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She had really done it now. She was angry, but she would never do something so awful intentionally. She loved him too much to do something like that. Did he know how much she loved him? He should, after all—No! It wasn't fair for Calleigh Duquesne to assume Eric Delko knew how much she loved him. Now, thanks to her perfect aim with a stupid 9mm (with any gun), she may never get to tell him.

"Horatio, we can't lose him," Calleigh pleaded.

"I won't let that happen," Horatio assured Calleigh. He was sure there was something going on with Eric and Calleigh now, something deeper than friendship.

Horatio watched Calleigh turn around and walk back to her Hummer. He was a little surprised he didn't have to send her home. He was sure she would beg to stay and tell him she had to work on this case. The fact that she didn't do that made it clear to Horatio how upset she was. In fact, if his eyes weren't deceiving him, he was almost sure she was crying.

"Natalia, Ryan," Horatio called, getting their attention. "We can't lose him. We have to find him…alive!"

Natalia and Ryan nodded, and Ryan went back to processing the car, but Natalia held back to talk to Horatio.

"You know, this doesn't look good," Natalia informed Horatio. "I think our chances of finding him alive are getting smaller by the minute. I know we can't lose him without losing Calleigh too, but I'm just really worried that he isn't alive."

"Keep processing," Horatio ordered.

"Look in the woods," Ryan called out to them.

"What?" Natalia asked.

"There is a lot of blood here, and I'm almost sure it's all Eric's. He couldn't get very far with all the blood he's lost," Ryan explained. "The only place he could go is in the woods. We have to find him before the Russian Mob does. Hopefully, they haven't already found him. They can make your life miserable, and they don't care if you're hurt."

They both knew Ryan spoke from experience, and they both thought searching the woods was a good idea. Natalia told Horatio to go ahead, and call them if he saw Eric or if he needed any help.


Meanwhile, Calleigh was trying to drive home. It wasn't working very well, and she was almost sure she was going to have a wreck from these tears that refused to leave her alone. She almost wished to have a wreck. At least then she wouldn't have to go home to a house with reminders of Eric everywhere. She knew he wouldn't be there, and that just made everything worse; made her tears start falling faster.

Calleigh was completely broken. She was almost sure the love of her life (and he was, for sure) was hurt or dead, by her hand. Well, by her 9mm, which was in her hand. She was only thankful that she hadn't aimed higher, because if she put another bullet in his head, she would have died right then. And she had no doubt he would have as well. He might be dead right now. Here came those tears again.

Calleigh had given up driving long ago. She had pulled over to the side of the road and let her thoughts take over her mind. Well, she should actually say thought. The one that kept running through her head was: Eric is dead. She knew that if he was it was all her fault. She did shoot at him after all!

Calleigh began to clear her mind, turn on the radio and finish driving home. Everything reminded her of Eric though. The country station on the radio would make Eric gag and he would complain about it, but wouldn't change it, because he loved to see the smile on Calleigh's face when she listened to it. After that thought, she refused to let the tears fall again; she was determined to get home this time.

Finally, Calleigh pulled up to her house. She pulled her key out of her purse, walked inside and was greeted with the site of boxes. This time she couldn't stop her tears. Eric was in the process of moving in, but then they had their fight earlier today. Calleigh knew when he came home later they would work everything out and everything would be okay. What if he never came home?

No! Calleigh refused to let herself think like that. She was going to think about happy things. She decided to begin unpacking his boxes. After all, nothing was happier than thinking he was going to come home later. He could be all moved in when he got here. The boxes were already sorted into which room they should be, and she found herself in her bedroom ripping the tape off one of the boxes.

The first thing she saw in this box was a sweatshirt sporting his college name and the mascot on the back of it. Before she could think what she was doing, she slipped in on over her clothes. It basically swallowed her up, but on it stayed. After she was comfortable, she began to organize his clothes, putting some in drawers and hanging some in her—their closet.

She found a lone pair of his socks, and she went over to put them in his acclaimed sock drawer. He had proclaimed this drawer his a few weeks ago and told her to stay out of it. She had laughed, rolled her eyes, but obeyed. Now, going to put his socks away, she forgot about that day.

As she opened the drawer, she wrinkled her nose at the mess inside. She had been known to be a neat freak, so she had to clean this drawer a bit. In the process of doing so, she found a box hidden under the mess of the socks.

Calleigh, being the curious person she was, had to pick it up and open it. When the box was open and the beautiful diamond ring showed itself, Calleigh almost choked on air. Her hands were shaking as she pulled the ring out of the box to look closer at it. She knew what it was for, and this was why Eric had told her never to get in "his drawer."

Calleigh couldn't take it anymore. She gently sat the ring on the dresser, climbed onto the bed and cried. Wrapped in Eric's sweater and clutching his pillow she cried harder than she ever had. He was going to propose. The only thing she comprehended right now was: He loved me, and I killed him!

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