Sakura stiffened hearing rushed footsteps run past her as a few older children passed by an open window behind her. She sighed some in relief. Why? She didn't really know herself. Maybe because she had been peeking from behind the door into her classroom for the past half hour staring at her crush. The class room was empty of all life except for Sasuke Uchiha, seeing as how Iruka had to go drop off a few papers to some other teachers. When he had passed by she attempted to hide quietly behind the door. She didn't want to get caught; it would be much too embarrassing. This would have been a good idea if only she knew how to mask her chakra and her teacher wasn't a chunin.

"He wouldn't make a good teacher though if he was a genin." Sakura mused before ditching the thought and looking back at the small boy.

Biting her lip gently Sakura fidgeted with the small box of something she had made just for him. Throughout the day multiple girls greeted him with gifts of chocolate and other things for his birthday. She had watched as Sasuke quickly refused to take them or disposed of the ones that got placed in his bag when he wasn't paying attention. She brushed a few strands of hair from her face feeling her ribbon loosen.

Quickly tugging out the ribbon and tying it quickly back into place she knew she had to give her gift to him before the lunch bell rang. This was her last chance to give him her gift if not she'd have to squeeze her way through a small crowd if giggling girls after school and most likely get rejected in front of them. She'd take getting rejected with no one around than in front of all the girls in her class.

"Who wouldn't?" She sulked pressing her cheek against the door. "Gotta get this over wi-" She blinked hearing a loud ringing sound blare through the hall.

The sudden loud sound of dozens of feet against the hard hall way floor frightened Sakura. Lunch had just finished and she had blown her last chance to give Sasuke his gift on time. Sakura mentally groaned and walked into her class along with the other students. Sitting down she noticed Iruka hadn't come back yet and the class was taking the form of a battle ground.

"I get to sit next to Sasuke! He likes me better!" Sakura turned her head to see a small group of girls debating on who got to sit next to Sasuke.

"Yeah right!" A brown haired girl snapped stomping her foot on the ground before receiving a push from another girl.

"I'm the best in the class. I get to sit with him!" Another yelled.

Tilting her head she watched as a small brawl broke out next to Sasuke as the small group of girl's battled over the seat next to him. Legs kicked and nails scratched as they yelled at each other much to the displeasure of the boy they were after.

"Settle down!" The door slammed open and everything was placed on pause for brief moment. Iruka walked in glaring at the group of girls. He walked to the front of the class as everyone scrambled to get into their seats one of the girls snagging the one next to Sasuke. The rest of the day followed with taking notes, figuring out simple equations and girls glaring and hissing at each other silently from their seats as if attempting to gain dominance over each other.

"The one who wins gets Sasuke. I have no chance." Sakura sulked as the dismissal bell rang and the boys ran out the door. Sakura shifted stretching before bragging her backpack and heading lazily to leave as well.

"That's so not fair you got to sit next to him!" Sighing she heard the small group of girls earlier had stayed behind to fight yet again.

"It is so! You're all just mad you didn't think of snagging the seat in time!" A high pitch voice snapped back. In a matter of seconds another brawl had broken out between them.

"I finally found you!" Ino giggled running up behind her saddened companion. Frowning she had seen that face too many times. "What did the other girls do? If they picked on you I'll punch them in the face." She gave a small snicker remembering how she 'completely kicked butt' the last time she came to rescue Sakura.

"They just kept fighting over Sasuke the whole day. I didn't even get to try and give him my gift!"Sakura shifted pulling out the small box from her soft pink backpack.

"Then why don't you just stop by his house and give it to him?" Ino grumbled. She didn't really want to help Sakura get Sasuke. "Although with my cute looks and great style I'll win him over easily. I might as well let her try." She thought.

"Y-you think that's a good idea?" Sakura looked at Ino in awe for coming up with a brilliant and daring plan as that.

"I don't see why not." Ino shrugged looking at the yellow orange sky. "You'd have to hurry though it's going to get dark in a few hours."

Nodding Sakura quickly ran ahead of Ino only stopping to turn and wave goodbye before heading out to complete her mission.

Sakura's full sprint came to a grinding halt as she stood in front of the entrance to the Uchiha compound. The entrance was large and somehow overwhelming. She looked ahead past the entrance to see a normal road run through it. Houses on either side decorated with potted plants or a lantern. She bit her lip again seeing an old woman quietly sweeping up some leafs in front of her house.

The lady stopped noticing Sakura standing there just outside the entrance. The girl seemed too scared to move forward. It was as if she had grown there like a tree and her feet were rooted to that spot. She gently set her broom against her porch and walked forward to the small girl. As she moved closer the girl's features became easier to see. A slightly chubby face, soft green eyes and an odd shade of pink hair. A small smile wormed its way onto the woman's face and she stood looking down at Sakura.

"Is there something you need little girl?" She rasped her voice reminded Sakura of tissue paper crinkling.

"I-I want to give this to S-Sasuke." She held out the small box her hands trembling worried that the lady would ask her to leave and never come back. Ever.


Sakura blinked surprised as the old woman shifted to the side as a gesture for Sakura to enter. Taking a small step forward Sakura entered and looked up at the old woman. Receiving a nod she watched the lady point her finger to a house a many yards away.

"Thank you!" Sakura smiled quickly running down the road to the house.

She began walking as the house only remained a couple yards away. A few potted plants were placed in front. A small tree was to the side of the door. It was a plain, nice looking house she concluded stopping and looking at the wooden door. She lifted her hand, made a fist and gently tapped on the door. The soft knocking sound wasn't loud. She barely heard it herself.

"Come on! You can do this! I need to get back so mom doesn't worry." She thought making a move to knock on the door before it swung open.

Cool air gently floated out from inside the house causing Sakura to shiver some as she moved her hand next to her side. The man who opened the door looked down at her quietly. His eyes were the same pitch black as Sasuke's.

"Are you Sasuke's daddy?" She asked the man in the door way who was quietly drinking a glass of water.

Itachi nearly choked on his drink at the girl's question. He had been told he looked old for his age, but a father? Shaking his head Itachi looked down at the small girl.

"Oh," Sakura stated shifting. Maybe she picked the wrong house or the lady lied to her. 'She seemed like a nice lady too.'

"I'm his brother." Itachi mumbled softly taking another sip from his glass. He watched as the girl beamed in happiness gazing up at him.

"Can you give him this for me?" She held out the box excited. "I heard it's his birthday!"

Itachi frowned knowing well enough it was not his brother's birthday. In fact his birthday was a month from now.

Seeing the expression on the man's face Sakura bit her lip for the third time today. "W-what's wrong?"

"It's not his birthday." He stated and the girl looked surprised.

"It is. Everyone at school knows! June 9th is his birthday. He was talking about it to the other guys! All the girls at school know too." Sakura said baffled.

"Did he say specifically it was his birthday?" Itachi smirked as the tiny child let out a small gasp. He watched her scrunch her eyebrows together thinking.

"Then whose birthday is it?" She asked tilting her head and looking at Itachi overly curious.

"Mine." He stated reaching out and gently flicking her forehead amused. Obviously Sasuke was talking about his birthday to all the other boys at the academy. He was probably trying to get help figuring out what to get. A girl probably over heard part of it and jumped to conclusions quickly spreading what she thought she heard to all the other girls.

"Ooooh." Sakura blinked looking up at the boy who should be getting her gift instead. "Umm." She shifted uncomfortable with the awkward situation she had been placed in.

Itachi continued to smirk watching the small girl try and figure out what to do next. This had been one of the most amusing things that he'd seen in the past few weeks. "Anbu missions aren't exactly amusing, more of a complete hassle." He thought before feeling a soft tug on his pants.

"Happy birthday." Sakura smiled softly holding out the small box for him to take.

Squatting down Itachi gently plucked the white box from her hand. He opened it carefully and looked at the small cupcake inside. The top was iced with the Uchiha crest that was messily made from red and white frosting placed in the middle. From being in the box all day it seemed as if some of the frosting hardened, but Itachi smiled some at the amateur creation.

"Thank you…" His voice trailed off as he noticed he never learned the girl's name.

"Sakura Haruno!" She cheered happily.

"Thank you Sakura. I'm Itachi." He gently tapped her forehead smiling.

Grinning Sakura quickly hugged the older boy before glancing up at the sky. The gentle orange blended with red and her time was almost up. She knew her mom was freaking out because so much time had passed and she wasn't even home yet.

"I have to go now! Have a happy birthday!" Sakura giggled turning and running down the road back to the entrance.

Itachi stood as the girl ran away not knowing that her signature red ribbon had been stolen. He glanced down pulling the ribbon from his pocket. His movement was quick and he easily took the ribbon from her without notice.

"She'll have to get it back one day." He mused closing the door and walking back to the small dining room where Sasuke sat with a neatly wrapped gift.

"Happy Birthday Nii-san!" Sasuke grinned.