The end of the school day meant little to me, I didn't look forward to it like the others did. No, that just sent me back home, back to the pressure and the guilt trips. It sent me from one prison to another. I had been frustrated for so long that it almost felt normal. Almost. I'd always had high hopes that one day I would play a part in something bigger than this, something that would keep me on my toes, something exciting. The path I was on though, stood in the way of those far-fetched dreams ever coming true, and just the thought drove me to the brink of insanity. Without a doubt, I could wholeheartedly blame my rash actions on that.


"Pens down, please!" A voice sang distantly in Tameka's mind. She was floating aimlessly on a fluffy cloud, the Sun beaming down on her. She smiled easily, the warmth of its rays felt wondrous against her skin. She wondered what it looked like up close, but never could convince it to come any closer. Tameka glanced down, over the edge of her cloud.

It was the ocean that was so far below her, sparkling brilliantly in the sunlight. Eyes scanning lazily over the crystal blue water, she spotted something strange amongst the waves, something dark and moving fast. She leaned further over the edge of her safe little haven, curiosity getting the better of her and her grip slipped. Tameka tumbled through the air as she was cast into the unknown. Her arms were searching for something to grab onto, her eyes frantically darting around her.

As she fell, she could hear loud noises, but she couldn't identify what they were or where they were coming from. Tameka could also hear hushed whispers around her as well. They sounded scared. Tameka was scared too. Her mouth opened to cry for help but the swirling wind whipping past had stolen away her voice. She had no choice but to watch as the ocean grew closer and closer...

The moment she hit the water, she woke up. Her eyes snapped open, and her muscles tensed. She didn't need to see what was going on to know that something was wrong. Very wrong.

Adrenaline pumping through her veins, she lifted her head from her arms and calmly surveyed the scene. The classmates of hers that weren't sobbing, were stony silent, staring fearfully at the line of creatures that stood just inside the room.

To say that they were alien would have been too easy. Not only were they things she had never seen before but they were grotesque and frightful. The leader of the three was clearly the biggest, Tameka pegged him as at least eight feet tall. He also had the most arms. Tameka swallowed, six arms was just too many in her books. The scales that covered his monstrous body were a deep green, not unlike his friends. They all looked like they were the same general species, give or take a few limbs. But besides the scales, claws and razor sharp teeth that they bared, the most worrisome part were the high-tech guns they clutched in their hands.

"This will show them that we mean business." One of the smaller reptiles growled. "They can't cast us aside as though we're no threat now."

"Yeah." Another agreed cheerfully "We're definitely a threat!" He looked around. "So... have we heard from the oh-so mysterious boss yet?"

Tameka blinked at them. This is what her classmates were crying over? As soon as they opened their mouths, the nervous feelings she harboured dissipated. Mostly.

To her surprise, the leader turned out to be just as intimidating as the others, if not more. He shook his head. "I wouldn't be surprised if the boss didn't even exist." He paused for a few seconds before giggling like a school girl. "Do you think the Captain would care if we knocked off a few while we wait?" His eyes slitted in the teenagers' direction.

Even though his question had been asked in a ridiculously high-pitched voice and with childlike delight,Tameka's heart still dropped to the pit of her stomach.

Alright, she thought quickly. It may be hard to take them seriously, but I agree, they're definitely a threat.

His friend added hopefully: "And maybe I can keep one of their heads this time. They're so funny looking." He bared his teeth into something barely resembling a smile.

"You have nowhere to put it, Rash." The other put in.

Rash frowned. "I'll throw out my seashell collection." He offered.

Tameka's mind was racing. Is this not what you wanted? She asked herself coolly. You should be careful what you wish for, girl.

She wiped any trace of expression from her face before tipping her chair back on its hind legs. Folding her hands behind her head casually, she waited.

One ugly beast stuttered, "Scr-Scratch," Rash addressed his leader. "That one ain't acting very scared."

A transformation came over the alien reptile. Anger contorted his features; Scratch was offended. He stomped his way over to her, the ground seeming to shake with every step. Barely a foot away, he stopped and glared down at Tameka.

"Are you not afraid?" He snarled.

She slowly shook her head. It took all of her concentration and energy just to keep herself looking calm and staying still. The desire to run away was nearly overwhelming.

Scratch looked taken aback. "Wh- what?" He asked, astounded, losing his cool. His thick green lips twisted into a frown. "Well you should be."

"Why?" Tameka blinked at him. He didn't reply for a moment, trying to gather his nonexistent thoughts. She yawned which infuriated him.

"Because I'll kill you!" He pointed a gun at her.

"You don't want to do that, Scratch." She told him, examining the nails on her left hand.

He didn't seem to realize that she had overheard his conversation. "Why shouldn't I? And how do you know my name? Who are you?" He ended his list of questions at a roar.

She dug deep and coaxed the tiny amount of bravery she possessed back out from hiding."Slow it down." She ordered coldly. "Firstly, never shout at me." Her breath snagged in her throat as she moved to continue. "Secondly, if you come near me, very bad things will happen to you, Scratch." Tameka managed a convincing sneer.

"Who the hell are you?" The third reptile asked. His leader seemed incapable of processing what he'd just heard.

"Me?" Tameka spoke after a long, silent pause. "I'm the boss."