Simon's father found them for pictures, not bothering to search them out before he needed them. At least that's how it felt to Simon.

"I see you have brought a surprise guest." There was falseness to his voice that Simon didn't even notice anymore since he heard it used so much.

"Kable Mister Siverton, my father. Dad, Kable." The teen rolled his eyes and pulled at his tie, introducing the two was strange. Especially since everyone knew who Kable was already. Thankfully his Icon played nice and exchanged greetings and made small talk. Simon used their distraction to grab another drink from a passing waiter.

"I didn't realize Simon knew you, out side of the game that is." The man was defiantly a demanding presence, easily turning the conversation to what he desired. He hardly said two words to his son Kable noted.

"You never asked." The answer the teen shot back was blunt, boredom already evident in the slant of his shoulders and shift of his back. Mr. Silverton ignored the comment and redirected his attention to a photographer who was near by.

"Straighten yourself out." Simon pulled from prying hands, readjusting and smoothing his clothing himself before being pulled to his father's side.

"You'd like that wouldn't you." He murmured, glad when the picture was taken and he could move away from too tight hands and stiff arms. The photographer gestured to Kable and himself, obviously recognizing them as well as the photo op.

"Could I get one of you two?" Taking a step farther from his father Simon nodded, shifting to drop his arm around Kable's waist since he was too short to reach around his shoulders and gestured to the camera.

Still trying to figure out what he had meant by his last retaliation Kable let his arm drop around the teen who was grinning for the camera.

"How about a close up and then I'll leave you two alone?" The man smiled when they complied, Simon making a joke about how he was sorry he was so short and moving, if it was possible even closer with the older man. True to his word the photographer went else where with his camera after thanking them again. All Simon wanted was to see the photos but, he would have to wait. Before anything else could be done or said, his father's grip was back on his arm, holding him steadfast where he stood.

"You better watch yourself or people are going to start to talk." The threat was whispered harshly into the teen's ear. Unfortunately he was use to it by now. Yanking out of the grasp he took a step back, careful to keep his voice down to deter unwanted attention.

"I haven't done anything-" Kable couldn't hear what was said next, by look on the kids face it couldn't have been anything good. Averting his gaze he looked around the room, trying to not eavesdrop on the clearly private conversation. No one was paying any attention to the trio, what was Mr. Silverton so worried about? His attention snapped back to the couple when the teen let out a hiss like he had been burned and stalked away.

Finding the kitchen he slipped inside, resting his back against the smooth metal of the cooler doors. It had been so long that he had almost forgotten how crazy his father made him. All of the little off handed comments that were innocent to anyone else's ears but, like dragging fingernails to him. One of the servers stopped as she walked toward the door having spotted him.

"Are you alright honey?" She was an older woman with kind eyes, hair swooped back into a smooth bun streaked with grey. Icy silver eyes opened to meet her own. He had been expecting to get shooed out, yelled at and berated. Instead she got him a glass of cold water, smoothed his hair out of his face and told him to let her know if he needed anything else. He needed to stop being such a baby. Pressing the cool glass against his neck he sighed, gathered him self and pushed back out the doors.

No matter how out of sorts he felt he didn't want to leave Kable to deal with his father alone, especially after he had asked him here. So he forced his face back into pleasant indifference and made his way through the crowd of people. Of course he spotted his father's form first. Even with the entire male population dressed in black his eyes seemed drawn to him. Sometimes it seemed like his brain was hardwired, searching to always, always know where he was. Unseen the silver eyed teen watched him chatting and laughing with a group of men and women all over dressed and over enthusiastic. Suddenly a hand touched his shoulder, startling him from his observations. It was strange, like his father was a different person when they were apart. Then again he guessed it must be true he was.

"Simon, darling!" His mother pulled him into a hug, kissing him on the cheek.

"Where have you been all evening dear, I haven't seen you in months." He kissed her back, able to relax in her presence.

"I got here a bit late, I had to stop and pick someone up." Her eyes, the same liquid silver as his own if slightly darker sparkled as they met his own.

"Is this someone your date?" That was a loaded question if he had ever heard one. Technically yes, he guessed Kable could be considered his date, they had come together after all. He knew that was not what she was alluding to.

"No, more like a surprise guest…" forcing a smile he scanned the room, searching for his Icon who seemed to be much more adapt at smoothing talking tonight than he was. Like he had heard Simon's silent plea, the man seemed to materialize next to him.

"You must be Mrs. Silverton." Smiling he kissed her hand, but his eyes shifted to meet the teens and Simon's heart stuttered momentarily in his chest.

"Mom you know Kable from the Slayers show?" She nodded greeting him warmly and with enthusiasm.

"My you are just as hansom as you were in adds isn't he Simon?" Swallowing hard he just nodded, trying to seem uninterested. Kable just laughed, thanking her. It was strange to see him getting along with his mother. Why wouldn't he though? Out of all the people in his family she was the only one he ever felt connected to. Of course growing up his father had complained she babied his too much. No doubt he blamed her for all the flaws he saw in his son. He remembered the day Steven had kissed him, his father had seen and there had been hell to pay. He was a boy Simon went to school with. They had been in the same class for three years, getting to know each other pretty well. He was one of his only friends since no one had wanted to get to know the scrawny new kid. At the time the brown haired boy had been shy and quiet. Steven talked a lot and made up for the silence of his companion. He was nice and sweet and before he knew it everyone said they were together and Simon, enthralled with the idea that someone would want to get that close to him didn't object. Simon had tried to explain to him that he hadn't been the one doing the kissing but, none of his pleading had deterred his father. He was taken out of school, far away from Steven. His mother had listened when he had explained. Like when he was younger he curled up next to her as she asked him questions instead of yelling accusations. His beautiful mother had understood what it all had been and not simply what it had looked like. Even now it seemed so confusing, that someone so gentle could be with his father.

"Baby-" she touched his face gently. "Come back from where ever you are." Blinking he refocused his attention, both of them were looking at him.

"I asked if you have introduced him to your father." When he nodded yes she seemed pleased, though he wasn't sure why it would matter. It had all been a kind of 'fuck you' to him anyway.

It was only a few more hours, interjected with similar incidents every time father and son were forced together before Simon had had enough. Expressing his desire to leave to his Icon in almost coherent sentences, the older man followed him to the door to have someone call their limo up. The teen had steadily drank more as the evening wore on and now as they stood under the awning out front, the taller of the two steadied the teen with a hand pressed gently to his back. If he thought Simon spoke what was ever was on his mind before, it was double that now. As the pair sat in the back and the black vehicle started to move silver blue eyes squeezed shut.

"I feel dizzy." The statement was followed by him flopping backwards to sprawl out across the leather seats, this movement caused his head to rest on his companions thigh.

"You're drunk." Their eyes met, Simon's brow furrowed.

"Nuh uh I'm not." Knowing it was best not to argue with his player the Icon skirted the statement and moved on to questions. When would be a better time to demand answers from the slightly intoxicated teenager.

"Your dad seems like a prick." He knew he had hit on something the teen would open up about. It was clear that they did not get along or agree on anything. Something was buried there.

"What'd you do to piss him off so much?" Limbs flying Simon sat up, jerking away from him, anger flashing across his features.

"Fuck if I know." Then he settled some, running his hand through his hair and rubbing his eyes, body sinking back into the seat.

"Everything, we don't get along really I mean we never did but, then after Steven it all just-" He made a gesture with his hand that seemed to indicate 'went to hell'. Green blue eyes implored the silver gaze and Simon even in his drunken state understood.

"Right you don't know about that. Fuck I don't want to explain right now. Can't we just leave it at he wishes I didn't exist and move on? I don't want to waste anymore of my life on him." The ride back to the apartment complex was relatively short but, the alcohol in his system made him too sleepy to manage the maze of doors and stairs and elevators back up to his place with out guiding touches and gestures from Kable. Even half passed out Simon had opened the door enough to get inside and with his Icons continued help made it to his bed. Flopping back onto the plush surface he stuck out one foot. His mind wasn't working fast enough it seemed foggy.

"Help." If he had been coherent Simon would have blanched at the look on his face, disbelief and annoyance yet, just the same he bent down and slipped of the younger boys shoes, one after the other and helped him with the buttons on his shirt of which he had already ripped two of off. Yeah…not dunk his ass. Peeling off his slacks the teen did manage to get his pajamas out. Nothing fancy just a pair of sweats and oversized t-shirt.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Simon was aware of the accidental hands brushing over his skin as they pulled his shirt over his head, hesitating as they held the hem a few seconds more than necessary. He could almost hear the thoughts from the others head, like they were his own or maybe they were his own. That thought didn't reach him until he had tipped forward and catching the stubbly face between his hands kissed the older man. What did his teacher call it? Projecting?

"Thanks." Green blue eyes stared back at him, surprised and…angry. He was angry at him.

"Stop fooling around." Kable didn't know how exactly to deal with what had just happened. His minds immediate response was to kiss him back. The tingle of soft lips pressed against his, the cool hands on his warm skin. It wasn't bad but, he knew it was wrong. Simon was drunk, angry, confused, vulnerable and very underage. Swinging the kids legs up onto the bed he pulled the covers over him and tuned to leave.

"Don't go." The teen scooted to the side, making room for him.

"Stay." The words were sleepy, harmless but, very far off of the beaten path. Kable wouldn't let himself even entertain the idea.

"Go to sleep." And the door closed. Simon started into the darkness for a moment before the tears came. It was unexpected and sudden and he hated himself for it. All the thoughts swirling around in his head were fleeting, strange.. What the hell had he been thinking? Kable wasn't Steven, wasn't anything close to the gentle, caring boy that had kissed him all those years ago. Kable had a wife and a daughter he had no use for him, just like his father. Folding his arms he rested his head on them, forcing his body and emotions to separate, focusing on nothing as the tears ran down his cheeks. Glazed over eyes stared absent mindedly into the dark until he fell asleep.

The next morning Simon figured it was best to not mention the night prior. His eyes were still a little puffy, his head was pounding. It probably hadn't been the best idea to go from never drinking to having…six…seven, some where he had lost count but, it had only been champagne and wine. The house felt empty as he padded across the white carpet toward the kitchen. If nothing else the drinks had made him hungry. To be honest he had been expecting the Slayer to still be sleeping on the couch but, he wasn't there. Sipping on a glass of orange juice he glared at the stack of folded blankets sitting on the couch as if they had chased his Icon away. Taking a deep breath he just stood there, soaking in the idea that he had just taken off with out saying good bye and knowing that it shouldn't matter so much to him. It's not like they were even really friends, Kable had made it clear when they first met that he was only there to see what kind of a person his player was and to get him to leave him be. And sure Simon had told himself that he just wanted info on his player, update the stats. It had always been more than that though, under the skin of it all he had assumed that Kable was as broken as he was, as screwed up from the whole experience. Apparently he had been wrong. Downing the remainder of his drink he left the glass on the counter and trudged into the computer room. He hadn't been in here since Kable had come. Some how it had only been what a few days, a week? Logging in he scanned through his messages not really reading any of them or paying much attention.

He had gotten what he wanted hadn't he? Found his Icon, made contact. Something no other player had ever managed to do or ever would. They were a unique pair, forced together then drawn to each other after. He had to admit there was a small squashed hope in the pit of his stomach that they could be more. What exactly more meant he want sure. More than just two people who know each other, acquaintances, friends. Biting his lip he shook the drowning thought from his head. They weren't going to help him. He wasn't going to beg or plead, he had made a move, a drunken unplanned move but, the intent had been clear. If Kable wanted anything to do with him he would come back.

Dark framed eyes opened, intrigued by that particular thought. What did he want the older man to want from him? These feelings weren't new, but they were somehow different. If nothing else, he had more than enough time to figure it all out.