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"Would you please refrain from making silly flirtations with my fiancé," Ciel said as he picked up another book from his mile high pile. "You'll start the noble women chattering and gossiping."

"What did you say?" Kaname asked. Currently he was sitting beside the not-Lizzy, his arm loosely slung around her shoulders, and sitting a little too close for Ciel's comfort. Not that Ciel really cared if Kaname was flirting with Edward or not. But he did mind it while he possessed Lizzy's body.

"Yeah, man," Edward grumbled under his breath. He tried to scoot away from the handsome vampire but found the bench gave little room for him to move. "I'm an engaged woman. You can't go around hittin' on other peoples women!"

Kaname grinned a wolfish grin. "But I like starting gossip. What's the point of being a noble if you can't start rumors and live an envied life?" He lowered his pale lips to Lizzy's bare neck as a pair of old rich women walked by. Immediately they started to chatter, throwing the Phantomhive, Kuran, and Middleford name around and mixing them with truth and rumor.

Edward jumped at the feeling of the cool lips against his neck. "What the-?" He quickly jumped up from his seat and settled upon the lap of Ciel, sticking his tongue out at the suddenly bored looking vampire. "What did I say? I'm engaged, asshole. Next time I bitch slap you."

Ciel sighed, suddenly finding it difficult to read with a lapful of red dress and possessed female. "Why exactly did we come to the library again?"

Edward face suddenly light up. "Oh yeah! I don't suppose this library would carry any books on alchemy?"

Ciel shrugged. "Alchemy hasn't been a huge part of history in this world. But we might be able to find something if we look, but let's not hold our breaths . . . I also have to return this book on rocketry. How the hell it got into my house mystifies me."

Edward picked up the book on rocketry, flipping through pages. "Rockets, hmm? We didn't have them back at my place. Maybe when I get back I'll—"

Ciel looked up from his book at the sudden pause of Edward's strange ranting. "Are you alright, Elizabeth? . . . Elizabe—Edward?"

Edward's face was contorted in a mask of surprise, confusion, and maybe a shadow of old hope. He was on his feet in seconds, rushing towards a person Ciel couldn't pick from the crowd.

"What's wrong with the alchemist?" Kaname asked, returning his attention back to his companions.

Ciel didn't answer but instead stood from his seat and rushed after the flowing red dress that was quickly slipping into the crowd. "Elizabeth!"

Edward rushed forward in a daze, seeking out the face he had only seen from the corner of his eyes. Pushing through people and tripping over the hems of his red dress he feared he wouldn't catch up to the person he had seen.

Ah! There he was again. A sudden flash of golden eyes and blonde hair, a face that seemed burned into his memory with only a few differences.

"Stop!" Edward shouted causing people to turn their heads, but it wasn't the right head that turned.

The golden eyed man disappeared into the crowd once more. A sudden flash of fear rippled through Edward as he realized he might lose the person he was running after. The library was only so big, but it was big enough and full enough that he would lose the golden eyed man before he managed to reach him.

"Fuck!" Edward quickly pulled off the red heels slowing him down and raised one over his head. "Duck and cover people!" he screamed and people stopped, saw the very dangerous missile in his (or her) pale hand, and quickly ducked.

Edward threw the shoe at the receding, and seemingly deaf, golden eyed man. Luckily no idiot (CoughCough Zero) blocked the perfect shot of the shoe and it successfully hit the blonde head of Edward's chosen victim with a satisfying sound.

"Shit!" the golden eyed man yelped holding his head between thin fingers. He stayed that way for a minute just in case who ever threw the shoe decided to throw the other one. Slowly, he lifted his head. His eyes landed on the girl with only one shoe on. "Hey, girl! You shouldn't go throwing shoes at people!" He waved the red heel in the air.

Edward rushed forward and froze in his tracks. "What the fuck?" He stood before his body! Yes, his body! And said "Did you shrink while I was away?"

The small, golden haired boy just stared at Lizzy with wide eyes. "What?"

"Shut up and give me my body back!"

Umm, yeah.

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