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Big Brother - Professor Layton Style!

Day 1:

Welcome to the Big Brother house. Last night, 15 housemates entered the house - Layton, Anton, Luke, Don Paolo, Sammy, Flora, Katia, Dahlia, Chelmey, Barton, Claire, Granny Riddleton, Simon, Babette and Bruno. Over the next few weeks, these housemates will take part in a series of tasks and will have to make it through several live evictions in order to win the title of PLBB Winner 2010.

Day One in the Big Brother house. Most of the housemates are in the living room. Sammy and Katia are in the bedroom, talking about lemons.

Sammy: Now, you see, Katia – They're rather bitter, and that's what gives them their sour kick!

Katia: You do know that doesn't make sense, don't you? Anyway, Lemons taste better in tea!

Sammy: Eww – Tea! That isn't very Rock 'N Roll!

Katia: Does it really matter?

Sammy: Of course! Our whole world should revolve around Rock 'N Roll!

Katia: You keep telling yourself that…

In the living room, Layton and Chelmey are arguing over who makes the better Detective, whilst Flora prepares lunch. A dish which she calls 'The Reinhold Stew Surprise'…Luke and Simon are watching her cooking –

Luke: So, what's the surprise?

Simon: One mouthful kills you dead.

Flora: Simon! I don't see you doing any cooking! In fact, I don't see you doing anything at all!

Simon: Eh? What do you mean? I am! I'm stood here insulting you – That's doing something.

Luke: Aww! Leave her alone, Simon. After all, you aren't exactly in any hurry to help out.

Simon: Neither are you.

Luke: Yeah – But I'm a boy. I'd only mess things up.

Simon: I'm a boy, too!

Flora: Simon – You're 25 years old.

Simon: Boys. Men. Is there really any difference?

Bruno has come to the Diary Room.

Big Brother: Hello, Bruno. How are you enjoying your stay in the Big Brother house?

Bruno: I'm not.

Big Brother: Bruno – Could you possibly elaborate on that?

Bruno: I don't like it here.

Big Brother: What exactly are your reasons for this?

Bruno: I don't feel at home. I can't feel at home. I'm not Bruno in this house…Bruno has a sack. If I don't have a sack, I'm nothing. That sack is my life. Without it, what am I? I'm the old man who runs around a village with a large bag of broken robots over my shoulder. That makes me an exciting old man. Here, I'm just an old man. You see, Big Brother, nobody likes old men! I mean – Look at Chelmey. What is he? 90? 110? That's why he hasn't got any friends! Because all the housemates have an 'ism'.

Big Brother: Bruno – Big Brother doesn't quite understand. What is an 'ism'?

Bruno: An 'ism'? Well, – There's racism, sexism, weightism, pronunciationism –

Big Brother: Do you mean speechism, Bruno?

Bruno: Don't tell me what I mean, Big Brother – I mean pronunciationism. But I believe there's a huge case of ageism in this house. All these kids – They're ageist! Especially that Luke. He's a devil and a half! You know, Big Brother – He stole my blue flat cap the other day!

Big Brother: What flat cap?

Bruno: That one he's always wearing!

Big Brother: Bruno – Isn't that, in fact, Luke's flat cap?

Bruno: I think I know what does and doesn't belong to me! It has a distinctive mark on it!

Big Brother: What distinctive mark?

Bruno: It says 'Dry clean only'.

Big Brother: How is that a distinctive mark?

Bruno: Does it matter? The point is – That Luke is a little plantpot!

Big Brother: Plantpot?

Bruno: Stop questioning me! Thank you for listening to me, Big Brother!

Big Brother: You're welcome, Bruno. Remember – Big Brother is always here for you.

5.00pm. Flora and Luke are in the kitchen, setting the table for dinner. Don Poalo is making a cake, which he calls 'Don's Fluffy Strawberry Special.' Dahlia and Babette are in the garden, talking about the disadvantages of being rich. Granny Riddleton and Anton are in the Living room, talking about Barton.

Riddleton: I mean – He's a nice lad, but he doesn't seem to know his own opinion. He hasn't really said anything yet, either.

Anton: I don't think he feels comfortable around other people.

Riddleton: Yeah…Years of going along with whatever Chelmey says are taking it's toll.

Anton: I'm puzzled. What exactly is Barton getting from that relationship?

Riddleton: Apart from a decent paypacket?

Anton: Nah – Chelmey doesn't seem like the sort of guy to pay big.

Riddleton: You're probably right…Still, I think he's already tired of this place….

Barton has come to the Diary Room.

Big Brother: Hello, Barton. How can I help you?

Barton: I'm already tired of this place.

5:10pm. Most of the housemates are in the kitchen, getting seated for the dinner and dessert that Flora and Don have prepared. Layton is in the bedroom, sulking over the fact that he lost his argument with Chelmey over who makes the best detective.

Layton: I am the best detective! I am….I….I….*cries*

Claire has come to the bedroom.

Layton: Claire? I am the best detective, aren't I?

Claire: Err….Of course you are…Well, you aren't strictly a detective…

Layton: *Cries lots and lots* That is the worst thing I have heard in my entire life!

Claire: Of course it is….I'm sorry….

Back in the kitchen, a surprised Simon is eating his words, and not just his food…

Simon: Wow, Flora. This is actually really nice!

Flora: Thanks, Simon. I surprised you there, didn't I?

Simon: Definitely…

Flora: *Whispers to Luke* Thanks for giving me a hand with the food, Luke.

Luke: *Whispers to Flora* No problem! Just call me Super Chef!

Flora: Do I have to?

Luke: No.

In the bedroom, Claire and Layton are still discussing the argument with Chelmey. Katia has come to the Diary Room.

Big Brother: Hello, Katia.

Katia: Hello, Big Brother.

Big Brother: How can I help you?

Katia: I don't need any help, Big Brother. I just wanted to talk.

Big Brother: Is there something on your mind?

Katia: No…I just wanted to talk about all the housemates. I get along with most of them. Particularly, Luke, Flora and Sammy. Of course, I get on with my Grandfather. I'm surprised how I manage to get on with Don and Chelmey. I manage to get on with Layton, Dahlia and Claire. I get on with Granny Riddleton and Bruno, too. It's just Simon, really.

Big Brother: Katia – Why don't you get along with Simon?

Katia: He's weird…He keeps talking to me about random stuff….And when he does, he goes all sweaty and trips over his words and he stutters….

Big Brother: Katia. Has it not occurred to you that Simon might fancy you?

Katia: Simon? And me? No way.

Big Brother: Big Brother has noticed that when you were listing housemates you get on with, you forgot to mention Babette.

Katia: I try not to think about her – She's a bit of a snob.

Luke and Flora are in the garden, talking about the meal, earlier on.

Luke: I'm glad everybody liked it, and I'm glad everybody thought you made it!

Flora: Why?

Luke: Because you put all that work into it, and I saw how upset you were when it didn't taste good.

Flora: Aww – That's so nice of you!

Luke: No problem!

Flora: Next time you need help with anything, you can just call on me, and you'll get help!

Luke: Thank you!

Flora: No – Thank YOU!

Luke: Well, you're welcome, then! Erm…Is the Professor still sulking?

Flora: Yeah…

Layton has come to the Diary Room – Crying…

Big Brother: Hello, Layton – How are you?

Layton: I…I…I….*Cries* It's the worst thing I've ever heard in my entire life!

Big Brother: What is?

Layton: *Cries harder* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

12:30pm. Most of the housemates are in the bedroom, asleep. Layton is still in the Diary Room.

Layton: Waaaaa! *Still crying* I….I….I don't think I will EVER recover from this! Ever, I tell you! EVER! I will remember it forever! It will haunt me night and day! Waaaa!

The lines are now open for eviction – Somebody will leave the house on Sunday – Who leaves is up to YOU! Voting for the eviction closes on Sunday morning at 10:00am in British time.

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