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Chapter 8

When I let go of Shouta, my mind was blank. What have I just done? I thought to myself.

''Uhm… sorry I'm just not myself today'' I mumbled silently without even glancing up at Shouta, and took off.

Meanwhile in the hallway of S High School, Sora and his friends from N High School were having a chat.

''Oh my god, was that silver haired girl the nerdy girl from back then? Man, did she change from head to toe.'' Said a random guy.

Sora's eyes stayed cold. ''Pfft I'm even more surprised than you idiot. If only she would've showed me that kind of hidden beauty from the start, I wouldn't have tossed her away that coldly in the beginning.''

''So that cheap bastard was you.'' A mysterious deep voice echoed in the hallway from their direction. All heads turned and were surprised to see it was Shouta!

''Shouta, I don't get it. Who are you calling a cheap bastard?'' replied Sora.

''You really changed Sora. I knew you were a player but to treat a girl that way, you're really low.''

''What are you to be taking a stand? Aren't you just the same as me? Trash are meant to be thrown away sooner or later.''

Shouta felt an incredible amount of anger rising and grabbed Sora by the collar and pushed him against the walls.

''Listen, bastard, watch your mouth and who you're talking to. We may be childhood friends, but if you disrespect me, or any of my friends, even if it's that girl, I wouldn't give two shits who you are but I will beat the living brains out of you. And we're not the same. No matter how many girls I've dated, I don't play like you do and intentionally cause hurt to people that I actually care about. Get your facts right.''

As Shouta finished speaking,he let Sora go and his eyes started softening and his expression went back to normal. He let out a grunt and left.

Sora and his friends stared at Shouta leaving unbelievably and wondered what has just happened.

Meanwhile, at night back in Yuzuyu's home,

'Oh my god! I cannot believed I just took him in and kissed him like that!' Yuzuyu thought to herself while laying down on her bed. 'And he even kissed me back. It's really making all my thoughts and feelings go around in circles!' Yuzuyu didn't want to believe Shouta did it because of any special feelings he held toward her. She shook her head out of it and made belief that he only did it because it's his intuition to kiss back girls. Yuzuyu shut her eyes and began to fall asleep…

As I was riding my bike to school like usual, I saw Shouta. My face felt sort of hot as images of what happened yesterday popped up.

Shouta immediately noticed me and started waving his arms. I looked aside with a sweatdrop wondering how much of an idiot he looked with that motion.

''Oi! Granny! Slow down your feet with the pedaling and let me get up on that bike!''

''What's with that Rapunzel way of speaking?''

''Rapunzel? Wow, your imagination is great! That wasn't even my intention haha'' He let out a soft chuckle.

I let out a small unnoticeable breath of relief. So everything is back to normal, huh. I didn't dare to mention anything about yesterday because I don't want to spark up the awkwardness. Maybe letting it be this way is best, and I didn't really dislike it. The ride to school was getting boring, so I said something without a thought to it.

''Hey Have you heard the new amusement park nearby is opening.''

''Huh? Amusement park? I guess..''

''We should all go check it out this Saturday!'' Uh Oh, I thought to myself. I didn't want it to sound too much like a date so I added in ''With Marika and the others! Ahaha…''

Shouta gave out a weird look again.

''Do you still think you're a kid or something? Amusement Parks aren't my sort of thing..''

I felt bummed out. That was a mere rejection to my plans. The ride to school was silent.

I mentioned the plans to the others anyway, since I really wanted to check out the amusement park. All the others said they would go. I stole a glance at Shouta who was staring at me… I think. Or just our group. I didn't want to get ahead of myself and just brushed it off.

The rest of the week was peaceful and normal. We've been talking about the amusement park plans and what kind of rides we'd go on the whole week. I even tried convincing Shouta to come, but everytime he just coldy rejected me. Everytime he rejects me, my face led out an obvious disappointment. Why are you always acting so coldly towards me after that sweet kiss? I wanted answers that will probably never be answered.

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