First Eviction: Interview With Babbette!

Jeremy Kyle: So, Babbette's out - You should know! You voted for her! And I'm about to find out what she thinks of her fellow housemates - It's Babbette, everybody!

The audience cheers and boos as Babbette enters to 'Too Cool' from Camp Rock.

Jeremy Kyle: Hello, Babbette - Take a seat. How are you?

Babbette: I'm fine.

Jeremy Kyle: Now, you've only been out of the house for 17 minutes, so has it sunk in yet that you're out?

Babbette: Well, I was only in the house for a week, so I don't think it really sunk in that I was there in the first place.

Jeremy Kyle: Well, while you were there, you didn't really do much, did you?

Babbette: I thought I was quite an interesting housemate!

Jeremy Kyle: No, you have the charisma of a frying pan.

Babbette: Cheeky *****, I should ******** slap you!

Jeremy Kyle: STOP SWEARING! Now - What was your opinion on all the housemates?

Babbette: I got along quite well with the older housemates, and I think I got on with Dahlia, too.

Jeremy Kyle: Who didn't you like or, who do you think didn't really like you?

Babbette: I didn't get on well with Katia, and I think those feelings were mutual.

Jeremy Kyle: Well, we haven't got much time, because BetsyFriday has to go to see her Nan and Grandad, and I've got a nightclub to go to, but final thoughts for you - Who do you want to be next to leave?

Babbette: Katia.

Jeremy Kyle: And who do you want to win?

Babbette: Anton.

Jeremy Kyle: Thank you. Well, stay tuned into the BB world. See you next week, everyone!

Well - It's all over for Babbette. The next chapter will hopefully be up on Wednesday, but we'll have to see. Keep reading! Thank youuuu! :) :) :)

BetsyFriday =D