And So It Begins


I guess you could say that me and my best friend were the "outcasts" of our town. Sure it was a small place, but that meant everyone knew everyone, which to me, sucks. It wasn't so much the way we dressed or acted, it was how we looked. In La Push, everyone has the same looks. Black hair, brown eyes, and russet skin. Somehow whatever god out there, forgot to make me look like that. Compared to the others around me, I was rather fair in complexion, with mahogany eyes, and not so dark brown hair. In all, I looked like a freak. So it only made sense to make friends with the other freak, right?

Neveah Rose Caden, is one of the most beautiful girls I know. No one thinks much of her, she's just that girl who goes unnoticed. Veah is shy, like so shy I have to talk for her when we meet new people. But it's her art that speaks for her, every thought she has, is poured into those drawings. When Neveah was born, her father took off, leaving her with her mom, and unfortunately she had his looks. Olive skin, brown hair, and navy eyes.

Maybe that's why I got along so well with her, not the looks, though that did help. My dad had split when I was nine, and has never returned. I don't care though, if he doesn't care enough to even call on my birthday, I don't care about him. Compared to Neveah, I'm loud and the social butterfly. Acting is my life, I was born for the stage. Veah also says I'm dramatic, I have no idea what she's talking about. I wasn't the air head everyone thought I was, I had straight A's and made sure I got good grades. I worked at a small café in town with Neveah, and saved up money for college, and then spent it all on a used car that we had dubbed "The Beast."

My life was just me and my best friend, the café, and acting. Did I want it all to change? No. Did I need for it to change? Again, no. But did everything change against my will? That would be a yes.

"Harlow sweetie," Mom had this way of getting me to do things I hated. Take now for example. I had woken up a half hour ago and got ready for school, and was now sitting on the kitchen counter eating an apple. And what was mother dear doing? She was holding the checkbook in one hand, and a handful of paper in the other.

"Mother," I said slowly. I knew my mom, she only wore that overly sweet, vomiting look if it was something I hated doing.

"I need you to go to the store and get us a nice dinner for tomorrow," She smiled again and I groaned.

"You're having that dirt bag over again?" I snapped and jumped off the counter, grabbing the checkbook and list of what she wanted.

"He's not that bad Har," Mom placed a hand on her hip and gave me 'I'm so disappointed in you' look. Too bad I was seventeen and over it by now.

"Whatever mom," I rolled my eyes and jogged up the stairs. I threw the things into my back pack and double checked myself in the mirror. Junior year, meaning one more year left. I could do one more year. That would be my constant mantra 'one more year, one more year.'

I thought I looked cute today. I wore my blue skinny jeans, a pink tank top with a zebra on it, a cream colored draped sweater, and dusted pink shoes. I had pulled my hair to the side in a low bun and let pieces fall out. With one last smile at myself, I grabbed my phone and left my room.

"Bye mom!" I called as I walked out the front door.

"Have a great first day!" Mom yelled. The car engine drowned her out as I blasted the radio and drove down the block, honking madly until Neveah came out, her mother looking out the curtains and laughing when she saw it had been me.

"Good morning cupcake!" I smiled widely as Veah slipped in and I started driving. I looked over at her and sighed, "Great, we look like total opposites!"

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Neveah's voice has always been sweet, almost sounding very innocent. She wore dark almost black skinny jeans, a dark grey t-shirt under her favorite grey knit jacket, and black vans. Her hair was completely down and in a very crazy, though adorable, wavy mess.

"You look like you have come from the underworld!" I snapped.

"And you look like you have come from the world of rainbows," Neveah snapped and I rolled my eyes, "You know what that means, don't you?"

I eyed her, "No. What?"

"It means your gay," Neveah nodded her head and I reached over to smack her arm.

"You're lucky I love you," I snapped as we parked and got out. The rain hadn't started yet, but I knew it would start pouring at any minute. I raised my face to the sky and muttered, "One more year."

Neveah pouted and said, "I have two."

"That's your fault youngling," I patted her head, loving the fact that Neveah was so little for being sixteen.

She stuck her tongue out at me and put her music on, blocking me out as we sat on the small brick wall. Today would be easy, basically getting to know your teachers and all that crap.

"Hey," I nudged Veah in the ribs, and nodded my head towards the group of boys who had just arrived. Everyone stopped to look, as always.

They were all tall and muscular, handsome every one of them. Even beautiful if you must. I had lost count of all their names, but knew a few from the local gossip. They were suck ups to the teachers, and total jerks to the rest of us. I called them the Local Hotties, Veah called them the local Junkies.

"So how are my lovely girls doing?" Jace Sanders and Sam Cress fell onto either side of me and Neveah. They were about the only boys who actually hung out with us, of course they weren't popular, computer geeks actually.

"Wow," I muttered under my breathe. Jace and Sam both had the La Push looks, they weren't amazingly gorgeous. But the summer had done something to them. They were both taller and had muscle. And they did look cuter.

"Still blocking everyone out I see," Jace pulled the ear buds and grabbed Neveah's iPod and stood up quick.

"Give it back Jace!" Neveah snapped as she stood also.

"Nah, this way you can actually be apart of the conversation," Sam winked at her as him and Jace started throwing it to each other, way over Veah's head.

"Oh come on guys! Be nice!" I said through my laughter. Neveah gave me a look as I clutched my sides.

Jace almost dropped the music player and Neveah lunged at him. He dodged quickly and ran, Neveah following. That girl was fast, trust me. Sam and I followed them, only to find Jace sitting with our resident Hotties and Neveah scowling at him. All of them smirked at her.

"Since when did you guys make nice with these guys?" I asked as Sam nodded towards Jared and sat down.

"This summer," Sam answered.

"Give it back Jace," Neveah held her hand out.

"You want this?" Jace held the iPod up, then put it in his pocket, "Then get it."

"Idiot," I muttered.

I knew that smirk on Neveah's face. She walked forward and leaned into him. Still smirking she reached into his pocket and took her iPod. Backing off as the other guys all laughed. Neveah stood next to me and held up a twenty dollar bill, "Thanks for the money."

"What?" Jace snapped and looked in his pocket. Neveah put the money in her back pocket as we all laughed.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Jacob Black snapped as him, Brady, Collin, and Embry joined the little pack.

"Little Neveah Caden is making Jace's morning just wonderful," Paul answered and Jacob laughed.

"Give it Veah," Jace stood at his full height, Neveah looked so small compared to him.

"I have twenty on Jace," Sam nudged my side.

"You're on," I sat next to him.

"What was it you said?" Neveah wore a thoughtful expression, "Oh right! You want it, then get it."

Jace's hands fisted and the guys all smirked. Obviously they had never seen Neveah outside of her little shy bubble. Around me, Jace, and Sam she was a lot more vocal and herself.

"He touches her and he gets suspended!" I laughed.

"Unless no one see's!" Sam put a hand over my mouth.

Jace obviously wanted that money bad because he reached around Neveah and grabbed the money. Neveah was just as surprised as I was, and moved at the last second, causing both of them to slip on the wet pavement. Sam and I stood, and both reached for them, slipping in the process. I waited for the impact, but nothing came.

I blinked and looked up, and came face to face with Brady Davis. His breathe lingered on my face as he stared into my eyes. I swallowed hard as his arms tightened around me, "Um, thanks."

Brady blinked and helped me up, his hands lingering on me a moment too long. Someone hummed "Another One Bites the Dust" and they all smiled.

"I'm getting crushed here!" Neveah yelled. I jumped from the sudden noise and looked to see that Jace had broke her fall, but then Sam had landed on top of them.

"Oh, yeah," I muttered lamely and kicked Sam off, and then pulled her to her feet.

There was an awkward silence as we all just kinda stood there. Luckily the bell rang and I grabbed Neveah's hand and pulled us away without another word.

"I'll meet you at lunch," I snapped and stormed to my home room, leaving my very confused best friend by herself.

What was that? Why did he look at me like that? It was almost as though I was the only thing he could see. And how close he had been, I had thought he was going to kiss me. And his arms, god they were warm, almost sweltering. I sat down in my desk and tapped the end of my pencil as the teacher spoke. His eyes, the way they bore into mine, as though he could see me, and only me. I shook my head.

This was Brady Davis, resident player and jack ass. I shouldn't be thinking anything about him.

But then why, couldn't I get the sight of his eyes out of my head?