Chapter 5

"Oh Katherine you finally have come back to me. I knew you wouldn't let your grandfather down. Now be a good girl and do as I say." Kit was standing on the cliffs outside her plantation. Her skirts were flooding behind her as the salty breeze whipped her face. Her red hair flung in every direction. She knew that voice but she couldn't find him. "Looking for me, my dear?" He stepped out of the waves and floated toward her. "Pick me Kit, love me and together we can rule! Think of it Katherine you could have your grandfather back, your wealth and looks. I may even let you meet the mother you never knew. Just choose me!"

Kit looked down into the waves they were trying to drown the rocks near the cliffs. The rocks began to call her by name. She closed her eyes forcefully. "If you pick me I will let him live," he pointed toward a man chained to one of the rocks below. His blond hair was soaked with sweat, salt water, and…blood. It was Nat! She fell to her knees water falling down from her own eyes. "Or Kit you could kill yourself then I guess I would be alright with that, and I would let him go free..."

"Why?" she whispered "Why would you do this to me?"

"If you die than no one could have you. It would please me if you killed yourself so selfishly. I will give you a…" she was already running. But as she tried to get to the cliff, she felt his hands on her. He wasn't going to let her go.

Kit woke up sweat everywhere. Nat lay beside her sound asleep. She got up and left the house heading for the beach. She walked slowly until she reached the waves. That's when she let herself cry. He would be there waiting for her if she left Saybrook. When Kit had been born she had been arranged but she was stupid enough to deny such things resulting in the loss of her beloved guardian. She never saw his body but she knew he was dead. They had killed him! Maybe if she just…she put her feet in the water and slowly walked in.

Making sure her feet touched the sand below she walked deeper and deeper into the waves. When her head was barely above the water she raised her hands in the air in defeat. The silent night replied to the gesture with a wave that scooped her up and cradled her beneath the waves. Her head hit a rock stuck in the sand at the bottom of the bay. A sharp pain ranked her body head to toe. She must have fainted because when she awoke she was on the shores of the bay.

Her plan had failed miserably. She stood up slowly nearly falling. She placed her hand to her forehead feeling it soaked in crimson. She heard the rooster and knew she had to return quickly before Nat woke up.

Gregory stood on the porch she saw him before he saw her thankfully and ran to the back of the house where she climbed up to the window. She had made it into the bedroom and was nearly dressed when she heard her husband come up from behind and hug her. He didn't suspect a thing.

"Well aren't we up early?" he asked holding his wife affectionately. He kissed the curve of her neck until he reached her nose, he turned her around and was about to kiss her mouth when he saw the blood falling down her face. "Kit?" he let her go and grabbed a towel from the bed side table and dabbed her head. "What happened love?"

"I…I guess I bumped my head." She was lying, he could tell. He would figure out the truth later but now he had to help get this blood to stop pooling. Oh what did she do to herself? She stopped stuttering and pushed him away. "I'm fine Nat, now let a woman dress." She turned away and pulled up her dress. She was having problems with the buttons on the top when he came over and helped her.

He brushed his hand on the curve of her back, making her hands fall. He kissed her neck once more and just when she was about to lean back and groan for more he went to work on the buttons. He grabbed her waist and pulled her to him with her face still in the other direction. "Don't push me away Katherine. I'm your husband, I want to protect and love you. If you ever feel like lying to me then I'm not doing my job love." He let go and walked out of the room grabbing his clothes so she could be alone for a few minutes. He wanted her to think for a while on her own before breakfast.

He walked down the stairs throwing clothes on when he reached his depressed brother on the porch. "Why are you up so early brother?"

"I need to settle down. Do you think that will make father happy?" Nat looked at his brother and saw the bloodshot eyes of his brother.

"You stay you Greg. Don't change for father. Maybe you should leave Saybrook for a while. That way you can see how good you truly are. That worked for me."

"Maybe it would be easier if I just died. A simple suicide would work. A noose, a chair, my will on the table beside my dangling feet."

"Don't speak like that Gregory Eaton. You are much better than this self loathing! You should not let one person make you feel this awful no matter who they are. Not even father!"

"Oh Nathaniel you say it like it is an easy task. Where do I go? I'm dirt poor Nathaniel there is nothing for me! The only things I know how to do is sail and handle law. Wait a minute…"

"What are you thinking of brother?"

"Nat when are you and Mrs. Eaton leaving for Barbados?"

"Well of course you can come with us! That is a splendid idea. We will be leaving tomorrow morning. Be ready before dawn."

"Thank you Nat oh thank you brother. You have no idea how much this means to me." Nat watched as his brother jumped with joy and run inside to pack. That was one less crew member to look for and pay he chuckled. Nat walked slowly inside to his wife look down form the stairs at him. She ran to him and catapulted herself into his arms.

"Nat I love you. I know you will protect me and love me forever as long as we are together. Oh Nat I love you. I'm sorry if you ever thought otherwise. I'm your wife; I will support you, love you and remind you I'm yours. Every part of my body and soul has been claimed by you!" She grabbed his neck and pressed him to her.

"If only we were not at my parent's, then I would take you upstairs and…" he was stopped by the yawn of his father from behind.

"Good morning son, Katherine. Where is breakfast?" he stretched himself and plopped down in a chair. He hadn't even noticed that Kit was no longer in his arms but in the kitchen busying her.

"Coming right up Captain Eaton," she called.

"Thank you dear. You landed yourself a good woman Nat."

"I know," he whispered "I know." She turned her face toward him and he could see the remnants of an embarrassing blush she winked and turned toward the eggs.