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"But it was all for you! Everything was! Can't you see?" My voice came out as a wheeze. Almost raspy even. The chase had taken its toll on me.
But now… She was almost where I wanted her. All she had to do was see everything I'd done for her. Saved her from. I kind of hoped to be… Her hero. Maybe even… Her saviour.
I wanted her to be mine.

I stepped closer to her. Her reaction was immediate. She tensed, and took a step backwards, making her back collide with the cold, hard wall. She exhaled.
"Get away from me." She said, in a hard, steely voice. "I told you to stay away."

"I love you Rin. I love you so much! I would do anything for you!"
She gave me one of the dirtiest looks that I'd ever seen. A look that even a pile of trash would be grateful to receive.
"Can't you see all the things I've done for you? CANT YOU?!" I shouted out. Startling her.

Just why couldn't she get it? Everything I'd done for her was out of love! All those people! For her! It almost made me regret what I'd done. I thought she'd smile, laugh and tell me how happy she was!
But the reaction I had received was the opposite of that.
Couldn't she see that this was all an act of kindness and love? For her...?

"Its …All for you… FOR YOU!" I was beginning to sound a bit repetitive… I just wanted her to see. To understand.

She looked at me. Really looked. …No… She stared. Normally I'd love her big, crystal like blue eyes, but now…
Now they scared me. They were sticking into me, like needles. Sewing me to the same spot.

Her voice was cold. Devoid of any emotion. "You need help Len."

Rin would never say anything like that. Not to me. She wouldn't. …Maybe it wasn't Rin. Maybe it was an imposter. Yeah… The real Rin would love everything that I'd done. Yes. It wasn't Rin. It was an imposter…
Some… Kind of demon… Maybe she was possessed… It made perfect sense.

"Just leave me alone Len." She sighed, raising her bright aqua eyes to meet my dull blue ones.

It didn't make sense. It was Rin. She wasn't possessed or anything else stupid like that. She was just Rin. The girl I loved.


"Just leave me alone" She repeated. She just wouldn't get it. It looked like she'd never get it.

I smiled. Wide.


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this fic is meant to be kind of dark (yes i failed at that lol)