Those reviews make me smile. :) Thank you. There is a lot of IMing in this chapter. Just a warning.

bellamarie: It's Saturday night. If you want to go out, go out. You don't have to hold back because of me.

Conversation went back to normal after Edward called me his sweetheart. During the conversation Edward got a text message from Emmett asking him to go out but Edward said he wanted to stay on here and talk to me. He also made a point to mention that he did not want to leave me alone either.

I had to wonder which one it really is. Does he really want to stay on here and talk to me? Or is he afraid to leave me alone because I would most likely spend the rest of this night cooped up in the dorm reading.

velvetkeys: I'm not holding back. Emmett only wants me to go out with him so I can be his wingman and designated driver; I'm not feeling up to it. Like I said I'd rather stay on here and talk to you anyways.

Inside my heart was beating happily and erratically. He wants to spend more time with me. He wants to spend more time with me. He wants to spend more time with me!

I smacked myself against my forehead.

I really need to stop getting so excited. It's not a big deal that he wants to spend more time with me. We're always having long conversations on AIM. Our longest conversation so far has lasted almost eight hours.

bellamarie: Do you have plans for thanksgiving? I'm going to a friends house but we're just doing pizza and junk food though.

velvetkeys: I was supposed to be flying to Forks for thanksgiving with my parents but they are on Vacation in Paris. So I'm going to Alice and Jasper's. Alice is cooking her first thanksgiving dinner. Pizza and junk food? No turkey?

bellamarie: They're vacationing in Paris during the thanksgiving holiday? Wow. Yep... pizza and junk food. My friend and I were going to order turkey and all the fixings but we are not feeling up to tradition. So were getting pizza junk food, and watching DVD's.

velvetkeys: The last vacation my parents went on was a long long time ago. I was eleven and Alice was eight. We went to New York but really Mom, Alice, and I vacationed while dad went to medical conferences.

velvetkeys: Pizza and junk food for thanksgiving; that actually sounds good.

bellamarie: Well they sure are lucky. I'd love to go to Paris one day; even England and Italy. And it does sound good. I have not had a thanksgiving since I was eleven really so I'm content with pizza and junk food.

velvetkeys: You have not had a thanksgiving since you were eleven? Why… wait, because of your mom right?

There is no way for someone to be subtle with IM but that's okay. At least he guessed why instead me having to explain.

bellamarie: Yeah… the same goes for Christmas and any other important date. She actually managed to remember my birthday – on my fifteenth birthday but that's because she forced herself to be sober for a week for job interviews.

velvetkeys: I'm sorry sweetheart.

bellamarie: Don't say your sorry. It's not your fault. I don't need pity anyways.

It really irks me when people say sorry when they have no reason too. The gesture is nice but why apologize when you did not do anything, plus it's another way for people to pity me and I don't need pity.

I don't want pity. I somehow survived drunk Renee. I'm stronger than people think.

velvetkeys: Trust me when I say this sweetheart, I'm not trying to give out pity. It appalls me that your mother is forgetful… I mean I know it's the alcohol but still. You deserve better sweetheart.

bellamarie: Thank you… can we change the subject now? Please. :)

velvetkeys: Anything for you. :)

bellamarie: Okay… So, Angela got me to read this book... Not exactly my kind of read but I like it.

velvetkeys: What is it?

bellamarie: It's called Twilight.

velvetkeys: NO! Not you too. My sister cornered me to rave about that book last night. She thinks Emma and William are the perfect couple… well second in line to her and Jasper of course.

bellamarie: They're a fictional couple and they're not the perfect couple per say. William seems to hate Emma at first but really it's because her blood is so strong to him so he has to resist her. Eventually they get to know each other and fall in love. But of course William leaves her in New Moon and she finds comfort with her best friend, Caleb.

velvetkeys: It's a teenage soap opera with vampires and werewolves, and somehow it is on the best seller list.

bellamarie: Well I will admit I prefer the vampire human romance from True Blood. Sookie and Bill are a cute couple but Sookie and Eric… well that's just hot.

velvetkeys: True Blood… supernatural porn basically.

bellamarie: On the show maybe but the books are way better. You've seen it?

velvetkeys: Yeah, I use to watch it with Victoria… not my favorite show. The crude story lines and vulgar language are not my cup of tea.

bellamarie: I knew you would say that. You're always such a gentleman Edward.

velvetkeys: I told you, it's how I was raised.

bellamarie: I know. I know. I have a great respect for your chivalry. Not very many guys like you exist today.

velvetkeys: :) That's true sweetheart. Very true.

I would never admit this to Edward but I absolutely loved his chivalry. Like I had told him, not very many guys like him exist today. I've observed that guys – the majority of guys here at the college - are looking for good time and quick fuck, and they don't even know what good manners mean.

When I dated Mike he would hold doors open for me and offer to carry my books but he was nowhere close to perfect like Edward.

bellamarie: So, what are you up to?

velvetkeys: Talking to you sweetheart.

bellamarie: Yeah I know that but you got to be doing something else. Like I am playing a game of solitaire while we IM.

velvetkeys: Well I got a steak cooking on the stove.

bellamarie: :O You. Are. Cooking? Lol

I was literally laughing out loud. Edward, cooking. During the time that I got to know Edward I learned that he is a horrible cook. He is so bad that he burns toast every time and can't even make a bowl of cereal taste good.

I tried teaching him how to make French toast through IM once. It did not work out so well. He over soaked the bread in the egg mixture and it fell apart in his hands before he could get it on the pan.

velvetkeys: It was on sale at the grocery store. I couldn't resist. I figured I'd try it. All I have to do is flip it around a few times till it is brown.

bellamarie: And you have to make sure it is cooked. You can't eat steak raw, Edward.

I was scolding him through IM which made me laugh even harder.

velvetkeys: I like steak. I can't live of takeout and microwave food forever. I should learn to cook.

bellamarie: I'm surprised your mother did not teach you to cook when you were growing up.

velvetkeys: She tried to but I was more concerned with my piano. And when I got a real piano when I was ten I clung to it like a magnet. I love to play.

bellamarie: I would love to her you play the piano one day. Maybe you can even give me a lesson… of course I would teach you how to cook first. :)

I tried playing the required instrument for my music class in middle school but I could not even get one note right. Musical instruments are not my forte.

velvetkeys: I would love to play for you one day. Well maybe soon… we could meet?

I was not even being serious when I threw my last statement out there. I guess I was just joking. Meeting, Edward. I can't even contemplate that. It is doubtful it will even happen. I am stuck here with college and work. He has his life in California. We have never even taking our conversation off of AIM.

Yet my conscience is just begging me to say: "Yes! Yes, Edward lets meet."

I decided to try and dodge his question.

bellamarie: Meet? Haha. Very funny Edward.

velvetkeys: I'm not trying to be funny, Bella.

He calls me sweetheart more than he does Bella. He is being serious when he calls me Bella. Very serious.

bellamarie: I don't know what to say…

velvetkeys is typing.

bellamarie: I'm sorry, Edward. I got to go. Jessica just walked in and his giving me her usual grief. I'll talk to you later.

I lied then signed off before Edward could get a reply in.

He was being serious and I was being honest when I said I did not know what to say. Edward makes my whole world better. He is the reason I even bother to smile anymore. Meeting him would probably be the greatest thing to ever happen to me but I don't know.

I've never seen a picture of him or heard his voice. The last time I met a complete stranger, things did not end well. But Edward is not a stranger. He doesn't feel like a stranger.

He could be some forty year old pervert but I know he's not. I know he's not because I feel it in my heart. But meeting him seems like such a huge step but I don't even know what the step is for.

I shut my laptop as Jessica entered the room and Mike Newton – the Mike I dated last year – trailed in behind her looking like a lost puppy dog.

"Hey Bella, do you know Mike?" He pointed her head to him and winked. She knows I know Mike. She knows I dated Mike. Stop playing dumb, Jessica.

"Yeah… Hi, Mike." I muttered and smiled at him. My smile was meant to be kind and welcoming – nothing else.

I don't even know how Jessica can bare to have Mike in our dorm room with the mess that it is. She still has not cleaned up the mess she made last night. It is embarrassing for me when people come to my room and it's a mess.

"Sup, Bella." He grinned at me. I internally rolled my eyes at that.

"Nothing much. What are you two up too?" I really did not care what they're up to; I'm just making conversation so we can avoid awkward silence.

"Mike and I are going to the movies but it is raining really hard out that I figured I would come back here and grab a coat." She started rummaging around in her closet for a coat while Mike kept grinning at me.

"You want to come with us, Bella?"

I was going to tell him no but Jessica beat me to it. An oversized designer purse flew out of the closet and hit Mike in the head. He groaned rubbing his head. Jessica popped out the closet with coat and she immediately started laughing.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mike. The purse just slipped out my hands." An innocent smile crept onto her face but when Mike turned away she glared at me.

"No thank you. I think I'm going to hang here. Might go to bed early tonight since I got work in the morning." I almost wanted to say yes to piss Jessica off but I would not put myself in the kind of fire. Sitting in a movie theatre with creepy n' clingy Mike while bitchy Jessica tries to hit on him. Not happening.

Hell I'd rather choke on my own throat than spend anymore time with Jessica than I already do.

"Maybe some other time then." Wait! Make that creepy, clingy, and clueless Mike. You'd think when I broke things off with him last year that he would get some kind of hint. Guess not.

"Or never," Jessica mumbled quietly. Mike did not hear her though which was no surprise.

"Okay, Mike. I'm ready to go!" Jessica secured her arm with Mike's and dragged him out of the door.

They're gone. Finally.

I opened my laptop back up and stared at the colorful abstracted background image on it as I contemplated getting back on AIM.

He probably does not even want to talk to me after I just left him like that. I did not even say a proper goodbye and did not let him give me one either.

A tear slipped through the corner of my eye.

I'm such a bitch. Just like my mom. He did not do anything to me and I just abruptly brushed him off. Even lied to him about Jessica but she did end up coming in the room but I still lied to him.

I should have said goodbye. He would have understood that I needed to leave. He probably would not believe me because it's not like I'm going anywhere for the night but still.

We always say goodbye to each other. He probably hates me now. I don't know what I'd do if he stops talking to me. I need him.

I clicked on the AIM icon and signed on as invisible. Edward was still online. He is the only person on my online list too. I have a small number of AIM buddies. Edward is the only person I frequently talk to on here.

I was surprised when an IM instantly popped up. It was from Edward.

IM sent ten minutes ago.

velvetkeys: You don't have to say anything about it sweetheart. Just think about it maybe. I think it would be great if we could meet… and okay. We will talk later. Good night, Sweetheart.

I realized I was overreacting when I thought he might be mad at me. In his IM he did not seem mad or upset. He seemed kind and caring; as usual. He even said we will talk later.

That's a good sign – a really good sign.

My anxiety disappeared and I smiled.

He even gave me a goodbye.

I contemplated switching from invisible back to online so I could apologize to Edward for leaving him like I did but I was stopped when my cell phone rang.

Not a lot of people know my number and I still don't get a lot of calls. Who could be calling?


I hesitantly answered. "Hello?"

"Bella!" The voice sounded terrified and scratchy. The voice of Renee, my mother. My customary thoughts of hanging up on her lounged in my head but whenever I hang up she just keeps calling back till I talk to her.

I'll just make up some excuse that I'm heading to a night class. She will never know and maybe she will leave me alone for the night.

Her next words made me drop my phone from my hand.

"Bella, I'm in jail!"

I might have overdone it on the IM's in this chapter but Edward won't be in the next chapter so I wanted to get enough of him in. :)