even if it meant reading what was going to happen in the future.

                "You can't escape your problems by staying in here," Wufei said as if reading Quatre's mind.

                "It's unhealthy for you," Duo added.  Quatre smiled.

                "Yeah, you're right," Quatre said.  "Go ahead."  The group then went to work while Quatre looked on.

                The entire work took approximately one hour as there were a lot of doors to cover and Quatre cannot help them in his subconscious.  Nevertheless, at long last, they finished.

                "Whew, that was tiring," Duo said.  "Sheesh, is all subconscious like this?"

                "Yes," Schuldich said.  "Except for the fact that the doors are locked, unlike his before."  Quatre grinned sheepishly.

                "I don't get it," Heero said.  "How is it that Quatre's fate was open to him?"

                "Most of the psychics already know what was going to happen in their future, that's why they have powers.  They were born with the ability to know their life in order to minimize the use of their powers.  As much as they like using their powers, most would rather keep their powers hidden than to let others know."

                "If they let others know, they would be treated as freaks, right?" said Duo.

                "Exactly.  They don't want the government to be experimenting on them at all.  After all, they are still human," said Trowa.

                "Humans with very special qualities, but humans nonetheless," Quatre added.

                "Now, by hiding his future from him," started Schuldich, "he is now able to make his own decisions.  That's what life is all about."

                "What about Crawford?" asked Trowa.  "Does he already know his future?"

                "No," said Schuldich.  "Our last encounter has made sure of that."

                "You mean…" Quatre trailed off, his eyes widening.


                "He'll have fun now," Quatre said sarcastically, laughing.  Then, they all left Quatre's subconscious with Quatre taking one last look upon his city before leaving to the realm of consciousness.


A week after the repair on Quatre's subconscious—if one could call it a repair—the two boys were discharged out of the hospital.  It was a day of much rejoicing and much relaxation as the two boys were finally able to leave the oppressive environment of the hospital even though it was a place of healing.  Quatre sat in Aya's Porsche with much content as the car led the procession of cars towards the Koneko; Omi sat in Youji's car along with the rest of the team.  Trowa and the others were in their own respective cars that followed Aya towards the flower shop.  Trowa wanted Quatre to sit in his car, but Quatre rejected, explaining that he had some things to talk to Aya.

                The entire trip was uneventful and silent as Quatre looked out the window with a forlorn face.

                "Gomen nasai, Aya-kun," {I'm sorry} Quatre said finally after 10 minutes into their 30 minute trip to the shop. [2]

                'What for?' Aya asked even though he already knew what he was talking about.

                'For lying to you guys,' Quatre said rejected.  'It's was selfish of me to keep my secrets away from you guys.'

                'We all have secrets, Quatre,' Aya said.  'I still have some that I haven't told anyone, not even to my sister.'

                'Really?' Quatre looked at the red-head with curiosity.

                "Hai," Aya said softly.

                'You don't have to tell me if you don't want to,' Quatre said tentatively.

                'No, it's something that you should know,' Aya said.

                'It has something to do with Schuldich, doesn't it?'

                Aya took his eyes off the road for a moment, looking at Quatre in shock.

                'You knew already, huh?'

                'I've known for a long time.  That's why you hated Crawford so much, right?  It's because Crawford's been using Schuldich to get to you.'

                'Yes.  I met Schuldich long before I came to Weiß, when I was with the Crashers,' confessed Aya.  'We had a mission to infiltrate Rosenkreuz's branch in Tokyo to destroy the place, much like what you guys do with OZ.'

                'Rosenkreuz,' Quatre muttered.  'I remember that place.  My father had sent me to that place when it appeared I couldn't handle my powers.  He didn't know about the terrible things that the doctors do there.  I stayed there for almost a month before my father found another one like me who was more experienced in the psychic plane.' [3]

                'I see.'

                'So how did you come to meet him?'

                'The group split up like we do in every mission, each member of the team was to take care of a sector of the building.  I had the eastern sector and I came upon the telepath.  Of course, his personality was completely different from what it is now.  I still remember him as a withdrawn young man, similar to me at that time.  He didn't attack me like he was instructed to do.  Instead, he had asked me to kill him.  I didn't as you might know and left the building before it blew up, taking him with me.

                'I didn't return to our hideout with the others.  Instead, I checked into a hotel near the Magic Bus Hospital and allowed Schuldich to stay there for the time being.  Then, I went back to the hideout and reported to Queen, our contact from Kritiker.

                'A month passed with me visiting him at the hotel daily.  Being an assassin has its ups with over 1,000,000 yen to spend each month.  We grew close and he became more open to me.  Soon, I left the Crashers group, having been reassigned to Weiß.  On the day I was to leave the Crashers, I went to the hotel to find him gone, leaving a note behind for me.  I still have the note now and I cherish the times I had with him.  It was enough to make me feel human again.' [4]

                'Of course, after he left, you regressed to your stoic, impassive persona once again,' Quatre noted softly.

                'Yes, I did.  When I saw him again, it was Weiß's first encounter with Schwartz and I almost didn't recognize him.  Of course, we knew perfectly well not to show our feelings towards each other when the two group clashes and I saw what being in Schwartz was doing to him.  That was why I never really sought to fight against him in the first place.'

                Quatre smiled tenuously.  'I met Nagi when I was at Rosenkreuz as well.  He, of course, didn't recognize me when we first encountered each other and I never sought to reveal myself to him.  After all, Manx had told me strictly not to tell anyone who I was.  Only she and Birman really know who I was; even Persia, Omi's uncle, didn't see a difference between me and Omi.'  He sighed.  'I feel awful about killing Omi's only family now.'

                A moment of silence passed within the car with Aya not knowing what to say to assuage the younger one's sorrow.

                'Do you think Omi should know?'

                'Know about his true family?'

                Quatre nodded.

                'He should.  He shouldn't be left in the dark forever, like Kritiker did when you had sought to find out about Omi's past.'

                'But I'm afraid he would withdraw.  After all, he did just regain his consciousness.'

                'You are the one to tell him the truth.  You can decide when he should know.  However, he should know before he starts a mission with Weiß; that much I can tell you.'


                Soon, they were at the Koneko.  Aya-chan and Sakura were in front of the shop after Manx had told them about Weiß's return.  Momoe-san was in the shop, content with herself, unlike the two nervous girls anxious for their friends' return.  As soon as Aya's Porsche pulled up to the shop, the two girls rushed to meet the procession.

                Omi stepped out the car a bit apprehensively, but soon grew accustomed to the noise.

                "Ma," he sighed. "Finally out of that place."  Quatre smiled.  For an 18 year old who had spent practically half of his life in a coma, his English was actually understandable, even with the heavy Japanese accent.

                "Can't imagine spending almost half of my life in the hospital," Duo noted.  "I think I'd go nuts!"

                "You would go nuts if you can't go somewhere in an hour," Heero stated.  Everyone laughed and Duo blushed with embarrassment.  Trowa then turned to Schuldich.

                "What are you going to do now?" he asked the telepath.  The German redhead shrugged.

                "I really don't know."

                "Stay with us," Aya offered.  "Stay with us at the flower shop.  I sure Manx would understand."

                Quatre looked at the leader of Weiß with soft and happy eyes.  Finally, their leader was admitting his love for the German publicly even if the others don't recognize it.

                "Onegai," {Please} Omi added.  'Stay with us.  You can help us battle the girls at the flower shop.'

                'Actually, Omi-chan, I do believe that we'll need to work with more fans at the shop since there's definitely going to be more girls if they join us.'

                Quatre laughed.  It was going to be that way if they all worked together under one roof unless Kritiker could fine them a larger shop.  Meanwhile, Heero is translating everything to Duo, who Quatre knew hates to be left out of the discussion.

                'Not to mention guys too,' Aya-chan giggled.  'We need a bigger place.'

                'I'll ask Manx what she can do.  Though the girls will miss us all terribly,' Shinji said.

                'Not to mention the guys too,' Sakura added.  They all laughed.

                'I'm sure that Kritiker won't mind ex-Schwartz members joining Weiß," said Nagi sarcastically, holding Omi's hand tightly.  Omi gave the telekinetic a reassuring squeeze.

                'They can't do anything,' stated Aya.  'We're the best Kritiker has.'

                'We were known to disobey some of Kritiker's commands since we know that they're withholding information from us at times,' added Ken.

                'Beside, if Kritiker doesn't accept you," offered Heero.  'Join us at the Preventers.'

                'And hut down Crawford in the meantime,' Wufei noted.

                'Keeping a tab on him would be good,' noted Schuldich.

                'I'll even get Kritiker to trace him,' said Quatre softly.

                'Why not,' added Nagi.  'It's not like we have anything else to do.'

                All eyes turned towards Schuldich since he is the ranking "officer" of Schwartz.  Schuldich looked at Nagi and saw Nagi's pleading eyes.  He smiled at Nagi and his eyes brightened.

                'Alright, we'll stay.'

                Both Quatre and Omi smiled brightly and Aya gave a rare smile, looking at the telepath, who returned the smile.

                'So it's settled!' Sakura said cheerfully and she and Youji then both escorted all the boys into the Koneko.  An afternoon of celebration went on and the Koneko was cheerful.  As the sun went down, Shinji walked out of the Koneko to look at the setting sun.  Quatre went into the display room and look at Shinji as Aya-chan walked out towards the younger man.  He smiled at the pair, knowing Aya-chan's affections for the man and the same with Shinji.  He walked back into the kitchen with one single thought: perhaps there is such a thing as true love at first sight.

                The next day, after much rejoicing, Weiß got a message from Manx that Schuldich and Nagi could stay and they were given code names: Schuldich was called Ragdoll [5] and Nagi's code name was Maine Coon [6].  Quatre stayed within Weiß and worked with his friends as they had all moved to be based in Tokyo.  Duo had a lot of trouble in the beginning, but soon learned to speak Japanese even with his heavy American accent.  The empath had dyed his hair brown and wore a pair of brown colored contacts such that one might mistaken him and Omi as twins if not for the different eye color.  Quatre's name in public became Miyazaki Subaru and he changed his codename to Somali as they decided for Omi to take on his original codename Bombay.  No one knew of his being alive and well, not even the Maguanacs, who became the new WEI CEO's bodyguards after they realized they had failed their Master Quatre, much to Iria's chagrin, who insisted that she can take care of herself perfectly.  Later in the year, two other members joined the now designated "third generation" of Weiß.  The older one was named Aguri Kyou, codename Havana [7], and the younger one was called Izumi Sena, codename La Perm [8].  Another contact joined Manx as well as Manx had become more involved in Kritiker since Omi's uncle's death; however, Omi still doesn't know about his family and after the other two had came, Quatre decided to tell him.

                'Omi, I need to talk to you,' Quatre finally said one day gravely.  Omi looked at the younger man seemingly to know already what he was about to said.

                'All right,' Omi said.  'What do want to talk about?'  He sat down at the table in the display shop.  The new flower shop was closed and everyone was out, save for the both of them: Aya and Schuldich were out on a date, so was Youji, who was now dating the vice foreign minister after she had proclaimed her love for him.  At first, Youji was shocked, but when Relena had stated quite seriously that she loved him, he realized that deep in his heart, although she can never replace Asuka, he loved her as well.  That came to put the original Weiß members in a loop when Youji told them as it was very unlike Youji to go for women who were almost 8 years younger than he is. [9]

                That night, Nagi, Sena, Kyou, and Ken were all on a mission much to Nagi's chagrin as Omi wasn't on the mission.  However, Omi was still unable to go on missions since he has to be retrained.  Now with ten members, all of them were able to lead normal lives at night at least half of the week with four to five people taking one mission while the rest take the other mission, if the mission requires that many people.  Thence, some of the times, the men found more free time than they did before.  They began to go out to dinner together and with three hackers within Weiß and help from the Preventers—namely the other Gundam pilots—the group was able to confirm Kritiker's findings before a mission commences in a shorter amount of time, leaving all three of the hackers plenty time of sleep and never missing a class at the nearby Tokyo University, except when they were injured, which was very rarely.

                That night, Quatre sat down at the table across from the person that he had impersonated for more than two years.  He looked at Omi solemnly and began his story: from his very first meeting with Manx to his discovery of Takatori Mamoru.  He paused to let Omi take in all this.  He knew that Omi would not be extremely shocked to find out that he was Takatori Mamoru; after all, he did not meet Takatori Reiji and Quatre had left out the information about the older man's kidnapping when he was 11.  He continued on, giving Omi the truth of his background, down to the assassination of the Takatoris and Aya-kun's revenge against all Takatoris.

                'I had a family?' Omi's voice shook.  Quatre was afraid that he had gone too far.

                "Hai," Quatre said softly.  "Gomen nasai."

                'It's alright,' Omi replied, wiping a tear of happiness from his eyes, knowing that he wasn't an orphan, even if he never met his family before.

                Quatre continued his story, telling Omi about SS, their "last" mission [10], Takatori Saijou [11], Castle Tsukiyono [12], and about the Gundam pilots, telling him even about his own past.

                By the end of his confession, it was already 9—they had closed around 7—and the mood in the flower shop was anything but cheery.  A long moment of silence passed between the two after Quatre finished the confession before Omi spoke up.

                "Arigato, Quatre," Omi said.  Quatre's head snapped up to look at his friend.

                "Naze?" {Why?}

                'It's true that I might be angry at or even hate you for what you had done.  However, I believe that you must have good reason to do it, just like Nagi did.  We all act upon what we believe in; even if I don't know my family, there must be a reason why I don't know them,' Omi said with a smile.  Quatre returned the smile.

                'Arigato,' Quatre whispered.  'Well, I believe your grandfather will want to meet you.  After all, he knew that I wasn't the real Takatori Mamoru the first minute I entered the Castle, but he still told me about the Takatori family.  You should go and visit him in Kanazawa for a week.'

                'I will,' Omi said, nodding.

                The next day, Omi announced to everyone his trip to Kanazawa and Nagi went with him, Aya had wanted to question Quatre about whether Omi was going to stay with Takatori, but Quatre wouldn't answer the question.  He simply said, 'The choice is Omi's.  Right now, he needs to know more than we need him here.'  Aya then understood, turning his attention towards Shinji and his sister, who have, much to the older brother's reluctance, began dating.  The two Fujimiyas often bantered upon each other's love life, only to end in both of them laughing at their foolishness; it was to be something that always startled the oldest member of Weiss, who would constantly mutter, 'I will never understand him.' [13]

                The day after Omi left the flower shop, which was renamed to be Koneko no Hanaya, meaning Kitty's Florist, a mission was given to Weiß to attack the base of an underground group that SS sponsored.  Though weaker than before, SS was still going strong.  It had suspended its expansion into Japan, but now, they were back again.

                'White hunters of the night, eliminate the darkness of tomorrow.'

                'Who's in?' Rex, their new contact, asked.

                'I think we should all go,' Sena suggested.  He knew about SS right after he came to Weiß as he coerced Nagi into telling him, leaving the telekinetic a bit frazzled at times with the teenager's overzealous attitude.  'After all, SS is a dangerous group and we need everyone to undermine its operations.'

                'But you just came back from a mission,' said Quatre.

                'It's not like we don't have a lot of time left on our hands.  Besides, you would need the help,' said Sena.

                'I'm in,' said Schuldich.  Aya nodded as well.

                'I'll go,' Quatre said.  Shinji also gave Rex the sign that he was going as well.

                'I'm in too.  Those SS bastards,' Youji muttered.  Schuldich chuckled and Rex handed Aya the folder.

                'Then I suggest you clear your brain of women tonight, Balinese,' Rex teased.  Youji sputtered and Ken guffawed at Youji's reaction, earning him a death glare from the playboy.  Then, a "game" of cat and mouse began with Youji as the cat and Ken as the yelping mouse, making everyone in the room laugh.  Aya then handed Quatre the folder.

                'Get some more information from the Preventers,' he told the empath.  Quatre nodded and went up to his room, laughing all the while.  As soon as he entered his room, he turned on his computer and logged into the Preventers network.  He looked through his contacts and invited all of his friends into an online chatroom.

                "Everyone, I need to get more information on SS and their current locations," Quatre typed into the computer.

                "I'm on it, Q-man!" Duo's reply appeared in the chatroom.

                "Hn," replied Heero.  Quatre laughed.

                "Thanks," he typed.

                "No sweat," Duo replied.

                "Here's SS's current location in Tokyo," Heero wrote.  Then, Quatre received a mail from Heero and he opened the attachment.

                "From what I'm reading, SS's security's rather slack," Duo said.  I'll save the blueprint on my computer and you can come and pick it up tonight.  The dinner's still on, right?"

                "Yes.  Do you know who the leader of SS is now?" Quatre asked.

                "It's an American who calls himself the Master," Trowa typed.

                "American huh?" Duo typed.

                "Do you think it's Crawford?" Heero asked.

                "It's a possibility," Trowa said.

                "I don't think so.  Schuldich made it clear that he had given Crawford the drug that prohibited him from using his powers," Quatre typed.

                "But, it is possible that Crawford had gotten the antidote for the drug and gotten his powers back," Duo replied.

                "That's a possibility too."

                "What's your assignment?" Heero asked.

                "We're to destroy the new base that SS has established in Tokyo."

                "You think Crawford will be there even if he isn't the leader of SS."

                "I don't know.  But, it is a possibility that with Crawford unable to see the future, they might decide to experiment on him."

                "Yuck," Duo typed.  Quatre smirked.

                "Anyways, I'll see you guys later tonight, all right?"

                "Sure thing, Duo out."

                "Heero out."

                "Be careful, Quatre.  I have a bad feeling about this mission."

                "You should be careful too.  With SS in town, your healing powers would be of great use to them if you fall into their hands."

                "Don't worry."

                "That's the problem.  I'm your little one.  I have to worry."

                "That's fine with me.  I'll see you later."

                "Ja ne."  Then, Quatre logged off and looked into the folder.  The mission details were all correct from what Heero had given him.  However, he had this nagging feeling that something was going to go wrong during the mission.  He picked up the picture that was supposedly the current leader of SS and felt a chill running down his spine; whoever this person is, they were going to hell of a time with him.

                That night, everyone who worked at the flower shop, except for Omi and Nagi who were still in Kanazawa, met up with the Preventers and had dinner at one of the excellent restaurants in Tokyo.  Duo gave Quatre the disk before the dinner started and the night went on smoothly even with the upcoming mission that Weiß was given.  Quatre knew that it was going to be hard, but he knew that it was Weiß's destiny to be up against SS; after all, they were the strongest group that could withstand the power of SS and SS knows it.

                It will always be like this: Weiß vs. SS throughout their existences.

                However, even with this fate, Quatre was relieved of his burdens of lying to his friends about his life.  He had grown apart from his family, but he will never grow apart from his second family: the family of his friends and those who accepted him as a human, not as an heir who will take over a family business, locked away from society.  He is truly at home in Tokyo, not in the colonies.



Does it leave you hanging???  ^^;  Finally… this fic is done!!!  Of course, I think I should write a sequel to this and I'm definitely gonna write a side fic to this regarding Wufei…  ^^;  R/R plz!!!!!!!  Arigato to every single one of my reviewers and thank you for reading and enduring the long waits for next chapters!!!  Arigato gozaimasu!!!



Preview of possible sequel:

"Quatre-sama," the beaten fortuneteller grasped the empath's ankle and held onto it tightly.  Quatre's heart skipped a beat in fear and he stumbled onto the ground, scuttling away from the man.  "Quatre-kun, tasukete."  Quatre's breathing quickened with fear.  He shook his head silently with tears in his eyes.

                "Tasukete, Quatre-kun…"  Then, Crawford stopped where he was on the ground and Quatre let out a frightened scream.



[1] There's way too much allusions to other stuff… ^^;  *imagining the pilots as musketeers…* hmm… new fic idea… ^_^;;;

[2] I dunno how far the hospital is from the shop… so I just put it down as 30 minutes… kinda long I know… but I need enough time for Aya and Quatre to talk…  hehe

[3] I perceived Rosenkreuz as a really bad place from what I've heard…  ^^; and I assumed that it's a place for the psychics…  so ya… I made Quatre go there just b/c of his powers

[4] This is for all of the fans who like the Schuldich x Aya pairing…

[5] My sister came up with the cat name… don't blame me…

[6] see above

[7] translated from the official website for Weiß at www.marine-e.co.jp/weib/index.html… ya… I know it's in Japanese, but I used a program and a book on cats to figure out the names…  ^^;

[8] I'm not sure about Sena's codename, but I think it's La Perm according to this book on cats…  ^^;

[9] I admit, I do not like Relena… and Youji's my least favorite character in Weiß, so I paired them up… ^^;  XP

[10] For those who didn't watch the OAV, everyone in Weiß except Ken "died" to make their enemy lower his guard and to make him feel that he has triumphed over Kritiker when he didn't as Weiß discovered their real enemy.  Anyways… they "died" but then reappeared to rescue Manx and Kaori, originally a target for Weiß in the false mission that their real enemy (who happened to be a US army colonel…) gave them…

[11] Takatori Saijou is the head of the Takatoris and is Omi's grandfather.  For more information, go to Aya no Weiß Kreuz Corner and click on Tearless Dolls.

[12] Castle Tsukiyono is located at Kanazawa and is the stronghold of the Takatori family.

[13] Yes… you can definitely see the supposed OOC-ness of Fujimiya Aya… now referred to as Fujimiya Ran since his return to the Koneko.