Minerva checked the clock. 3:57 AM. Goddamn espresso, thought Minerva. She cursed Rolanda for making her eat those espresso beans. Why oh why hadn't Minerva checked her watch? And even worse was Minerva was hungry. She sighed, and got up, pulling her tartan bathrobe around her. It wasn't like she was going to fall asleep anyway. Minerva padded silently through the halls, freely admiring the high ceilings. It was a relief to be able to look without neglecting her duty to her students. The ceilings never failed to fascinate her, especially in the Great Hall.

Minerva turned the corner and walked until she came to the staff door. After giving the password, she crept in. The room was very dark. Minerva flicked her wrist, and a single candelabrum above her flickered to life. She crept to the icebox and looked around. She wasn't in the mood for her usual drink of milk accompanied with a ginger newt. Minerva was in the mood for something different tonight. Suddenly, she shifted a head of lettuce aside, and found the very gift from the gods she desired: a large hunk of cheddar cheese.

Minerva lifted it out, and sniffed it. Oh, it smelled like a one-way ticket to bliss. Minerva took a bite, and suddenly life was good. But then it got better.

Warm arms encircled Minerva, and there was a soft voice that whispered in her ear,

"Do you mind sharing?" Minerva unconsciously leaned back in his arms and whispered,

"Mhm… probably." One of the arms from her waist reached up and tried to pull the cheese from her hand. Through her haze of pleasure, Minerva knew somewhere that giving away the cheese was a bad idea. She held on. But the voice was back in her ear and sounded even more seductive as it murmured,

"Don't you want to share, Minerva?" Minerva moaned and her hand relaxed, the cheese almost falling, but the other hand snatched it smoothly out of the air, and brought it up to the mouth be Minerva's ear. It whispered,

"Thank you darling." Minerva's head cleared for a split second. She turned in his arms and said to his smirking grin,

"Severus, you know it's not fair to do that to me." His smirk widened, and Severus said,

"But you know," he took a small bite of the cheese and said after swallowing, "you really should get better at ignoring it." Minerva frowned and extricated one of her arms for the sole purpose of smacking Severus on the shoulder. He chuckled, and picked off a corner of cheese. He held it out to Minerva. She took it from him and popped it in her mouth. Minerva swallowed, grinned, and said,

"You know, I really should be getting back to bed. I have early remedial classes tomorrow for a few `Puffs." Severus grinned and leaned in farther (if that was possible) and said,

"I'm sure they can stand to miss a lesson. After all, it's not like they would actually learn something." Minerva grinned, but using her cat dexterity, slipped out of Severus's arms. She smirked and said,

"I need the time to wake up." He grinned and said,

"I'm sure I can help you with that." He stepped forward, and Minerva backed up, a playful look taking over her sleep-deprived face. This continued until Minerva was in a corner, and Severus had her trapped. He whispered,

"Minerva, I'm going to kiss you." Minerva smiled and said,

"No you aren't." Severus frowned, and Minerva leaned forward and said,

"I'm going to kiss you first." And she did. Severus didn't dispute her choice.

(A/N: Yeah, I like cheese, and I'm in the mood to munch on some. But I'm too lazy to get more. So I wrote this. Does anyone know how to spell 'Huffelpuff'? I forgot, so I just used `Puff. Feedback please!)