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Chapter three:

"Have you got everything you need?" Esme asked fixing Harry's hair back in a braid. He didn't mind it when Esme babied him; it didn't bother him at all. The rest, now that did bother him.

"You were the one who packed." Harry reminded her. They had planned for only two days; Esme packed for two weeks. He believed she had, he wouldn't be able to wear all the clothes she had packed him in just two days.

"Severus is here." Edward called out.

"Great, that is just great." Harry murmured thinking it wasn't fair. Narcissa came and took Hermione and Luna with her. Lucius must have taken Draco. He hadn't even known the batman had been in Forks. He watched as Snape stalked into the room, much like a hunter going after its prey.

Harry glared, as Snape looked him over. Once more he found himself wishing that he could disappear. He watched Snape shrink his trunk, Harry wished he could do that as well.

Esme hugged him once more. "You listen to them."

"I will, I promised didn't I?" Harry asked as Severus lifted him up.

"He will return to you unharmed." Severus promised.

Harry shut his eyes; he hated how it felt, like someone had a string pulling on his navel. A huge string that seemed to be pulled and tugged on hard. As soon as it started, it seemed over. He did wait until his feet had touched the ground before opening his eyes.

He bit back asking where they were. The place looked dusty, it had books piled upon books. Hermione would love it, most likely so would Edward. It smelled of dust, mold and potions. A lot of potions unless his nose had decided to lie to him.

"Lucius will be by shortly, as for now I have potions to finish." Severus looked him over. "I trust you to remain in here, quietly."

Harry waited until he knew Snape couldn't see him before sticking out his tongue. Really, they did all believe him to be a child. He began looking over the room, a library from the looks of it. Book after book had to do with potions, one on charms. Nothing special had been left for him to find. A guess would be Snape did that just to keep him bored.

In the back of his mind, he didn't really think that. Snape had kept him safe; he gave him a family. Snape had given him much more than Dumbledore ever had. One day he would thank him for that. Just not today, no that he would wait on.

He eyed the door, a very large wooden door. It couldn't hurt to take a small look; he could open the door take a quick look. After all, what would that hurt?

Harry tiptoed over to the door listening for any sound of movement. Hearing nothing, he carefully pushed on the door until he had a wide enough spot to go through. He slowly moved through the opening he had created. Gently he let the door close behind him.

Smiling, very pleased with himself he started down the dark, dusty smelling corridor. He only made a few steps until he could feel someone right behind him. Dropping his smile he turned to face the only one that could make him feel as if a hole had been drilled into his skull.

Only it wasn't Snape, that would have been so, so much better if it had. He began humming a song Edward like to play while he took in the old man's long white hair and twinkling blue eyes.

The rumor had been true. He saw no change in the great Dumbledore. He looked no different than he had the last time he had seen him. Harry did the only thing he knew to do. He smiled up at the man.

"Good day to you young man." Albus Dumbledore smiled down at him.

"Who are you?" Harry asked putting his hands behind his back.

"I'm Albus Dumbledore, and you are?" He questioned.

"Someone in a lot of trouble." Harry whispered wondering where Snape had gotten to. Then he remembered. Snape never mentioned coming back, only to wait. That was just bloody great. On the other hand, the man before him had no idea who he was. That could be a good thing, Harry hoped so anyway.

"I don't recall ever meeting someone with a name like that." Dumbledore said sweetly.

"Right." Harry whispered crossing his arms.

"My, you are an elf, are you not?" Albus asked taking a step forward.

Harry took a step back. He really didn't know what he should say to man; he knew what he would like to say. None of it would be very nice. Maybe, just maybe he could play with the old man until someone came. "Of course I am no elf, what would give you that silly idea?"

"A number of things," Albus smiled taking another step.

"It is the ears, isn't it?" Harry asked taking another step back. "I get that a lot you see, I hate to tell you this, but I had them at birth."

Harry took another step back watching the sparkle go wild in the old man's blue eyes. Then it dawned on him. Albus looked old, how had he not seen that before? It could have something to do with his eyesight.

"You couldn't be, what, no more than five or six?" Albus asked.

Harry would kill him for that. "I am not a bloody baby! Not even a tot!"

"Of course you're not." Dumbledore agreed with a smile. "After all, I don't think someone would leave a child alone in this big house, now would they?"

Harry eyed him. He could point out that he wasn't alone, but the old man would have known. Taking a deep breath, Harry remembered whom he was facing. Did Snape know the man was even here? He could answer that, no he didn't, and otherwise he would be with them. Harry also didn't see Dumbledore coming in without Snape knowing. Why had the old man come anyway?

"Who is with you young man?" Albus asked with a smile.

"Well," Harry tried to smile back, but found it to hard. "I am with my brother and sister and a friend. We have came to visit our cousin Severus."

"I did not know he had other family." Albus said surprised. "A brother and sister, you say? Are you the oldest?"

"Don't I wish it." Harry murmured looking down the corridor. Dumbledore would have to have snuck in somehow. He was to the point of asking just how old the man was when he heard the footsteps coming up the corridor.

"Severus!" Albus called out brightly.

Harry wasn't about to turn around and look. Severus had managed to sneak up on him to many times. It was even possible it wasn't Severus, a big possibility.

"Now, I do have to say that this is a surprise." Lucius called from the door.

Harry managed to move over to Lucius. Looking down the corridor he saw that he was right. No Severus Snape, if he had turned, the old man would had got him. They watched as a swirl of yellow smoke took Albus Dumbledore away.

"Do not forget the port-key around your neck. I had it made for a reason." Lucius pointed out.

"I didn't forget," Harry whispered as he reached up to touch it. He had forgot it, he had forgot all about it.

"I'm going to take you to that werewolf; he seems to think I eat small children for breakfast." Lucius announced.

Harry sent him the best glare he could muster up before mentally agreeing with moony.