"Where are you!"

These shouts and more rang out in Inuyasha and Kagome's village, where everyone had awoken to find the youngest hanyou of the village missing. Rin was beside herself with worry, and Kagome sat with her while Inuyasha led the search for his niece.

The search continued for a while. "Hina!" he shouted. He went down on all fours, sniffing out her trail. It took him a while, but he found it. "Kagome! I'm going to follow the trail! You stay here in case she comes back!"

"Alright, Inuyasha," Kagome agreed. Kagome went back inside the hut then, where she had left Rin just moments earlier. "Don't worry, Rin, we'll find her-" she started, but Rin was now gone too. Kagome gasped and ran outside. "Inuyasha! Rin is missing now too!"

"What? She was just here!"

The village was in an uproar. Even though Hina was half-demon, she was well loved amongst all the adults, despite not having many playmates. Suddenly, everything grew quiet when someone spotted Sesshoumaru flying over the village. "Quick, it's Sesshoumaru!" There were many shouts of "hide" and "run away" for fear of what might become of them when the inu taiyokai found out his daughter, and now his mate, were both missing.

In fact, many villagers did go inside to say their last goodbyes to their own loved ones. Only Inuyasha, Kagome, their children, and a few others, stayed. When Sesshoumaru landed, he regarded them coolly. Inuyasha swallowed and stepped forward.

"Sesshoumaru.. Listen, we have a problem." Inuyasha began, but stopped when something moved behind Sesshoumaru. Out from behind her father's legs, Hina peered, her dog ears twitching nervously.

"Hina," Sesshoumaru said sternly.

"H-hai…" the girl returned, dejected. She walked slowly out from behind him and towards Inuyasha and Kagome. "Where's mama.. I'm supposed to apologize for worrying her."

"Worrying her! What about us? You had the whole village frantic!" Inuyasha said, but he stopped when Hina started to cry. Kagome interrupted him and knelt down in front of Hina.

"Well, it's alright now, right, Hina-chan? You're back, after all."

"Inuyasha," came Sesshoumaru's voice. "Where is Rin?"

Both Inuyasha and Kagome froze, and exchanged glances. "Eh, well, you see Sesshoumaru.." Inuyasha said nothing more because Sesshoumaru's eyes began to glow red in warning. Then suddenly Kagome pointed.

"Look, it's Rin!" Hina and Sesshoumaru turned. Rin came wandering up, her kimono torn in a few places and her eyes downcast.

"Mama!" Hina shouted happily, and ran to her, arms wide. Rin looked up, still as if in a daze, and when Hina came to her, she sank to her knees and enveloped Hina in such a hug that Hina had to adjust her self so she could breath. Rin was crying. "Mama.. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Are you still scared, mama?"

Rin shook her head and pulled away from Hina, looking at her lovingly. "No, I'm not scared anymore." Sesshoumaru stepped towards them, causing Rin to look up and smile. "Sesshoumaru-sama," she said happily, "Have you come to celebrate Hina-chan's birthday?" Without anymore words the incident was forgotten, as were Inuyasha and the others.

"How do you like that? Just shoved aside like we were nothing'!" the hanyou said, crossing his arms and mumbling. Kagome smiled, scooping Hitomi in her own arms.

The rest of Hina's birthday was relatively uneventful. The family, and many villagers, celebrated Hina's birthday, and many kinds of sweets were passed around, to which Hina helped herself to quite a good bit of. Sesshoumaru, of course, did not eat, nor did he exactly partake in the festivities, except to let Hina ride around on his shoulders as she pleased. At one point, somehow, Hina and Rin had even managed to create several flower accessories for him; Hina made a crown, for herself, Sesshoumaru, and Rin, while Rin was busy making flower rings for them.

Sesshoumaru actually allowed Rin and Hina to put these creations on him, to the surprise of the others. Although he was obviously not happy about it, and Inuyasha said as much, receiving a wild swing from Sesshoumaru's Bakusaiga in the process. It was shortly after that that Sesshoumaru's "accessories" had disappeared, although there was a suspicious ashy spot nearby that reeked of a familiar poison…

Hina received many gifts from Sesshoumaru, Kagome, and the others, but they wore off with time. By far Hina's favorite gift was the tiny kimono and matching hairpins. This came from Sesshoumaru and the other demons who served him. She demanded her mother put it on her, and Kagome and Rin had fun putting the hairpins in her silver hair.

"Look, mama, I'm a lady now, just like you!" Hina cried happily. The kimono was bright blue and patterned with swirls of lighter shades and darker shades of blues. The hairpins resembled the same flower symbol of Sesshoumaru's family, but was made out of a dark blue stone. Later in the evening, Sesshoumaru took Rin and Hina somewhere, no one knew, but they did not come back until well after dark.

Sesshoumaru stood in the middle of the field, watching the sunset, the wind blowing steadily and fanning his long, silver hair, and his long fluffy tail. Rin sat, leaning against him happily, while Hina ran around in circles, not quite appreciating the quiet beauty of the sunset.

"Hina-chan, come here," Rin said with a smile, but Hina ignored her. She was too busy making friends with the crickets that were attempting escape from her fast moving hands.

"Hina," Sesshoumaru said, and all that was needed was one word to catch the girl's attention. Now that he had it, Sesshoumaru could not seem to figure out what to say. In fact, the words he managed to get out seemed quite awkward. "Listen to your mother…" he finally said. Rin could not help but giggle, covering her mouth with her hand as Hina ran to her, all smiles.

Sesshoumaru averted his gaze and shifted his weight. "What foolish creatures," he said, drawing even more smiles from Rin as Hina hugged her tightly. It was not long before the events of the day and night before had taken their toll on Hina, and the child feel fast asleep in Rin's lap. Gently, Sesshoumaru took her and lay her in the grass, allowing Rin to stand and stretch.

Rin, who was fully grown, came up to Sesshoumaru's chest. She wore a kimono very similar to his; one that he had made with the symbol of his clan especially for her. For the most part, it was white, but along the sleeves and left shoulder was the same pattern that appeared on Sesshoumaru's clothing, except instead of being in red, the pattern was in pink (Rin's choice, of course) and blue. She had grown into quite the beauty; her black hair was long, and she no longer wore the half-ponytail she did as a girl.

The couple stood there in silence, Rin standing close to Sesshoumaru and resting her head against his chest. Although Sesshoumaru made no move to touch her or embrace her, he never moved, standing there, letting his Rin take hold of his hand in both of hers. They stood like this until the sun had completely set, then Rin picked Hina up from her grassy bed. Sesshoumaru took Rin in his arms likewise, and in a flash they were gone, flying towards the village.

As Sesshoumaru landed, he gently sat Rin down on her feet, still holding Hina. Although he said nothing to her, Rin smiled at him. The inu taiyokai stroked her face once as she looked at him, and then placed his hand on Hina's forehead, standing like that for several moments.

Then Rin tilted her head and smiled, though it was a sad smile. "Come back soon, Sesshoumaru-sama!" she said with more enthusiasm than she felt. He nodded slightly, then took off. Rin watched him go, waving vigorously until he was out of sight. Then she turned, and her smile disappeared as she walked into her house.

Sesshoumaru flew towards the Western Lands, his eyes set straight ahead. "Such foolish creatures," he repeated, even though he knew something inside him would hurt if he ever stopped coming.

Without Rin's knowledge, Hina had indeed woken up after being put to bed. Sure that no one was watching, she got up and ran to the window, looking out into the sky. She strained her eyes to see her father, and far away in the distance she saw a quick movement. She gasped happily and waved.

"Bye, papa! Come back soon, okay?" she called quietly. Closing her eyes and smiling, the little hanyou turned around, and crawled sleepily back into bed.

A/N: Okay, so I couldn't help but put a little SessxRin (though mostly Rin) fluff in there. Hina is so adorable :) At least, I think she is! I have two more chapters to write and upload, introducing the last of Sesshoumaru's children, and then I will be getting on to their stories. Some chapters may be more like one-shots; while some may be two-parters. Each chapter can be read (for the most part) in any order, unless I decide to start going somewhere specific with this story!

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