Hi guys I know it's been a long time on these stories and it's a bit of a copout posting an author's note like this but I needed to let you guys know a couple of things. First, I am reviewing these stories. A reviewer asked me about a couple specific stories and I realized that I have a mass of unfinished untouched stories. Second, in looking back at these stories I have come to realize that they not only need quite a bit of editing and revising but I had no plot planned or the plot is now forgotten. Third, I will be working on a few of these stories over the summer. Some I will just rewrite the existing story and continue on, while others I will delete and repost with new chapters. I will notify you of each story's fate so that followers can be aware that the story will be continued or not.

Right now these are the stories that will be continuing on from their last chapter:

Their Future- I have plans for each chapter, I just have to write them out.

The World I Knew- I have plans for this story as well, just got to find the time.

Samsara- I know where this is going, again time.

Also I have thoughts for a couple of new stories (cringe):

A Labyrinth/Once upon a Time story- I have a beginning to this but the rest of the plot escapes me.

A rewrite of my Set Me Free/When you love something universe- I want to fix some plot holes that I noticed and make the story a little darker.

Another Naruto/Inuyasha crossover- This story has a first chapter, a plot, and a title! I just have to write it out.

Possibly others but I can't promise anything due to the massive work load I have right now.

I hopefully plan on tackling a story at a time. This means I should work on finishing a story before I move to delete or replace the old version. I will give you a date when the old story will be going down and the new one will go up. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to let me know in a review or in a PM. I'm posting this on ALL of my incomplete stories in the hopes of feed back on what people might want in case it will give me ideas on where to go.

Much love, Labyrinthine