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Alice POV

I can't wait. I signed my 2 best friends for this game show that is called Date a Cullen. I know that most people think this is crazy, but it sounded like a good idea. The boys are supposed to be really hot. I haven't seen them yet. I can't wait!

"Look at the house!" I screamed trying to keep control of our car.

Bella and Rosalie were staring at the mansion sized house that we were pulling up to

"I cant believe we get to stay here!" Rosalie squealed.

I parked the car and then we headed to the back yard which was swarmed by at least 30 other girls.

I saw a man and a woman on the porch with a microphone.

Then the man spoke, "Hello, My name is Carlisle and this is my wife Esme. You are all here because we want to find the special someone for our 3 sons. There will be certain games and tasks which you will precipitate in that will helps us figure out if you are right for one of our sons." When he finished his wife spoke. " Hi, I am Esme and I can't wait for this to get started. Tanya will help all of you girls get situated in your rooms and then we will be pleased for everyone to come down to dinner.

"Everyone please get in a group of 3 so we can figure out who you will be your room mates" Tanya said

"we should be in a room together" Rosalie said when other girls were starting to get groups.

This is going to be so much fun! Bella said while we made our way to up to the mansion

"you girls are going to be in the yellow suite" Tanya said while gesturing us towards a long hallway.

I opened the door, and WOW.

"This room is…. AMAZING" I gasped while looking at the room. It had 4 queen sized beds with yellow bedding. The walls were a pale yellow and event the carpet was yellow. There was a list on one of the beds with what we were doing tonight

Yellow Suite

There are yellow T-Shirts, tanks, shorts and headbands in the drawers which must be worn during the games and tests. You are allowed to wear anything you like for the dates and to the meals. Breakfast is at 8:30am, Lunch is at 12:00 and Dinner is at 7:30. The snack bar is open 24/7.

Thank You

The Cullen's

"OMG we get the color yellow!" I screamed while jumping up and down. I have to admit that I do like the color yellow very much.

"We know you like the color Alice" Rosalie said while unpacking

"Okay you guys, since we are the yellow team we have to kick the other girls butts. Even if we don't like the guys, this is going to be a fun game" Bella said. Who knew she had a competitive side?

"Dinner time!" Tanya yelled down the hallway

"Come on girls. Let's go so we can sit next to each other" I said.

We walked outside and whoa. There were huge tents with long rectangle tables. And then we saw the 3 Cullen boys.

I know this isn't that great. It's my first fanfic. If anyone would want to help me with this then that would help me a lot. I already have the next few chapters ready, but I'm not sure if this is a good story or not.