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Just Like a Mama Bird

"No! Sasuke! I don't wanna eat your nasty tomatoes." Sakura scrunched up her nose and wacked Sasuke's hand away in disgust. They were at Naruto's house, celebrating his son's first birthday. Naruto being Sasuke's best friend just had to buy tomatoes for a snack (his reasoning was it wouldn't be right otherwise).

"Come on Sakura." Sasuke waved the cherry tomato in front of her face. "At least try it."

Sakura pushes his hand away, "I have tried it. Many times and I still don't like it."

Sasuke pouts childishly. "What if I feed it to you?"

Sakura laughs, "No." she deadpans.

"Pwease?" Sakura glares at him. Really he's too good for his own health. Sasuke smirks. "I see you have the Uchiha death glare down." He kisses her nose. "Now all you have to do is love tomatoes."

"I will never love tomatoes. I mean really, what are they? A fruit or a vegetable, or do they belong in a class all on their own?"

"They are fruits Sakura, fruits."

"If you say so." She said, obviously not believing him.

He sighs, "They have seeds so they are fruits."

"Whatever." Sakura turns away, looking for their son in the crowd. Sasuke taps Sakura on the shoulder. She turns back annoyed, "Really Sasuke. I'm not ea-" Sakura never gets to finish because at that moment Sasuke (skillfully) kisses her and pushes the little tomato from his mouth to hers.

Sakura, having no choice, chews it down and swallows. "I told you I didn't wan-" but Sakura's cut off for the second time when her son yanks on her shirt.

"Mama? What did Daddy just do?"

Sakura, sending another glare at her husband, turns to her son and says, "He fed me a tomato." The little boy nods, looking serious and thoughtful. "Shall we go home then?"

"If there's no getting you to eat tomatoes, we might as well." The family says good-bye to their friends and head home. Only half way there does the little boy speak again.

"It's just like a mama bird." Sasuke and Sakura shoot their son questioning looks.

"What is Kenji?" Sasuke asks their son.

"You feeding Mama. It's just like a mama bird feeding its babies. Only you fed Mama not me." At the statement Sasuke turns red and Sakura can't help but start laughing. She takes her son from her husband and tickles him.

"You're really smart Kenji!" Sakura praises the child while Sasuke mutters something along the lines of, "What are they teaching these kids in school today?"

Just something random that popped into my head while I was swimming today, my hair's still wet from my shower. This is how dedicated I am to making you people happy.


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