This is based on the books by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight, Midnight Sun, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I don't own any of the characters, events or dialogue you recognise from them, obviously. I've borrowed them for entertainment purposes only.

I started doing this for myself and a few friends because I didn't find the books focused on my favourite couple Jasper and Alice enough but thought I would post it here. I know there are heaps of stories like this already on here but I hope you enjoy mine anyway. I am writing this along a prequel to it called Midnight Shadows. You might want to check it out first, there are some things that are mentioned in this story from that one that might make more sense if you have read it first.

Please let me know what you think and if you would like me to continue posting this.



Jasper was sitting on the bed in the room he shared with Alice, shoving his books into his book bag when he heard a loud bang in their closet.

"Alice?' he called out and when he didn't get an immediate response he jumped up and raced into the large closet.

Alice was standing frozen holding her boots in her hand, her eyes clouded. Jasper raced over to her side and quickly put his arm protectively around her shoulders.

"What do you see?" he murmured quickly.

"It's been decided," Alice whispered, her eyes still unfocused.

"What has baby?" Jasper encouraged her.

"The woman I keep getting flashes of," Alice sighed as she came out of the vision and looked up at him excitedly. "It is all clearer now. She is coming to Forks."

"A vampire?" Jasper asked quickly.

"No, not yet," Alice shook her head. "Not everything is clear yet. All I know is some of the flashes I have had of her she will become one of us. The only thing that is clear right now is that she is coming to Forks and somehow that affects our family."

"Not in a bad way I hope?" Jasper asked, he would do anything to preserve their family, both for his own sake and for Alice's happiness.

"I think it's a good thing," Alice sighed. "I am getting the feeling that her coming is a good thing. It's something to do with Edward."

"Edward?" Jasper repeated. "Could it be that Carlisle has to save her and she becomes Edward's mate?"

"Oh I hope so Jas," Alice grinned and took his hands and she was almost jumping up and down in excitement. "He has waited so long."

"Speaking of waiting, I think Rosalie is getting impatient," Jasper smirked and they both heard the sound of Rosalie's voice drift through the house.

"Anyone not in the car in one minute will have to run to school!" she yelled out.

"We better go," Alice grinned and they hurried down to join the others in the garage.


Three days later Alice smiled as she sat back on the bed in the room she shared with Jasper watching as he sat on the floor in front of the tv trying to beat his high score on his new game system.

She stretched languidly and then sprung to her feet and quickly covered the distance between them and dropped to her knees behind him. She snaked her arms around his neck and placed a light kiss on his cheek and he instantly forgot his game and turned to pull her into his lap.

She giggled as she landed and then looked up at him lovingly. Their eyes locked and as they so often did they got lost in each others eyes for the longest time, just content to stare at each other.

"I love you my beautiful little pixie," Jasper murmured and finally broke the eye contact to lean down and gently kiss her lips.

"I love you too Jas," Alice whispered against his warm lips.

Once they parted she scooted out of his lap and knelt beside him and smirked.

"I need to hunt," she announced cheerfully. "Want to come?"

"Of course," Jasper nodded and leaned over to switch off the game before jumping to his feet quickly, pulling her up to her feet easily as he did so.

They walked downstairs hand in hand and smiled when they saw the rest of their family gathered in the living room. Esme and Carlisle were sitting on the couch together, Edward, was standing just inside the front door and Emmett and Rosalie were walking into the room from the kitchen.

"There's a storm brewing," Emmett smirked when he saw them.

"Fantastic," Jasper grinned.

"Baseball then?" Carlisle added.

"For sure," Alice nodded. "Jas and I were just going to hunt. Meet you guys in the clearing?"

Carlisle nodded his head and Alice and Jasper walked out of the house and disappeared to hunt. An hour later the entire family had met up in the clearing and as the first crackle of lightening hit Alice smiled.

"It's time," she announced and Rosalie stepped up to bat first.

As the storm raged around them they got right into the game and had been playing for nearly two hours when Alice suddenly slipped into a vision. She could see the same girl as before sitting in the cafeteria at school and she knew instantly that the vision was going to unfold the next day.

"What do you see Alice?" Jasper asked, again instantly by her side.

"She'll be here tomorrow," Alice smiled as she snapped out of the vision.

"This girl again?" Rosalie frowned.

"Alice thinks she'll be something special," Edward added but when he read in her mind her hopes for him he rolled his eyes. "Don't go getting too far ahead of yourself."

"A girl can dream," Alice smirked.

Edward just rolled his eyes again and the family went back to the game again for a while. Eventually Edward, Carlisle and Esme decided to go hunting and the rest gathered up the balls and bats and headed back to the house.

"Jasper?" Emmett smirked as they walked into the yard.

"Yes Emmett?" Jasper grinned patiently, already feeling Emmett's emotions of competitiveness.

"Want to wrestle?" Emmett asked.

"Here we go," Rosalie laughed and rolled her eyes. "I am not watching you two destroy Esme's gardens again."

"If you're game," Jasper smirked at Emmett.

"You ruin that outfit Jas, and you won't have to worry about Esme getting angry about the gardens," Alice threatened. "I'll kill you before she even gets back."

"They are only clothes Alice," Emmett teased.

"No, Emmett, they are not only clothes," Alice snarled, half serious. "Just because you have no taste and Rosalie has given up doesn't mean that Jasper has to wear, god forbid, department store clothes. That shirt is Armani, there are only ten in the whole world in that colour."

"Ah, not the Armani!" Emmett growled in mock horror.

"How about a compromise," Jasper grinned and quickly took the shirt off and handed it to Alice. "Is that better?"

"Not really," Alice murmured as her eyes glanced over his naked chest and he felt feeling of lust from her before her eyes drifted to his jeans. "I suppose, you have another pair of those."

Rosalie laughed as her and Alice walked inside and moments later sounds of the two men wrestling in the yard filled the air.

"Do you think they will ever grow up?" Rosalie sighed.

"Not this century," Alice murmured.

"Maybe the next one," Rosalie smirked and the two women laughed together as they flopped onto the couch.


Alice was upstairs in her room when Jasper walked in, huge grass stains on his jeans, his hair messed up and a huge grin on his face.

"Let me guess, you won?" Alice smirked when she felt the feelings of pride and smugness coming from him.

"Of course," Jasper grinned. "Emmett relies on his size, not his skill, it's his downfall every time."

"I'm so proud of you my love," Alice smiled softly and leaned back on the bed and beckoned him towards her. He walked over to the side of the bed and she reached up and looped her fingers in the belt loops of his jeans and pulled him down towards her.

"You walking around without a shirt is just about criminal," she whispered huskily.

"Really?" Jasper murmured and dropped his lips to her neck. She moaned as his lips brushed the skin there and pulled him closer to her as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Jas," she gasped as the only heat she ever felt anymore spread through her body, the heat of longing for him.

"I think we should go for a run," Jasper whispered and stood up in one fluid movement, drawing her body up with his and she settled in his arms with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

"My old fashioned southern gentleman," Alice murmured as she smiled softly down at him.

Although they sometimes forgot themselves Jasper usually insisted they leave the house whenever they made love. His gift meant that when he let himself go everyone in the near vicinity would experience love, lust, passion, and any other emotion he felt as he made love to his wife. For years Alice had thought his insistence to leave the house was because he was uncomfortable with the comments and smirks he got after such a projection. It was only when they were living in Alaska five years earlier that she had found out the truth. His old fashioned southern sensibilities hated the fact that his gift made people aware of what Alice was feeling and doing in their most intimate moments. In a sense he was protecting her virtue and although she knew it wasn't necessary she knew it was important to him so she allowed it.

Jasper smiled at her and placed a light kiss on the tip of her nose and then with her still snuggled in his arms he walked to the open window and leapt easily out of it and carried her quickly into the forest.


The next day Alice was so excited to finally get to meet the girl she had seen in her visions the last couple of days. When they got to school the place was buzzing with news about her and Alice finally heard her name, Isabella Swan. She was frantic to meet her but Jasper cautioned her to tread carefully. The new girl wasn't in any of Alice's morning classes and when she met up with the rest of her family for the lunch period she was that excited about seeing the new girl for the first time she didn't notice how dark with hunger Jasper's eyes were.

They walked into the cafeteria and straight to their usual seats and after they sat down Alice glanced around the cafeteria. She thought she saw an unfamiliar girl and she rolled her eyes when she realised the new girl was sitting with Jessica Stanley and her friends. A sudden wave of thirsting pain washed over her and she turned to look at Jasper. Even without his feelings projecting she could see how much he was struggling but she hated drawing attention to him in front of the others.

"Edward?" she said in her head and although Edward didn't acknowledge her, she knew he had heard her. "How is he holding up?"

Edward's frown did little to appease Alice's worry and she watched Jasper carefully out of the side of her eye.

"Is there any danger?" she asked again in her head, her tone alarmed as she began to mentally sift through her visions for any hint that Jasper may slip. When Edward shook his head discretely Alice relaxed a little. "Let me know if it gets too bad?"

After Edward acknowledged her thought with his eyes she risked a soft smile.

"Thanks for this," she thought.

Alice's relaxed stance only lasted a moment as Edward kicked Jasper's chair hard and suddenly Alice had a vision of Jasper walking across the room, bending down near one of the girls and drinking her blood.

"Sorry," Jasper muttered towards Edward.

"You weren't going to do anything, I could see that," Alice lied, feeling Jasper's shame and wanting to ease it and she dropped her voice so only the vampires in the room could hear her. "It helps if you think of them as people. Her name is Whitney. She has a baby sister she adores. Her mother invited Esme to that garden party, you remember?"

"I know who she is," Jasper snapped and instantly felt Alice's sadness. She glanced at him and normally he would rush to comfort her, hating to see his precious love unhappy but he was still struggling with his thirst. He looked away from her and kept his gaze averted as she quickly picked up her tray and stood from her seat and then glided out of the cafeteria.