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Chapter One:

Harry Potter, now Jamie Cullen smirked as he watched his sister try to find her phone. Really, it wasn't as if Hermione just couldn't pick up another phone and call her cell. No, Hermione had taken to looking everywhere in the Cullen house. Everywhere but where he had hidden it.

Had Hermione forgotten she was a witch? Mostly likely, everything had to do with Draco. Hermione still pretended she didn't like him and Draco keeping his word, pretended not to know she liked him.

"You're not being very nice." Edward said looking over at him.

Harry stuck out his tongue wishing Draco would hurry up and show up. As fun as it was watching Hermione tear the house apart, it was starting to grow old.

"Do you promise to stay with Hermione and Draco at all times?" Esme called from the kitchen.

Harry glared in that direction. "Yes." He called out sweetly.

"And do you promise to do as we say?" Hermione asked turning toward him.

Harry openly glared at her. Really, the one person who knew him better than anyone in the house babied him the most, well other than Rosalie. He really wanted to kill Snape, this was all his fault. Telling them that he was no more than a mere little baby. Why in the name of Merlin did he have to go and tell them something like that?

"I didn't hear you answer her." Esme called in.

"Yes." Harry mumbled still glaring at Hermione.

"Don't forget a rain jacket." Rosalie reminded him from the corner, where she had been reading. "Alice said it would rain."

"This is Forks." Harry muttered. "When doesn't it rain?"

"We can't have you getting sick on us now." Emmett boomed out.

"When have I been sick?" Harry asked. Not once had he ever been sick, not once sense he had been here. Not that he had really been here that long.

"What are you getting so worked up over?" Edward asked surprised.

"I have been here a month. I haven't even been to see Draco, Pansy hadn't been able to come by or nothing." He pouted out. He had only seen the pixies that one time at school, but he really missed them. They too had been stuck in the pixie form. From what Alice told him, neither minded. But they wouldn't. the pixies would grow up. Grow up get married and have little pixie babies. Harry would not baby-sit.

"Don't run off and you won't get grounded." Edward reminded him.

Harry crossed his arms. They had all got in trouble for going to the Malfoy Manor. Snape had seemed extra pleased with himself. Well, all but Luna. She had her father's permission. Smart really when he thought about it.

"Where is it?" Hermione asked out-loud.

"What?" Harry asked watching as she rechecked under the couch.

"Give her the phone." Edward warned gently.

"Tattle tail." Harry murmured watching Hermione storm around on him. It seemed all Edward was good for was tattling. Well, he was kind of good to talk to. Jasper was better because he always made him feel all warm.

"Draco is coming," Alice called in a singsong voice.

"My hair!" Hermione muttered forgetting all about her phone to run up the stairs.

"She is mental." Harry called out. "Honest if she isn't, Hermione would never do something as girly as that!"

Edward smiled. "She is a girl."

"She is Hermione." Harry reminded him. "The smartest witch in Hogwarts."

"That doesn't make her any less of a girl." Rosalie reminded him.

Harry wanted to argue that, but decided against it. He had heard Severus tell Carlisle Hogwarts would indeed open next year, maybe even sooner.

"He is almost to the door." Alice whispered.

Harry jumped up running to the door pulling it open wide. "Please get me out of here." He said at the sight of blond locks.

"My favorite little poppet." Draco smiled.

Harry glared at him. "I'd better be you're only little poppet."

"Where is this temper coming from?" Draco asked amused.

"Cabin fever." Emmett explained.

"You mean he has been sick?" Draco asked surprised.

"No," Edward answered. "He hasn't took to being grounding to well."

"No elf would." Draco explained walking in.

"We have aloud him to go into the gardens." Jasper smiled.

"Only he seems pulled toward the woods." Edward said thoughtfully.

"He is a wood elf, so of course he is pulled to the woods." Draco shook his head.

Harry stuck his tongue out at Edward.

"I found my phone." Hermione called bouncing back down the stairs. "It was in my pocket book."

Harry smirked. The one place she never thought to look.

"Jacket!" Rosalie called out.

"I have that too." Hermione said rushing Harry and Draco out the door.

All three walked in silence until they came to the small field they used for meetings.

"I'm never getting grounded again." Harry muttered taking a seat on the grass. "They even voted, did you know?"

"Are you though pouting?" Draco asked.

"I will be in a minute." Harry informed him shaking his head. "Why didn't someone tell me parents could be so mean and cruel?"

"You're lucky you didn't get your bum smacked." Hermione pointed out.

"Shut it!" Harry crossed his arms.

"Harry!" Draco called out surprised.

"That was a really long time to be grounded." Harry murmured.

"Where is Luna and Ron?" Hermione asked.

"Watching the pixies." Draco explained.

"Have there been any news?" Hermione asked.

Harry perked up at this. He hadn't heard any kind of news in a very long time. That month had seemed like years to him. It felt like years upon years.

"I know a new order has begun, back in our world, but never the less, one has been started." Draco informed them.

"By who?" Harry asked.

"Longbottom." He answered.

Harry beamed. "Good old Neville."

"He will need help." Hermione said pacing in front of them.

"He has help." Draco smiled. "Severus and father are helping him, most of the professors as well. I don't know for sure who is over it, but I do know that it is an adult. I don't know many that would follow a child."

"They would Harry." Hermione pointed out.

Harry giggled. He wouldn't even follow himself right now.

"So, who is up for that trip back to our world?" Draco asked.

"I wouldn't be safe, neither would Harry, besides that, our parents wouldn't let him go." Hermione pointed out.

"I want to go." Harry informed her. He was dying to see what it had become. Hermione did have one point. It was possible that she wouldn't be safe, not now, not as a vampire.

"Father has permitted it." Draco said softly.

"Our father hasn't." Hermione reminded him.

"Carlisle wouldn't stop Harry." Draco replied.

"Because Lucius is his uncle." Hermione piped out. "Are they afraid Lucius will take him if they don't do as they say?"

"It is nothing like that." Draco puffed out. "Harry may be family but it took me two weeks to convince father to agree and another week for Carlisle to agree."

"You just said Carlisle wouldn't stop Harry." Hermione said crossing her arms.

"He wouldn't, he wouldn't because Lupin is there and is demanding Severus to bring Harry to him." Draco announced. "Unlike most, he knows Harry to be alive, he has smelled him on Severus."

Harry grinned. "And Padfoot? Is he there as well?"

"If you are speaking of a grim looking mutt, then yes." Draco answered.

Harry bounced up. "Did you hear that Hermione? They are back!"

Hermione slightly smiled. "Now I see why they have agreed for you to go."

"Because of a werewolf and a mutt?" Draco asked now confused.

"All because of a werewolf and a mutt." Hermione nodded.

"How'd you know moony was a werewolf?" Harry asked.

"My father." Draco answered.

"I love them." Harry beamed.

"Sirius, does he have any control over Harry? I mean, he was Harry's godfather." Hermione looked at Draco. "Is that why he is going."

"He still is Harry's godfather as well." Draco shook his head. "He couldn't take Harry, if you remember, he is still wanted."

"He just wants to see him." Hermione nodded calming her emotions. She had never dreamed that being a big sister could be so hard. Besides, it seemed silly once she thought it through, of course they would want to see him, they had known Harry from the time his was born.

"When do we go?" Harry piped out. He was ready to leave right then and there.

"Soon." Draco laughed.

Harry smiled as Luna popped in. Jumping up he gave her a hug. "I have missed you so much!"

"You did make it." Hermione smiled.

"As I asked once before, who is up for the trip back to our world?" Draco asked.

"Let us just go now!" Harry demanded.

Luna grinned. "I'm in as you know, Hermione?"

"How?" Hermione asked.

"You are still a witch are you not?" Draco asked.

"I'm starting to think not." Harry whispered to Draco, "She seems to have only one thing on her mind."

"Harry James Potter Cullen!" Hermione warned. "Of course I'll go, it isn't like I can leave him alone very long."

Harry snickered.

Draco smiled sweetly at her. "You'll know I'll watch over the little poppet."

"That is what worries me." Hermione muttered. Never, not once in her wildest dream did she ever see anything like this happening, not to the four of them. And never, did she ever, for one minute believe that she, the muggleborn could fall in love with Malfoy, the muggleborn hater.

Luna smiled and winked at Harry.

Harry grinned and pushed down the need to speak. He had been working on the childish urges that seemed to jump in him at times. Like now, he really wanted to get up and demand to leave. It wouldn't do him much good. "When do we go?"

"In the morning poppet." Draco smiled.

Harry bounced up. "I'm going home so I can go to bed."

"It is still morning." Luna reminded him.

"That would be a problem." Harry murmured taking his seat once more.

"Would you like to take a walk with me?" Luna asked smiling at Harry.

"Gladly." Harry nodded this time getting up slowly. Smiling at Luna he walked into the woods.

"Love is a wonderful thing. Don't you think so Harry?" Luna asked.

"If they ever figure it out." Harry answered with a shake of his head.

"They have figured it out Harry, neither understands how it can work." Luna smiled looking down at him. "We are all alike Harry."

"Immortal, yes I know, children at that." Harry answered wondering now how it could work.

"Are not your other brothers and sisters, children as well?" Luna asked.

"Yes." Harry answered. They were, but them again they wasn't.

"Are they not married as well?" Luna stopped and looked down at him.

Harry nodded, he just didn't understood what that had to do with Draco and Hermione.

"They will work things out. It may take a few years, but they will." Luna assured him.

"Years? I have to live with this for years?" Harry asked horrified. Years of having to hear 'oh how smart Draco was'.

Luna nodded. "Then the years after."

Harry moaned.

"Then, the years after that." Luna reminded him just how long forever would be.

"It'll take awhile, huh?" Harry asked.

"Afraid so." Luna agreed.

Harry just moaned. "True love? What do you know about love?"

Luna just beamed.

"Not you too!" Harry crossed his arms. "Well? Out with it then!"

"I'll tell you when I can let you meet him." Luna smiled once more.

Harry studied her for a minute. "Have you met him?"

"I don't even know his name." She replied heading into the woods.

Harry waited before running after her. "Well? What does he look like? Can you tell me that?"

Luna had taken to skipping. "It is such a wonderful feeling to be in love!"

"How would you know? You haven't met him or know his name Luna." Harry caught up to her.

"I can feel him, and I have seen him." Luna stopped.

"Where?" Harry asked surprised.

"In my mind of course." Luna answered.

"Of course." Harry agreed with a shake of his head.