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Chapter 1~

I have to write a letter today to kippei-oniisama I thought as I ran back home. Just then I tripped over a pair of feet and fell on the grassy area.

"ouch…" I tried to pull myself up but the pain was too much for my weak tiny 8-year old body. I looked to see a boy sitting on my right side with his legs crossed that tripped me. He stood up and lends me a hand with a bright smile on his face.

''Hey…. Are you alright? I'm sorry.'' He spoke with charm.

I stared delicately at his cute little face and I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

"My name is Sora Toshiba. I live in the city Tokyo. My family is visiting here for summer vacation"

"I'm Yuzuyu Sakashita"

After our first meeting, for the rest of the summer Sora and I had been playing together a lot. My feelings for him had started growing. One day he also gave me this beautiful looking butterfly pin. To him, it was just a little present for a little sister. To me, it was my first present from the guy I like.

Every summer Sora and his family would come back to visit. But every summer, the chances of Sora and I playing together got less and less. After second year of middle school, Sora had stopped coming back to the countryside. I thought maybe he was just busy. But the next summer, there were also no signs of Sora. I got worried about him. But my mom said she still keeps in contact with Sora's parents and they are doing perfectly fine. Sora's parents say that Sora just didn't feel like going back to the countryside anymore, that's why they've stopped coming. I also learned that Sora is entering N High School in Tokyo city. That time, I couldn't resist not seeing Sora anymore. The feeling of not seeing him for the rest of my life just got out of hand. But this feeling stopped one day…..

"Yuzuyu! Good news!''


'"I just got an offer for a new job in Tokyo! We are going to move to Tokyo as soon as we can. Your aunt has also been generous enough to let us stay in her extra house."

"Really?" I was really happy. I was happy because I can then see Kippei and Kokoro as much as I want. Therefore, I can also enroll N High School and see Sora! Two weeks later, we arrived at Tokyo. I begged my mom to let me enroll N High School. We got our lives settled really well in Tokyo so far. I also went to visit Kippei every time I can. Even though Kippei got much older and a grown man now, he was still the big brother I looked up to when I was five. Throughout the years, my vision got more blurred and I need to get glasses. Sometimes classmates make fun of me for being four eyes, but I thought having glasses on me looked pretty decent. I've grown my bold silver hair out and now it's up to my waist. I usually braid it because it gets in my way of working.

Not long afterwards, I started school as a freshman in N High School. I haven't been able to look for Sora despite the fact of just moving here. But something has just caught my eyes. I couldn't move when I saw Sora walking to the main doors. It was really the Sora that I haven't seen since 2 summers ago. He has really grown up and his looks have really changed. He was even better looking than before. His big brown eyes and short layered brown hair. He was really tall and his body was skinny. I felt like going there and hugging him. But instead, I just went over to where he was silently

"Sora?" I said wondering what his reaction would be.

It turned out he was surprised to see me here.

"Yuzuyu?" he said in his deep manly voice.
"Why are you here?"

"My mom found a job in Tokyo and I was worried about you so I enrolled this high school so I can be with you." I said with a smile on my face.

Sora looked around to see if there was specifically anyone.


I had a lot of things I wanted to ask him just before I was cut off by a group of people's voices.

"Oi Sora are you cheating on Natsu?" said a guy

"Well it's not like they're going out or anything but EVERYONE knows they're the cutest couple in the school. It'll sure spread rumors if you're seen so closely with that….. Nerdy girl" replied a pretty good looking girl.

What? Natsu? Who was this Natsu? And who were they calling nerdy?

"Yo shut up guys. This is just my childhood friend. Nothing more. I could care less about her" as Sora said this he gave me a cold stare. Then he went over to his group and they left me standing there with a bunch of questions in my head.

As I was walking to my classroom I was surprised yet happy to see Sora sitting on the front desk. There were also the people from earlier. As I walk by taking a seat next to Sora I could hear a lot of whisperings. Sora simply ignored me as I took my seat down next to him. Just then a pretty shy looking girl with short black hair came in. She was a really pretty girl blushing at the same time. When Sora saw her, he quickly glanced at me.

"Hey… scoot over."

I glanced confusingly at him wondering what he meant.

"I said scoot over ugly bitch. This seat is for Natsu."

I instantly scooted over trying to avoid any fighting issues going on

Natsu silently passed by her seat as if she saw nothing. Then Sora's hand grabbed hers.

"Sit here babe." He said with a seductive smile.

"O…Okay…." Replied Natsu silently.

Everyone in the class cheered. I stole a glance at Sora's happily smiling face. I couldn't believe what was going on. He had just called me an ugly bitch and he was just flirting with Natsu. My heart was aching so much it felt like it was about to burst. But I knew he's only got to be playing around. He'll get tired of Natsu soon. He was sometimes like that back in the countryside. He would flirt with shy looking girls he sees. Well, at least that's got to be it with Natsu… Right?

When I went home I decided to use Kippei and Kokoro's cooking methods to make a really cute lunchbox. I was going to make one for Sora tomorrow at school. I used to always make lunchboxes for him when we went out summer camping.

Next day at school I saw Sora forcing a kiss on Natsu. Natsu tried to stop him but in the end she gave in and kissed him back. It really pains me to see the both of them together. But I just keep telling myself Sora will get tired of her. Sometimes I see other girls mocking me saying how I want to ruin their relationship. I didn't care for what they say. During lunch hour, I went over to Sora and his group. Natsu was there talking to the mean girls of Sora's group. They were all having a nice time with smiles on their face until my appearance appeared before them.

"Oh look it's the slut again." Said one of them

"I am not a slut. My name is Yuzuyu you pighead."

"What did you just call me you slut?"

"Shut up Miko. What do you want braided foureyes ?"

"Sora… I made a lunchbox for you. I stayed up all night learning how to make it and I didn't even….."

Before I could finish talking, Sora swiped his hand at it and the lunchbox flipped over on the floor.

I looked at it with sorrowful eyes.

"I don't want trash like that. Natsu already made me a lunchbox."

"Oh Sora look…. You're going to make her cry!. Why were you so mean?" Natsu replied with her innocent looking face and she went to help me pick up my lunchbox.

"Here" she said handing back the lunchbox to me with a big smile on her face. "Don't mind Sora he's always like this. Back in second year of middle school when we met, he has always been mean to other girls and rejects them."

Second year of middle school? That was probably the reason why Sora stopped visiting. He probably found his love. Who was this Natsu girl to talk? I was the one who met Sora first. I could feel jealousy rising up. I didn't even know what I was thinking. Then I turned away and started to run. I always wanted to find a love like Kippei and Kokoro's. I always wanted to be by someone's side and be important to them. The important people around me have also taught me a lot of things I'm supposed to and not supposed to do. I shouldn't be jealous of an innocent and pretty girl like Natsu…

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