Goku against Freddy 3

Chapter three: Son Goku; the dream master

Goku was all alone now; he had to defeat Freddy, but how?

Then Goku remembered about Nancy Thompson bring Freddy's hat out of the dream world. "Of course," said Goku, "I can't beat him in the dream, but if his hat can come out; then he can out and he can die; but once he is in the real world then the only way to kill Freddy is to burn him."

Goku spent the whole day getting ready for the final battle. He got his power pole ready; he found a metal baseball bat in his closet; he lit a big fire in the furnace down in the cellar.

In the cellar, Goku found an old oil light and a blow torch.

Next Goku went to a church down the street with a glass bottle. He entered the church and filled the bottle up with holy water.

Then Goku went into a hardware store and collected and can of kerosene; some duct tape; some rope; a pulley; some small hooks and some wire.

Behind the counter was a Harrison and Richard single shot; 20-gauge shotgun with a hammer action and there was a box of yellow 20-gauge magnum shotgun shells. Goku packed up his stuff and left.

Goku went back to the house and set up a few traps. He loaded the shotgun, pulled back the hammer and he set it up in front of the door, then Goku used some rope and the pulley to make a trap so that the gun would go off when the door was opened.

Next Goku used the wire and hooks to make a trip wire. Then Goku set the blow and the bat down in the cellar so he could use them once he got Freddy down there.

Then Goku soaked some more rope in the kerosene, then he duck taped the rope to a shotgun shell and he made a make-shift bomb.

Goku put the bomb and the lighter in his pocket and then he labeled the bottle 'holy water' and put the bottle into his other pocket. Now Goku was ready.

Goku set his watch for 30 minutes and then he said "Okay Freddy Krueger!" said Goku, "I'M GONNA END YOUR REIGN OF TERROR MYSELF!"

Goku used meditation to fall asleep. This was it! Goku wasn't running anymore!

Goku finds himself in a pristine clean Japanese room (A.K.A living quarters in Japanese Ghost Story) - tatami mats, white and colored screens, open, light and airy. Goku steps out tentatively. He scans the room suspiciously, then more calmly.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Goku is hurtled backward as if kicked by an invisible opponent. "WHAT THE…"

Freddy's voice is heard. "A true warrior, Goku-san, needs no eyes."

Goku is kicked again and floored. He stands, now angry. He flails around at the air, and then is hit again.

Freddy's laugh is heard. "Ninja warriors have calm souls. Find your balance, Goku."

Goku is hit again and thrown back against a screen which breaks. He stands up slowly, with ultimate concentration. He turns quickly as if with radar.

Suddenly he kicks back at the air and connects. A resounding thump is heard. He progresses forward in a series of karate moves all of which connect soundly and quickly with the invisible force.

With extra strength, Goku kicks out in the air. He connects hard and suddenly Freddy's glove appears out of thin air and lands on the floor as if kicked off by Goku's power. "A TRUE WARRIOR DOES NOT NEED AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE TO WIN!" He says.

Goku charges forward and yells "Jay-ken; rock!" Goku punches the air and hits the invisible force; "Scissors!" Goku pokes two fingers into the invisible force; "PAPER!"

Goku slaps the force and the wall in front of him crashes down.

Freddy slowly climbs out of the collapsed wall; he is now visible!

Goku waved his hands and two Uzi's appeared in his hands, he shot Freddy and Freddy fell back into the collapsed wall.

Goku stops shooting; Freddy is not getting up; is he dead?

Suddenly Freddy leaps to his feet! "SUPER FREDDY!" He transforms into a bulked up, rippling muscle Freddy Krueger. Goku fired again, Freddy laughed as bullets bounce off of him.

"I am faster than a bastard manic!" said Freddy "More powerful than a loco madman!" And Freddy cackled.

The bullets did no damage! Goku dropped the guns as Freddy walked slowly towards him with a grin on his face. "IT'S ME! SUPER FREDDY!"

Goku focused his energy; balled up his fist which was glowing with a green aura;

"KRYPTONITE PUNCH!" and Goku slammed his fist into Freddy body.

Freddy was in pain; cover with an aura made out of kryptonite.

Freddy muscle bound body disintegrated and changed back to normal.

"NO!" screamed Freddy, "THAT'S IMMPOSIBLE! NOOOOO! "


Freddy run away. "Freddy!" Goku called out, "I'm here. Come and get me! Or are you scared!" Goku knew Freddy was still nearby.

Suddenly someone came from out of the darkness; it was Son Gohan; Goku's dead grandfather. "Goku." He said, "I'm here!" "Grandpa" said Goku, "You're here!" and Goku ran up to Gohan to give him a hug, but Goku stopped. "Wait a minute" he said, "No, you're dead! How can you be here?"

Just then, the image of Gohan ran at Goku with something in his hand; it was Freddy's claw. The Gohan-like thing slashed at Goku, but the knives broke on Goku's skin. "NO WAY!" yelled Goku, "YOU'RE NOT MY GRANDPA!" and then Goku snap-kicked the image of Gohan.

Then the image of Gohan changed into its real form, Freddy Krueger. "What's wrong with kids today?" he said, "No damn respect!"

A broad sword appeared in Goku's hand. "Oh yeah?" said Goku "RESPECT THIS YOU BASTARD!" and Goku drove the sword into Freddy's body.

Freddy used his finger needles and he injected Goku with poison, "SAYONARA GOKU"

but Goku did not even move; he was not affected.

Goku toke a deep breath and then he spit out the poison into Freddy's face. "Let this be a lesson to you, Freddy" said Goku, "SAY 'NO' TO DRUGS!" and then Goku bent Freddy's wrists backwards. Freddy screamed in pain.


Goku leaped into the air and threw shuriken at Freddy. Freddy dodged the shurikens, but in a flash; Goku was holding a flamethrower. "FLAME ON!" Goku shoot Freddy and Freddy was cover in flames.

Goku laughed and then disappeared while Freddy pated himself putting out the flames. "Goku!" yelled Freddy, "SHOW YOURSELF; YOU LITTLE FIFHY SON OF A BITCH!"

A beautiful young lady with long light brown hair appeared in front of Freddy; it was Nancy Thompson. "NANCY?" said Freddy, "NO! YOU'RE DEAD! I KILLED YOU!"

The Nancy-like thing laughed, "Miss me Freddy?" Nancy waved her hand and Freddy was thrown back with an invisible force. "SHIT!" yelled Freddy, "When did you learn psycho kinesis?"

The image of Nancy changed into Goku, "Hahahaha; Got ya!" and then Goku waved his hand and shouted "BLAZE!" and Freddy's body was burning again. "WHY YOU LITTLE…" screamed Freddy as he slashed at Goku; the knives broke on Goku's skin yet again; the knives reappeared.

Goku looked at his watch; he only had ten seconds left. Goku grabbed a hold of Freddy and put him into a full nelson. The alarm went off. Goku woke up in his bed, but Freddy was gone. "Where in the hell is he?" Goku asked himself, "Did the trip kill him?"

Just then, Freddy appeared behind Goku, grabbed him by the neck and started to choke Goku. "YOU LITTLE BASTARD! NOW I'M REALLY MAD! YOU HAVE MADE A FOOL OUT OF ME FOR THE VERY LAST TIME!"

Goku reached for his bottle of holy water; "DON'T COUNT ON IT, OLD MAN!" and Goku threw the bottle into Freddy's face. The glass broke into Freddy's eyes; his eye were burning as his whole body began to light up.

Goku ran out of the bedroom, closed the door and set up the gun trap. "Alright Krueger" yelled Goku, "Come and get me if you can." And Goku ran down the stairs.

Freddy pulled the door open and the gun went off; it had blast a hole in Freddy's body. Freddy stumbled and fell down the stairs to Goku.

"Come on, Q-ball!" Goku taunts, "Let's Dance!"

"That's it!" Freddy screamed in rage, "I'm gonna split you INHALF!" and then Freddy changed at Goku, but he tripped over the wire.

Goku shouts "Jay Ken….." and he charged at Freddy; "Rock!" Goku punches Freddy in the nose; "Scissors!", Goku pokes Freddy in the eyes; "PAPER!", Goku slaps Freddy hard.

Freddy chases Goku down to the cellar just as Goku used the lighter to light the blowtorch. "NO!" Screamed Freddy, "NOOOOOO! NOT THAT! NOOOOOOOOO!"

"We're gonna have A HOT TIME tonight!" says Goku as he pulls the trigger. Freddy was burning up. Goku put the lighter back into his pocket and dropped the blowtorch.

Goku put his wrist together and cried, "Ka…..Me…..Ha….Me…..HA!" and Goku shot a ball of energy at Freddy. The Kamehameha wave hit Freddy in the body and knocked him back into a dark corner; only Freddy's bones were remaining.

Goku picked up the blowtorch just as the bones join together; now Freddy was in skeleton form. Freddy swung his claw and knocked the blowtorch out of Goku's hands.

Goku reached for his power pole and he wacked Freddy in the head. Then Goku yelled "POWER POLE EXTEND!" and the pole lengthened and hit Freddy in the ribs.

Freddy finally knock the power pole out of Goku's hands and then he slashed Goku across his chest. Goku fell down in front of the burning furnace and Freddy was ready to attack, laughing.

"Alright!" said Goku in rage, "I've had enough of you!"

"Oh yeah?" said Freddy, "What are you gonna do about, you little punk! I AM IMMORTAL! I WILL BE HERE FOREVER! I WILL RULE THE WORLD!"


Freddy slashed at Goku again, but Goku blocked the attack with the bat. "BUCKLE UP, YOU BONE-HEAD!" screamed Goku, "CAUSE YOU'RE GOING ON A TRIP! SIX FEET UNDER!"

Goku swung the bat and Freddy's right arm and claw went flying off and into the furnace. "HEADS UP, YOU FREAK!" and Goku knocked Freddy's skull into the flames; and then the rest of the bones.

There was a bright light coming from Freddy's bones; it was Bulma; and then Yamcha; and then the others. They had been saved.

Suddenly, Freddy's bones tried to get out of the furnace. Goku use the lighter to light his home-made bomb, and then he planted it right into Freddy's breastbone. "SWEET DREAMS, FREDDY!"

The bomb exploded and Freddy's bones were turn to dust. Ghosts began to come out of the furnace; they were the souls that Freddy had stolen; now they were free.

The next morning, the group packed their stuff and left Springwood for god; BUT IS THIS REALLY THE END OF FREDDY KRUEGER?