a drabble

It had been a few months after she had joined and she felt so happy to finally be wanted. She wasn't alone anymore. She finally had what seemed like a normal life(even if she wasn't exactly alive anymore).

And she was happy.

She was happy she could help with her newly found poltergeist magic.

She was happy she could laugh and talk with her newly found friends.

She was happy to play around with Mikan.

She was happy to learn from Honami.

She was happy to talk to Itsuki.

And she was happy to make tea for Nekoyashiki.

There wasn't anything she wasn't thankful for.

And even when scary things happened, she knew, with a sort of warm inkling, that everyone'd be alright.

And she knew that as long as she stood by her friends, that she wouldn't ever want anything more.

Yes, she was happy.

And nothing would change that anymore.

This was meant to be a NekoyashikiXKuroha one-shot,but it never did seem to flow into that sort of ,I left it how it for the random left as suddenly as it came.