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Last time, on 300:

Clouds bunched together way quicker then natural, and after a few seconds, a heavy down pour ensued. Xerxes stood his ground, using a shield as and umbrella. He stared at Sheen and James, The Two Kings, with malice and hate in his eyes. Sheen stared right back, while the rest of his men and the other king jumped up and down with joy and laughter. They watched, in great delight, the seemingly endless army crumble right before their eyes. Xerxes took down his umbrella and didn't rust. Only Sheen noticed this, but he then realized that Xerxes WAS a god. The Two Gods stared each other down. A Pagan and A King. They then rushed at each other, each ready for battle.


James threw Sheen his sword, and Sheen caught it with seeming ease. Xerxes drew his sword and a pistol. At this, Prince John drew a pistol from Lawrence's holster and fired onto Xerxes.

Xerxes fell back, with three bullet holes in his chest.

His life flashed before him. From his being built by the god of machines, to him being led into his first battle under the god of the sky, then to him leading his men into this battle, everything went before him. Hew then saw all of his mistakes and wanted to fix them.

Suddenly, the god of time, Baltic, appeared before him, "Xerxes, you have made many mistakes this battle. I will send you back in time to fix them,"

"Why?" Xerxes asked, "I have done nothing for you, Baltic."

"You have tried to kill my brother, and his son. I've envied my brother for centuries, now, you have one last chance to kill him, do not take it for granted, this is the only time I can do this, or the rest of the gods will find out I'm helping you," Baltic said.

Something happened, Xerxes was being pulled from his body. His body arched up then fell to the ground, as Xerxes's soul was being copied onto another life.


Suddenly, Xerxes was talking to the messenger from King Sheen.

"Go back and tell your King…" Xerxes started, "That I will give up my most prized sword and gun, for him to give me a chance to talk to him. Tell him to bring three hundred, or three thousand. I will not attack him. I want to settle this as a dignified individual. Not all robots are bad."

The messenger nodded and set off. Not being touched by any robot.

"Plan an ambush, my friends," Xerxes said, after the messenger was over the horizon, "We will kill Sheen while he is in the tent with me. We shall have our conversation in our camp, you shall take the armies out to the field, and attack them, so Sheen doesn't hear the scuffles."

"How are we to lead them away, sire?" one of his generals asked.

"I have a plan for that," Xerxes answered, with an evil gleam in his eye.

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