Another A/N I know….they're no ones favorites. Oh well though! This one is actually kinda sorta important.

I got a review from someone basically crushed (well in my imagination they were) that I ended Destiny the way I did. Truthfully, after I put up last nights A/N proclaiming there would be no sequel, I tossed and turned trying to convince myself that, that had been the right decision. So was it? Uh, no duh! So here I am, doing what I told myself I wouldn't do….introducing to you the sequel of Destiny….


Now before you go "What the bloody hell does that mean?" let me explain kind readers. Kismet is a word meaning fate or fortune, and for some reason this name popped into my mind while I was thinking of the sequel last night. Thus, it became the name of the story. How about a little info? Sure, why not? :) The first part is the conclusion thingy, I don't what to call it, it's the writing you see that explains the story when you look for one….yeah, lame explanation.


It was as though fate frowned upon us. From our happiness came only destruction. Every step we took, lead us down a twisting dark road. I had thought this was all over, that finally I would be able to live my life the way I wanted, but the cards said differently. EmbryxNeveah, BradyxHarlow.


I looked at the alabaster hand held in front of me, surely the world had all gone insane. At any moment I knew that someone was going to pull the rug out from under my feet. But even though the excuses, the prejudices, the childish thoughts raced through my mind, another part of me snuffed them out like a candle. Reluctantly I reached out, my hand clutching the piece of ice tightly.

"So we have a deal?" His voice, Jacob had once told me it was the most foul thing to hear. Not so, his voice was like pure silk, and I now understood why he had handfuls of people ready to follow his every lead.

"Don't make me regret this," I growled, tightening my hand. This had to be a mistake, surely it shouldn't be me who made this decision. Why not Sam or Paul or even Jacob? I was not the Alpha, I was not the one who wanted to get involved in this. But I had no choice, it was her words that had driven Sam to choose me.

"Trust me," he smirked, teeth shining bright as it widened into a smile, "You won't."

And with that our fate was sealed. Letting his hand drop I stared at the retreating form of Edward Cullen, wishing that none of this would be happening again.

Oh little Seth and Leah have no idea what I have in store for them same for Paul, ah I just love being in control. Well there you go darlings, please let me know what you think. I'm going to start working on the first chapter right after I finish posting this note. I really hope you all enjoy the sequel, if you have any ideas or questions please feel free to ask me, I don't bite….hard ;)

School is starting tomorrow, Junior year baby! It's hard to believe that my high school experience is flashing by. I enjoy being able to write for not only myself, but other people and I don't think I'll ever stop writing fan fictions, no matter how old I get. But please forgive me if updates are slow, I have color guard, school, piano, FEA and all the other fun little tid bits I get roped into doing during the school year. But I promise there will be updates, just sporadically like what happened with Destiny. Please enjoy and pretty please review, that would make my day! :)

By the way, I hate JacobxRenesme so there won't be any of that. In this version Bella is NOT a vampire, she talks about it but who knows what will happen yet. I did twist things into the way I liked them. And just like Destiny new characters will be introduced, and a character will have his own POV coming to him. There you go though. Ready for more Embry and Neveah fluff? More Harlow and Brady scandals? Well it's a new year and they all are ready to rock your world ;)

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