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"Be afraid, James. Retroville will burn to the ground." Said the lead Android, whose name was Xerxes. A name that fitted him since he headed a large army and was about to attack tiny Retroville. James Neutron had assembled a small army of Retrovillians to fight Xerxes back.

"It may burn, but your soldiers' dead bodies will burn with it." Said Jimmy, ready to go into Hulk form. "I'm warning you, King James, you surrender or our artillery will flatten this rock." Said Xerxes.

"Retroville shall make its last stand on Main Street in 3 days time. Be there or we will consider it a surrender, Xerxes." Said James, who had become King of Retroville at the young age of 16.

He headed a small force:

Julio Estevez in his Mech-Suit: He is 200 times stronger 500 times faster and 300 times more intelligent.

The N-Men: The gang fixed the N-Men serum and was now able not to die when they used it. Jimmy was able to control his Hulk like manner and is now a valuable asset to the N-Men.

Nick Dean: Nick is now apart of the N-Men. He got to test and perfect the "Super Serum" that gives you the strength of Cindy, speed of Sheen and sheer size of Jimmy. He is also a valuable asset to the team.

Strategy: They are going to lure the androids down an alley way that makes and "L" shape. A long first way, then a short second way out to it's right. At the short second way, gunners are going to be on the building to the right, so when the androids come, it will be a slaughter house.


18 years earlier.

James Hugh Neutron was born to King Hugh II and Queen Judy, the leaders of the post apocalyptic realm of United States of America, but it was now Pittaria.

James was to be King at the age of 18, but his parents were killed in an assassination mission when he was 7 years old. He became a military leader and king at the age of 13 and was married by the age of 14. He married Cynthia Vortex, making her Queen over the entire old US. James used his military knowledge and created his own country called "Texas" because that was the region that Retroville, the capital of Pittaria and of Texas was located on.

Retroville became the capital when Hugh I was born there by his parents Gerald III and Lisa. His parents moved to Retroville to conceal themselves from the attacking Canada. Retroville became the capital during Hugh's reign and Hugh II made it permanent by making a perfect replica of the Capitol Building in the town's square.

Since then, refugees have come and built houses and buildings in exchange for a place to live. Others have opened shops, banks even settlements to help supply the money needed to make the town prosper.

But since King Fredrick's reign between Hugh II and James's reigns, Canada sent androids to destroy Pittaria. But with Pittaria without a capital and all the law went to Texas, it was easy to stake a claim.

West of the Mississippi river was Pittaria. Any where along the river you could look across and see Texas. They were two different countries, Pittaria had a red flag with a blue star in the middle and Texas had the old Texas flag as its flag. They were so different; they went to war in 2026 after the Battle for Retroville. But that is another story. I'll tell you about the Battle for Retroville.

The Androids slipped across the river and quietly went to the capital. Until they hit Retro County, then they unleashed hell on every town they went to. Retroville, the fortress it was, prepared for battle. The Androids requested audience with King James.

"We want you to know that we will not burn Retroville if you accept this request." Said Xerxes, the leader. "Really, that pleases even me, a king." Said James, smart-aleck like. "We want you to become warlord of all North America. Beat back your Pittaria rivals and kill anyone you want without price, do you accept this offer, oh good King James?"

"No, I want you to leave Texas, and go back to Canada, eh?" said James. The King's personal guard (Sheen and Carl) chuckled at the last comment.

"You shall die in cold blood, you bastard of a king. I shall murder you with my bare hands." Said Xerxes, obviously mad.

"Good luck with those klutzy things" said James, pointing at the Android King's shaky hands, "I would have more of a challenge fighting an army of turtles. At least turtles can move faster and they have shells for armor, they are not exposed like you."

"There shall be no glory in your death! I won't even slaughter you myself! I'll have a lowly soldier do my dirty work." shouted Xerxes.

"Well, then Halleluiah! I don't want to be associated with such a horrible excuse for a king!" yelled Jimmy, turning all android eyes away from camp duties to watch the conversation between the two kings.

"Be afraid, James. Retroville shall burn to the ground."

"It may burn, but your soldiers' dead bodies will burn with it." Said Jimmy, ready to go into Hulk form.

"I'm warning you, King James, you surrender or our artillery will flatten this rock." Said Xerxes.

"Retroville shall make its last stand on Main Street in 3 days time. Be there or we will consider it a surrender, Xerxes." King James stated, he then turned and left the android camp.


3 days later

"Men and women, this is our last stand, and if we survive this, you shall be given status above all those in the Higher and Lower towns. You shall answer only to me and Queen Cynthia. We're outnumbered 300-1. Sheen and Carl have a mission to attend to and shall be back by noon this day. So it is only the 6 of us. There are 2400 of them. 6 of us. We will beat them back to that wall," James pointed to the wall 100 yards away, "And have a truce until tomorrow. Then fight until one of the armies is dead. We're almost sure to lose. We have a 300-1 chance of winning. That's not good, but we're Retrovillians. We were born and raised in the post apocalyptic world of Retroville and brought up knowing the future king and military leader of Texas, King James Hugh Neutron. And by that name, I shall make sure that at the absolute least amount of you getting out of here are all 6 of you. I'll make sure that Carl and Sheen will live through they're mission and make sure they get out of this alive. We're at war, men and women, and I'll make sure, that this, so called 'Final Stand' is anything but. The entire army is waiting on the hills and if I die, I transceiver in side my body will send a message to the general of that army and make sure he comes and saves who ever is left. If you are asking why I'm not using them right now, it's because I want the android army to underestimate us. If they do, they will think they are set to win this country and will relax during the battle and when they show them our gear, it will be easy to see that we are not to be messed with. Here is your gear, a shield with a button on the holder that will unleash spikes. And you have a sword that is better then all of the Androids' swords. We are now set to attack those no good bastards. Remember, kill them all."

As James finished his speech, you could hear the battle cries of the androids, then them coming around the corner of the alleyway.

"Give them nothing. But take from them everything!" James yelled as the androids collided with our shields.

To Be Continued

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