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Sebastian gazed amusedly at the mansion located near the Phantomhive residence. A small, sadistic smile crawled upon his pale lips as he caught a whiff of the warm summer air. He recognized the sweet smell almost immediately.

"Vampires," he purred under his breath as he gracefully poured hot tea into an exquisite teacup.

Ciel's blue eye watched Sebastian closely as he did this.

"What did you say?" he asked, looking up at the butler with a bored expression. He had his cheek propped up by his arm which was resting against the top of his large desk covered in annoying paperwork.

"Hmm?" Sebastian looked down at his young master, his eyes glinting with a crimson sheen.

The boy took a small sip of his tea before placing it back down upon its saucer. He laced his fingers and placed his chin upon them. "Don't 'hmm' me. I heard you say something, Sebastian. Tell me."

Sebastian smiled. "It appears you have plenty of paperwork to complete, so do not worry over my silly trifles."

"Sebastian, don't make me 'beg'."

The butler sighed. It was clear he was not getting around this one, besides, kids were always curious, and Ciel was the worst when his interest spiked.

"It appears you have new neighbors moving into the mansion beyond the forest."

Ciel picked up one folder in particular from the mess on his desk and flipped through its pages, pretending not to be interested in Sebastian's words.

"Yes, the Kuran family is staying for the next few weeks to escape from the busy city."

"Oh, I see you've done your homework," Sebastian praised, bending down so his face was precariously close to Ciel's.

Ciel stared calmly into Sebastian's eyes, his cold demeanor surprising even Sebastian.

"I like to pretend I know everything about all noble families, Sebastian. I never know when I will find my next chess piece amongst them."

Sebastian pretended to be hurt by his young master's words. "But I thought I was the only chess piece you needed." Sebastian leaned closer to Ciel's cold face, black and blue-grey hair mingling as their faces almost touched. "Are you trying to make me jealous?"

Ciel shoved Sebastian's playful face away from his, a wicked grin appearing on his own. "Maybe I am. I hear Kaname Kuran and his household are capable people. They might provide me with some entertainment . . . at least for a while, anyway."

Sebastian's eyes darkened. "I must admit, vampires are quiet capable beasts, but they cannot be bound by contract like me. It will be quite hard for you to convince them to join your game of chess for they are very inflexible."

The surprised look on Ciel's face amused the butler to his dark core.

"Vampires you say," Ciel muttered.

"Yes," Sebastian said, walking over to Ciel's window and closing it. "They are quite beautiful creatures, untouched by the passing of time but extremely hard to kill."

Something inside Ciel clicked, sending a dark, electrifying sensation rushing up his spin. The youth's smile stretched from ear to ear as he bent his head so Sebastian could not see his face. His shoulders shook slightly as he began to giggle incessantly.

"Vampires, huh," Ciel said, his tone dark and foreboding. "I've been waiting for a fun game to come along, and it looks as if it has finally arrived."

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